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Kelly Hogan Aug 15
I cut off my hair and with it 3 years
I lost weight and another 2 went
But yet the outer changes can't revert the inner
And I'm still here wishing
I could go back in time.
I wish there was a reset button for life.
Kelly Hogan Jun 5
I am cursed to live
Only in small increments
Of happiness
While the rest of my days
Are filled with the loss
Of friends, jobs, and hope.
Is it worth it? Does the good ever outweigh the bad? Or does life keep you in a torturous balance?
Kelly Hogan May 30
I didn't know
That the loss of you
Would stay weighted
Like an anchor on my heart.
And on the days I'm not strong enough
To keep it hoisted
It would come crashing down,
Dragging me into the depths of
Kelly Hogan May 20
I wish someone had told me
To never get my hopes up
Because then they come crashing down
And you only have yourself to blame.
Nothing is ever good enough.
Kelly Hogan May 3
It appears I have an expiration date
Tattooed on my back
That screams "10 years"
And you were keeping track.
What am I doing wrong?
Kelly Hogan Mar 3
One step forward
Two steps away
From you.
I don't know why we grow apart. Am I different? Are you? I wish I had the answer.
Kelly Hogan Feb 3
I am a ghost
Destined to hover
In the lives of others
Always unseen.

I am transparent
So that you may see my truth
But instead you're aloof
To my advances.

I am a tiny moment
In your existence
Met only with resistance
Or disregard.

I am a ghost
But I am not scary,
Just wary
Of fading away completely.
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