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Slime-God Sep 2020
Like a lake of glass,
or an endless, cloudless sky.
Calm is a virtue.
Marie Apr 2020

Feelings that I wanted to flee
when the world went dark
It seems, I feel delighted every night
Totally alone, stuck in darkness' side.

Even now, I couldn't feel
the frozen ground
As I lay underneath a big old oak tree
I don't know if it is inhuman
to stay calm
When you couldn't find the beauty
of the things around.

I won't fret if the moon vanishes
from my sight
I'm thankful of the insects silenced
by the cold
I feel the emptiness run inside me
I can comprehend now the language
of pain.

I know, I'm an unconvincing feeble
Swallowed by world's benightedness
Trying to find an answer in all the miseries
Makes me feel that my life is so pointless.

Somehow, I wanted to go out of this
situation overnight
I wanted to view things to it's perfection
But again and again
I always end up in this prison cell.

I couldn't deny, I'm so cruel to myself
I always let intrusive thoughts intrude
In the vicinity of my consciousness
Because, I want to be a witness of this
Moonless Darkness.
A poem made by me out of reading the novel of John Green,THE TURTLE ALL THE WAY DOWN. Most of words in here are from the book. I compile it and made this one.
Carolina Nov 2019
No hunger, no stains,
just numbness and decay.
A phantom, an old pain,
still consumig from the veins.
Getting through each day
with empty masquerades.
The staring role has lost its part
and now just wanders round the park,
sitting on benches under the dark,
pretending to be one of those who leave a mark.
fray narte Aug 2019
And how do you tell them you feel so empty without making it sound so sad?
Katrina Aug 2019
My name means pure, unsullied. It means that i'm untouchable, it means that i am alone, It means i am bigger than life, it means i smile with teeth of white. It means i am lonely somewhere in the light, it means you can't polute me. It means that if you are with me you're alone, it means i can't be mixed or altered by any other substance, when i get mixed in a substance, i don't react, i don't alter from my perfect white, it means you can't defy me, but remember to show me the bright colors that happen when you react with someone else.
My name is bright but misunderstood. Misinterpreted is the color of my eyes. No one is fit to my name, therefor it is rare. Therefor i'm not sure it fits. It means i get hurt, but still try getting on my feet. It means i find the good in other people, that i inherit the best traits. Even if i can't see it myself.
My name is spelled wrong, defying who i am, it misses a place to belong, my name is not easy to pronounce.
My name is a hurricane in the states, it is quick temper, my name is impatience, it means i can crush your heart, it means you can't carry mine. It means if you are with me you are on top of the world, it means you can't tear me down, im taking humans in my palms, swallowing the seas and rivers like saliva. And when you fall from the highest altitude remember to give me your black bruises. My name is unforgivable, my name meant pure once, my name was cold as the winter, killing butterflies, and my name is incarnated in the fields of Louisiana, killing people, and asking them to forgive me. Understand; i am not as pure as my name.

It means, i am alone, like the hurricane that carries my name i will be gone quicker than i came but never forgotten. It means that when i settle you fall from my palms. It means that i disapear, while you get hurt. It means that i am only shown in the atmosphere, watching, waiting and never coming back. If or when i do, you will have changed my name and i will be replaced by another hurricane, ten times stronger and harder to let go. I will be watching, dissapearing, while you are in the palms of another. When the rain finally falls, know that it is only my tears, they may not taste like salt, but they will taste bitter of heartbreak, and when everyone is shouting of pure happiness that the drought is finally over, that the water is fresh and delightfull, remember to tell me how you taste the hurt from my heart, in her mouth.
I will not be forgotten, whatever it takes.

When my name told me i was meant to be pure. I thought about how i blamed everyone who sullified me, knowing that the only one who poluted me was myself. Knowing that everything i have ever done was make myself less aproachable, more broken, more *****. less pure. I meant to destroy myself so i couldn't become a stereotype of my name. Now i am only expected to come spiralling down in a storm of dirt whenever i arrive.

When my name told me the truth, i thought i was the one doing the hurting, the damage. When all along i was the most hurt, broken and damaged. I am unsure of weather or not i deserve my name, but no matter what i will not be unsure of weather or not i am worthy of it.
stranger Jul 2018
There’s a spider climbing up the stairs of my heart
Just to pour its venom in
And I wanna break him apart
But i’ll just do what everyone else did to me.
AniiBunii99 May 2018
The pain
The sadness
The void

It’s all real !
Scream all you want
It won’t help
You’re hurting yourself
No one else

Let it burn
Let it ache
Let it heal

Stay strong sweet child
an0nym0us Feb 2018
Can be good, can be bad
But oftenly sad.
A past we once had,
A time I can't bring back.

Your voice keep ringing in my head,
When will this ever end?
Is this what I get?
For loving you till the end...

I trusted you,
I thaught you were true...
Why didn't I saw through,
Your love that is too few.

Oh how silly
For you I still worry
Burden I no longer carry
But my chest is still heavy.

Everything I see
Reminds me of what we used to be
Still hoping for you to be with me
Even knowing it could never be.

I've been so depressed
This must be the greatest
Putting my sanity into test
I hope it will be less.
Jenovah Mar 2018
i s
love like
f i l l i ng
e m p t y
jars with
flowers ?
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