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Morrison Leary Jan 2017
Upon every arrival of every celestial birth,
There is only one common normality.
A susceptibility to an infinitesimal design,
A kink in the chain, the war of our mind.
This psychosomatic condition is no stranger,
A rendition of life’s existence.
Confinement exacerbated by poor health in the gut line,
Hormonal imbalances manipulated by addictive influences.
Paradigms shifting in front of awakening eyes,
Psychedelic truths hidden within the tides of time,
Confusion and conflict preventing expansion of evolutionary consciousness,
A cyclic pattern, the sadness in all our lives.
This idea is immortal and internal in the human genome,
The greatest subterfuge,
Psychedelics are a key to a doorway that opens up endless possibilities.
Morrison Leary Oct 2016
Time has come,
And it never feels like what you envisage.
Shades that were drawn, are now beginning to fade.
Tip your hat to the unknown, be the passenger.
Engage the reverie, evolve as you go.

Dine at the arrangement, the subtle choice.
Entertaining ideas cycling within, a soliloquy echoes through.
An eternity welcomes a chemical release.
Tunnels of hues, overwhelmed and confused.
Hiccup to existence, all are amused
Morrison Leary Mar 2016
A reverie to say the least,
a darkness perpetrated by beliefs.
Envision the entrance, a cold whistle screams adventure.
Entering the mouth of the beast, calloused hands, my fragile tips,
brushing against the ceiling, caressing and corrupting the structure,
disappearing deeper from destruction.
This grimace upon the face, this terror protruding within the gut,
an agony to be replaced,
once escaped, courage will flourish.
Expand the vessel,
***** to emptiness, given room to proceed,
phosphorescent hues exploding through my dreams.
Reaching the cusp, gather my strength,
place upon my scalp, a diadem to show defeat,
unworthy, fruitless scavengers, left to retreat.
Broken, a shattered age, misguided and abused, nothing to lose.
Words ring true, guidance for those envious of power,
wake from endless lies,
enter into an abyss, never to return,
abandoned dark tunnel.
Everyone has their moments of victory and defeat.
Morrison Leary Feb 2016
Darkness leaped in, smothered my psyche.
Led me down a hall, into the cinema I went, not willing.
A theatrical presentation, an outcry ensued.
Perception forever altered.
A mind completely new.  
My ideals, my dreams, dissipating with the ending scene.
Go forth I did, dashing into the illuminating beam.
A challenge of realization, no immediate hesitation.
Advancement granted, the understanding,
of another dimension.  
Speechless, words cannot explain.
Abandoned, with nothing left.
An experience to entertain,
while under the dancing rain,
Vanity's Game.
Morrison Leary Dec 2015
They fall for all to see,
an emotional wreck.
The queen of selfies,
a broken mess.
Check the label,
grasp the best, outlier, different from the rest.
A wandering eye,  
engaged to chaos.
An optimistic seed,
still part of growth,
masked with a broken cloak,
just something to fix,
truths scare most.
Weakened souls,
from broken homes,
destine to live disguised,
break from the chains of emotion,
and let lies die to let live what was hidden.
New beginnings.
With every break up comes a new beginning.
Morrison Leary Jan 2015
Born to die, immortal we are not,
dwelling on the past, we descend looking back.
No memories of the womb, a black existence.
The cyclic pattern, a psychotropic dream,
monolithic, no hidden seams.
Climb into the abyss,
another reverie.
Morphic resonance has made the arrival,
another chance bequeathed.
A silent gift of opportunity,  
an experience we don’t recall.
Don’t fret, just live it all.
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