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Kelly Hogan Nov 2021
They said that "Virginia is for Lovers"
But instead that's where I died.

That girl never came back
And I have definitely cried

Over the loss of her innocence,
Her empathy and light

She tried to come back
And shine twice as bright

But I told her to stop fighting
That it was alright

That it was okay to break down
In the middle of the night

What happened was unfair
And it wasn't her fault

But now that's locked up
In the back of the vault

I am not she
And she is not me

But without her
Where would I be?
Kelly Hogan Nov 2020
It's like I'm living in small moments of
Other people's happiness.
But who's really 'happy' these days?
Useless ramblings of the numbness that only seems to grow.
Kelly Hogan Oct 2020
I am empty,
Out of gas
On a forgotten road
I've reached an impasse.
I feel nothing, I am nothing, what's the point anymore.
Kelly Hogan Aug 2020
I was told long ago
That my light would attract others.
Maybe that's why I love moths so much.
Fluttering in and out of lives, maybe I am the light and a moth.
Kelly Hogan Dec 2019
I hope tomorrow
I wake up
From 2019
Like it was all
A bad dream.
One of the most heart breaking, soul shattering years I've ever experienced. Good thing there's therapy
Kelly Hogan Dec 2019
Why are we told
Our whole lives
To chase our dreams
When dreams don't exist
And if they do
They just die.
How unfair.
Kelly Hogan Jun 2019
I am cursed to live
Only in small increments
Of happiness
While the rest of my days
Are filled with the loss
Of friends, jobs, and hope.
Is it worth it? Does the good ever outweigh the bad? Or does life keep you in a torturous balance?
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