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Greater are you my Letaba,
Scorched by porvety,
You feed us,
Your hand,
Is great.

Your hand took us,
Led us out of acrid desserts,
Where dreams where buried,
We flourish in your greatness,
Oh Greater Letaba.

You quench our thirsts,
Our babies nurtured,
In your care and land,
Vast beauty you have flowered,
Your hand in lend to all.

Your heart is mighty,
We are your cubs,
Oh Greater Letaba,
Now and forever,
Let your milk strengthen us.
My 1st praise poem, if its fitting to be one
Jeremiah Mhlongo Nov 2017
She didn't know much
She ****** hated the long line
She just didn't know.
She was simply the First.
Wrapped in my tiny little heart.
Grabbed she her sorrow and left.
Its so sad I wasn't the best
At least she had my  bigger cut.
Now she left my heart indebt
Broke and wound.
She hated this queue,
Now am left soul dripping,
And solo abiding.
no goodbyes.
A memory lingers.
and the rings for our fingers.

Divorce and remorse.
Make your line of women short.
Jeremiah Mhlongo Sep 2017
She sought for Romeo,
She found a man,
No hero,
Sweet as honey,
A Charming butterfly,
He became hard,
A ****,
A *******,
He made her mad,
Its so sad,
That love can leave you dead,
No Romeo no Juliet,
******* plays a bigger part,
That's all this lovers lust.
To that relationship that lasted One and Five. Sometimes your true love is your worst nightmare.
Jeremiah Mhlongo Aug 2017
Sweet lips.
Juicy hips.
A *****.
To saduce.
Unto death.
Caressed to sin,
Forbiden meals to dine,
Overthrow tha devil,
Savour and devour no evil.
She rode me to hell,
With flowers heavenly,
Some scent of olive to connive,
I was annoited with gasoline to burn.
Tied to the grave To life I wont return.
Sometimes the people you fall in love with are the devils daughters sent to invite you back to hell.
Jeremiah Mhlongo Jun 2017
Charped lips,
A dry heart,
A deep craving,
Thoughts aflame,
Gasoline filled,
Soul burning,
To ashes,
Red heart turning,
To cooling coal,
Burnt to bone,
Nothings left,
Except that heart,
The one beating,
For You,
The blood flowing,
In You,
My darling still,
My love for you still,
Flows everly so,
Like blood in your veins,
Even through deep pains,
To love you Ill always will.
Jeremiah Mhlongo Jun 2017
True love never dies
It keeps fossils breathing
Hid in this closset heart
Its ghosts the memories done
Distant this bygones be
By date and not feeling
Forever and gone
This thoughts still breathing
Though this heart lame
On crutches doth it still stand
Wounds still bleeding,
Scars become a tattoed memorial
To reminisce
And forever miss.
To my love lost in physical presence and not lost in my heart, To those who gave up on loving me, I still breathe for you.
Jeremiah Mhlongo Jun 2016
The bright site,
The morning star,
Its Light.
Sun seeing moments,
Am glad today,
Of marks yester made,
Aye, wounds tattooed,
As my every part being,
With every blood flow,
I am glad, of death,
For now,
It hasnt tasted me.
Of worries vast,
And troubles be.
Am glad I have a site,
Life is all I embrace...
Be glad wrongs,
Failures and hurts,
Made you be.
Embrace all the scars that taught you to bear new pains of old
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