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Poetress2 Apr 2019
The Gaboon Viper,
has the longest fangs of all,
5 centemeters!
Robin Carretti Jul 2018
R Red moon came to soon the red "Viper" love spoon

E Energy trembles hearts race eluding like the Dodge Viper

D Devil red ****** moons demolition Dodge of technology

M The moon of darkness dissolves like lava "Hot Male"
O Orderly overindulgence the moon at a comfortable rhythm
O Out of touch slowly getting back to your outstanding body
N New Age High noon time Eqyptian Nile moon neverending

S Shift of energy simplicity strengthens your existence
T Truly love for the family the moons makes a celebration
A- Able so articulate touch the moon lover fate
R Robin bird flies manifest the ruler the rider risque delighter
S Sensible and a seductive moon she is superstitious

C Circle of light sacred chalice not to be malice
An Amorous depth of feeling delicious Moon love key luxury
R Rituals turns to purity racing minds of sanity ♥ Car Vipers ♥

V Vampires blood moon lessons to be learned
I Ingenious Free yourself from anger all love inked
P Patience is a virtue Moon true Periwinkle blue
E Ecstasy the moon turns on the celebration of love
R Recollection of moon poems time to be Reborn
S Sensational Venus Soulmate of cars Sultry Valentine moon

I can't wait to come home soon that was a trip to my moon.

°• Dodge Viper •°”˜. zoomed off to the Red Moon
Red Moon is mighty tricky but the Viper Valentine red is her light of the higher force she feels like the Aphrodite its s rhyme of pleasurable reason  lets find a new drive full moon got her in love like her first time
Lark Train Jan 2016
Sudden intimacies
Old missed opportunities
And a
Woman who should've known
Exactly when I'm not my own.

She strikes like a viper,
Shoots to ****, like a ******.
And she
Quickly has disappeared
Confirming what I had most feared.
The song Clocks by Coldplay was the inspiration for this one. I used the rhythm and meter to create these two verses.
mark john junor Aug 2014
her iron words rusted in the rain
so we had to sit in the hot afternoon
restoring the image she had painted with a sweet turn of phrase
dazzled by the sunlight i did not see
so she played it back for me
so slow and sweet if you listen real close
to the sound of her viper pen scratch the dry page
hear it dragged over like an old man scraping his dead skin
how lovely the dance between dark and light
wrong and right

and she says....
now i stretch my limbs
step so boldly like a cheshire and do it slow so it looks
like i got graceful art to my ways
wrap myself up in laces and wine
keep my smile dark and my lovin eyes on you
while i step over the cracks in the sanity of it
sip the cool liquids with a careful symmetry
sway to the lovely song
and wait for you to show me the way

because as a girl she doesn't want appear to be too bold
lest she find her bed cold
so dance slow with her slow my friend
because she will love a gentle breeze
more than a wicked wind
show your strengths in your hesitations
show your moonlight harbinger before you
show her your dark dreams
she needs to know you are evolved
beyond schoolboy charms

so dance real slow
and romance yourself with her beauty
if you stay she will liberate the lace
let you into the palace
let you into her long hot summer day
scrape you with viper pen

— The End —