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Cardboard-Jones Jan 2020
That night, you stole,
Something precious from me.
One glance, my heart,
Couldn’t disagree.
Everything was fine until
I walked in on your last ****.
Even though the signs all showed, I didn’t know
That you’re just evil.

I catch you sneaking out at night,
I knew something wasn’t right.
I thought that I knew you.
It’s always robberies in progress
Or some threat you made to Congress.
By the way you got some blood on your shoes.

Don’t try to distract me,
You always side track me
Your outfit does attract me, let’s get back to my point.
Thought it was love at first sight
But you just want to plan heists.
Am I just someone you see you can exploit?
And she said
“You’re my minion now.”
angel dust Jan 2020
i yearn to know
                  what you are

      i can sense some of you
      it isn’t enough anymore

i like the way your knuckles
                 when you speak

                                             the way your
                               eyes grow when
                    you ask me

the way you run your fingers
through your hair
before you tell a story

                        i want to know more of you...

             i can’t help but wonder
how close should i allow myself?

                                        something about you
                      pulls me in

you are
  the moon
i am
     the ocean

a force,

my body and mind have
        into you

                        and i need
   your authentic, organic, uninhibited

the unknown entices me
                              freezes me in my tracks.
annh Aug 2019
Tendrils of drowsy pleasure entice and hypnotise,
As daybreak storms; a rapturous collision,
Of distorted cadences and scintillating harmonies,
Between discarded blue-sky sheets.

‘I love to feel the temperature drop and the wind increase just before a thunderstorm. Then I climb in bed with the thunder.’
- Amanda Mosher, Better To Be Able To Love Than To Be Loveable
Talia Sep 2018
The more I find out, the less I know
you gaze into the black abyss of my eyes
while I admire your pale skin like it's snow
you think I can't see through your seductive disguise?
your blue eyes only entice me more
I didn't mean to dive in this deep
lost in your ocean, no hope of washing ashore
as your blond hair glistens in the moonlight, the secrets seem to seep.
Wyatt Aug 2018
She had many partners,
treated them like pawns.
Her voice sang for them a song.
A queen with a sharp look
and a smile so devious.
Left him in the hotel room
with a handful of grievances.
Enticed many curious eyes
with the sight of her body,
she moved with a hint of harmony.
*** appeal, her side of the deal.
Giving them more than
they could possibly feel.
She’s dressed up like royalty,
matching beauty with brains.
There was no boy in the night
that she couldn’t tame.
She lived like royalty, like a queen.
Pam Milla Aug 2017
The most enchanting of views grasped my conscience by simultaneous never-ending palpitations that slowly but surely circulated through the darkest & most deepest of gardens...

Far and away within those unique datum of charming beats...thousands of charms began to reveal like fireworks in the Sky...

It is an essence that travels so deeply into the air, that the air itself can't help but consume the remaining of the trace it leaves behind with each stroke...

That's the energy that wonders in the air for so long that I can't help myself but not captivate the residuals of the purity of its existence...

It is what it does to me day in...between...and out....
K Balachandran Aug 2017
million lights entice,
yet night loves far away moon.
baffling, love's choices!
Marco A Vargas May 2017
I am close not because
I wish to take a better look at you
But because your iris entices me

I am tight-lipped not because
I have nothing to say to you
But because you leave me breathless
Do not ask me abut the awesome depth of my love dealings
Love us rule with power of words,surmounting all feelings
But does exercise the power of taking all bruises to blessings
Love and beauty remain throughout in strings in all springs

My beloved do believe in strength of love to sail to real belief
My heart has been stolen by a real little lovely innocent thief
On relation of love and beauty one can write books but brief
Love is a reef in ocean or it may bloom on a new tree as a leaf

My sweetheart take me from all this worldly rut to a paradise
Please be more nice my beloved to give to our life more spice
Nor world is concise neither its idiosyncrasies are really precise
My beauty of universe please give advice to your heart to entice

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
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