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Yasin Aug 2018
Home alone
Nothing left
Dumping lawn
Like a stiching dorn
Nothing to seal
Up till dawn
Not to yawn
But to feel
Newly born
Feelings while staying awake at night
Ciara Jones Jul 2018
You blossomed like a rose
Then your petals shrived
Because nobody knows
The pain you have handled

Quick and tidy
Their requests are quite tiring
The emotions you're hiding
The levels can be quite frightening

A quick breath of mild air
You feel you're on the road to nowhere
A sharp second of a cold glare
You feel you're stuck in the same dark layer

Tomorrow you'll wake
To fight another day
Among those who are a storm
To the end, you'll find your way
NA Jul 2018
You need not visit right now.
For I wish to stay wide awake
In the arms of my loved one.
And if you were to exhaust me,
I would have to retreat to my own bed.
So please, let me enjoy this.
I couldn’t stay at my significant other’s house tonight, my exhaustion forced me to leave
Anne Scintilla Jun 2018

a slow exhaust
from the efforts
of holding on,

to existing outside
the pages of history.
giraffes are now under the list of endangered species. the world is home to life of all forms, it's our duty to respect their right to this planet.

this is also for those who see the significance of things and people just as they are drifting away. take care of what you have.

thank you for reading!
Temporal Fugue Jun 2018
The gophers came out of the ground today
and whispered in my ear
"the earth is not well, the dirt, it smells
we're, all living in fear"

The dolphins swam to the shore today
and chirped this, unto me
"the ocean is full of pollution, and plastics
tell us how O how, can this be?"

The birds in the trees said this to me
as I was walking the wood and the wild
"the air is vile, turning the dial
our time on this earth now defiled"

We'll pay up the piper
and sum up the cost
shooing alway all of the flies
all that was lost

by human exhaust
everywhere and
I do believe we are killing portions of our world, and I actually think nature is using that to **** us, and perhaps, everything else.
Em Feb 2018
Have you ever fallen in love?
It feels like you're starving
and so full
of light.

Like you're dying
but you're living

Thank God,
I found My One
That night.
Arcassin B Oct 2016
By Arcassin Burnham

You say,
The waterfall turns bright green when enlightened
By a single tear that whisp away in the ambience of what
The future could bring, but don't go chasing it,
You say,
When you walk you feel the spirits crumble beneath your feet
And dissolve into dust , you were never good with trust ,
Plus you're antisocial , I am too so thats a plus,
As well as, your fascination with roots,
To ground they lie, plants never tell the truth , doing good
For peoples stomachs and tummys laying down cognition,
In this position, cris cross , Apple sauce,
The taste is so familiar just be glad it's not exhaust,
Winds blow clean Through these trees,
Are you gonna say anything else? Or have said enough?
preservationman Jun 2014
An Aunt and a Nephew on an adventure to explore
It all happened at the Macy’s Herald Square Store
It was the marquee eyes and yellow buses that caught the attention in a little fellow being wise
As a tot, I picked up the yellow bus
I had to have the bus being a must
My Aunt saw the bus in my hand
She told me to put back at her command
But a tot determined to get the bus became my demand
I made such a fuss for that bus
My Aunt was forced to buy the yellow school bus
My persuasion in maneuver became a must
My passion for any bus became my reality with no fuss
Buses have become my hobby from that start
I have a complete 2,000 Bus collection in making my mark
From the start of the engine to the movement with exhaust
A bus hobby I love
The structure and wheels I think of
From a bus pioneers point of view
Here is a more detailed clue
My apartment is a like a bus collector’s paradise
Each bus I have represent themselves
Yes, they fit quite comfortably on the shelves
But it’s Greyhound ahead on the mount
I have so many busses you simply can’t count
It’s my Greyhound glass stretched hound
It doesn’t make a sound
However it stands on my bookshelf being sturdy bound
Buses have become what I missed
I don’t intend to ever dis
My buses have become my catch
They are my assortments like a batch
My buses are just for fun, but everlasting as the shining sun.

— The End —