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Artemis Jun 9
I am standing at the edge of a cliff
ready to leap.
but I do not know whether I will
Fear, Time
Love, Death
Physical, Mental
All the existence is connected
to one single center.
The Center of the biggest,
But the slightest
Compare to our lifeless.
Today you breathe and tomorrow,
you will just drift.
This is my short version of my life.
BA Khan Nov 2017
The rain cascading from heavens above,
The drops melting on the velvet of your brow
Oh how we reached for each other somehow,
Like a wild rose hugging its supporting bough.
Misty petals adoring the bees on its heaving *******
Lost in their frenzy  in their lovers nests
Consuming nectar from serene pits
Its sweetness only known to beloved's lips.
Finally lover holding the beloved so tight
Together as one, enshrined in pure light
Its ribbons protecting it from the sight
But only lovers enjoy its  sweet delight.
Who am I to describe this tale
Of the realms that live yonder in the Vale
Those few who unfurl their sail
Attire the cloaks of mute abigail.
(By: BA Khan;(C)  Nov 14th, 2017)
A poem in parts
All stanzas are seperate  or can be visualized seperate.

— The End —