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V liv Apr 1
Blurred like my vision
Orange as my pride
Quakes, rumbles, and whispers
All one tries to hide
The ***** deeds and ill intent
All you planned to circumvent
By a street lamp
V liv Mar 17
Sleep without rest
or rest without sleep.
It feels like my soul is devouring me,
from within.
Like my thoughts are nipping at the soles of my feet,
I begin.
Scrunching up my legs to pull them away
from the edge
of the bed.
Away from the monsters beneath that wish to
drag me under with them.
In eternal darkness.
Too bad they don't know.
That's where I already reside.
V liv Mar 17
In every sky,
there are a plethora of clouds.
Waiting for their day to bring gloom.
In every cloud
there is a rainstorm
waiting to be released.
In every rainstorm
there are lightning and thunder
Colliding, Conflicting,
in a Convoluted confrontation.
But over our horizon,
there is a sun waiting to rise and illuminate
V liv Mar 17
Red inferno as it hits my skin
V liv Mar 17
Everything feels better when i'm numb
Everything feels better when I can't feel at all
V liv Mar 17
The sadness in her eyes was like a blazing storm
Consuming any hope for everlasting happiness
V liv Mar 17
A silent flame
Is that what I am
In the darkness burning
As I should
There as an ornament rather than a person
A silent flame
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