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Mona 1d
i was born
i lay in a cot
my heart beat rang
i sang and i sang
i gave my voice away
as i matured
naively i was lured
into adulthood
without a hood
naked, i stood
out of breath
no stability
looked for divinity
but nothing concrete
looked back
empty and bleak
but my eyebrows were on fleek
to an ideal
i ride
but i never lay still
i dreamt
but dreaming is to ****
**** reality
**** your own insanity
**** your own vanity
no baby
please keep yo "sanity"
Mona 2d
drowsy smiles
with half-hearted laughs
our lies are our scarfs

docile robots speak
nobody listens
misery glistens

trapped in your self
don't scream or raise a fist

adjust your collar
appearance matters
join the endless chatter

this is reality
realism is grim
drenched in sin
life through the guise of sin.
Mona 4d
find your inner peace
part ways with your inner beaat
the demons that come to feast

seek closure with the pleasure of pain
you deserve love like plants deserve rain
or you'll burn alive like oxygen to a flame

thoughts that occupy your mind
don't resist or judge, stay aligned
peace is not a destination, forever grind
a metaphysical space, a frequency your mind transcends to.
Mona May 23
pride can be embittering
uncontrollably jittering
lights on full blast
discos chronically
comfort on the pedastol
choke safe but stay at ease
hold yourself up by your knees
authentic self stays hostage
safe and sound

outer layer of mould
let it seep in
right to the core
see, your ego is not all of you
nonetheless, a part of you
so keep it away from virus
and disease. use febreeze
otherwise you metamorphosise
the pandemic, the contagion of disguise
an illustration of the intoxicating nature of pride.
Mona May 22
what is evidence?
is it dense?

what does it represent?
the truth or the scent?

are we all mad?
or am I extra-terrestially sad?

what to have for dinner?
will i die a sinner?

will the search ever end?
what can i really ammend?

do you care?
or am I just another chair?
the scratches on my consciousness that keeps me from seeing clearly.
Mona May 22
i try not to lie
but lies spill out
i close my eyes
and the truth subsides
i try again
the truth departs
it chuckles away

discipline, i attempt
but there goes another
i lied to my lover
precious, wasted time
i hold my head up
and confess my crime
confessions bleak
i hold my breath
muster the courage
all i have left
truth is an ideal, a bar we create and judge against.
Mona May 22
madness off the wall
jumping around
it's loud
like a omnipotent cloud

i just want peace
silence and sleep
trip into an abyss

no pain please
embrace the breeze
bless me, as i sneeze
the sound of a busy mind.
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