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I feel the sand slide between my toes, as the Dune begins to cascade down to the darkened hole below.
I see the darkened Malestorm swirling and taking the sand beneath my feet, to the horror in the Deep.
It's teeth are white as bone, it's breath as rank as death.
The Dune is slipping between my fingers, my God it's death.
I Feel the teeth clamp around my waist as the pressure becomes too great, lord save me.
It might be too late.
As the sand overtakes my fate.
Once again the dunes are silent and wait for next meal date.
Too bad I didn't make it out I'm afraid to say.
Copyright Michael Robert Triska 2019 This is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition game called Enter Sandman. It's a desert campaign
Come and play said the wind to the leaves one day...
Cover the meadows and we will play...
Put on your coats and scarves and go out to the chill air.
Autumn is here oh such a beautiful red, Orange, and brown autumn day.
40 years we have lived in the light and baunty so bright,
then comes 40 Years of darkest night.
Our town sleeps one last time in our lovely homes before we set off for the land of safety and light.
The twilight is here to the town's dismay,
the horrors come forth from the darkest pine-forest beyond our friendly place.
The town here's the evil waking in the dark place beyond and sounds the horns to board the ships that will carry them to safety from this soon-to-be horrid place.
We left a lovely town in the shadows of death,
we will return in 40 years to reclaim what we have left.
Good luck to those who stay behind for we are the lucky ones that flea from the coming endless night.
Those who stay will face their ugly nightmares,
but fear not for we will be back to bury your bones beneath our lovely Town in 40 years.
Whether you're brave or stupid we shall not know.
Death awaits you beneath the snow.
Good luck you poor soul.
Copyright Michael Robert Triska July 2018 This is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition game called Endless Night. The players are besieged by all manner of ****** has the 40-year night Falls over the town and the town villagers have all left the village for safer climates.
Clickety clack did you hear that, the kobolds are back!
More kobolds you say, I'll frighten them away. I will keep the little lizard folk at bay.
That's good that you say that you're willing to keep the creatures away because here comes the 5000th kobold I've seen coming this way, oh God it's going to be a long day.
Copy right Michael Robert Triska 2018 written for a Dwarven apocalypse game Dungeons & Dragons.
Don't touch that it's lava it's hot!
Don't worry I'm resistant to Lava you see I can do what I want and it won't hurt me.
So step into the lava and prove it to me!
Oops, I roll a 1 on my die!
I guess that means you fried!
Bye ,bye.
Copy right Michael Robert Triska 2018 Players luck! For Dwarven apocalypse game.
With evil claws and teeth I chew the little wicked knights I slew. They enter one by one, as I burn them down to the ground for fun.
My fiery breath I breathe to melt their shields upon their feet and open my maw to eat my treats, oh what tasty meats.
Bring me more gold my shiny fearless little hunks of meat for I am to be feared the dragon which is revered.
I cannot be slain I will not be tamed for I am the red dragon that is renowned in fame.
Michael Robert Triska copyright, april 2018, this poem was made for a 5e dungeon & Dragons game
Brownies, Bogart's, or Borrowers within my halls,
  pitter patter of small shoes in my dusty walls,
I hear the ranting and mumbling of his voice echoing in my rooms,
The scraping of his small tools fill me with gloom,
the knocking, pounding, and banging at night make my nightmares come to life,
so if i was you, I would plaster and grout every small hole you find about,
for it is not a good thing to have a small being running about your things,
so save your frustrations about the tiny thing and call a exterminator and do the right thing.
Copyright Michael Robert triska March 2018 this poem was for a Saint Patty's Day DND game.
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