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  2d IZ J
For the first time in a long time
I grab a plastic sandwich bag
Out of the drawer.
Wracked with guilt
I try to tell myself
It’s not the end of the world
And I’ll try harder
To be greener tomorrow.
I wonder
If that’s what the oil companies think too
  2d IZ J
There’s a darkness inside all of us
It starts out pretty small
But in everything we do, we feed it
Till it grows big and tall

This darkness is our truest self
The face we try to hide
The monster deep inside us
That simply just won’t die
IZ J 6d
Today I wasn't good
But I said I was.

I'm sure you did too,

Were you good?
  Sep 9 IZ J
oUt Of sYNc
The day I lost her
She told me she had
forgotten my name
in someone else's lips.
IZ J Sep 9
I could jump in that puddle
If I wanted to

I could scream and disturb everyone
If I wanted to

I could spill this coffee everywhere
If I wanted to

I could grab that chair and flip it over
If I wanted to

I could grab these scissors and cut my hair off
If I wanted to

I could take my shirt off this very second
If I wanted to

But I don’t
Nobody’s stopping me
They could if they wanted to
But they don’t
I’m stopping me
Because I want to
  Aug 30 IZ J
Kato Locke
Seemingly small and insignificant,
It sits atop my finger, like a bird perched on a branch.
A symbol of great power,
Yet shrunken and frail as paper.
Its hidden beauty rivals those of
My love for it swells
Like a well after a heavy rain.
Oh, this paper crown,
Its simple beauty
Is a gold as pure as any other.
Its paleness is greater than snow,
Its weight light, but heavier than
the empire it represents.
This paper crown, worthy of a Queen.
This was written for a class project
  Aug 30 IZ J
Alex Teng
You don't hurt people with a 'No'
You hurt them with a 'Maybe'
When you know the answer
Is 'No'
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