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Mona Nov 2020

everyone lies
we all wear a disguise
no human can possibly fly

is a fiction
our fixation with youth
is an addiction

the truth descends from our perception
what are we left with?
another form of self-deception?

i don't know what
this or anything means
are we individuals?
or are we collective operating teams?
Mona Nov 2020
interesting concept

it gives me eyes
yet constricts my vision
it cuts to the root, precision
a careful incision

distill patroticism
bathe in schism
schism of the past
no victory every lasts

build rafts
pay tribute to the past
but build the ******* rafts
appreciate your ancestors craft
but realise patrioticism is relative
we all have a past
something a lil different
Mona Nov 2020
up late
sat upright
i contemplate

is it too late?
how much of a state is my mind state?

i feel stuck in time
am i stagnant or am i fluid?

i wanna leap off the bed or the earth
what is the symbolic meaning of a birth?
is there even such a thing?
if so, what is the symbolic meaning of death?

we all die
is that the symbol?
is it a parable?
who knows
your guess is as good as anyone elses

we pretend all day long
of our competencies
truth is, such endeavours
limit our ability to see
how the world is in raw form
we build our lives and wishes
within a simulation

we all subscribe to the simulation
in our own way

only till we own the simulations of our mind
can we really see
the ethereal and rich nature of reality
reality is not fixed
it cannot be named like a person
it is bigger than me or you
or any organism that inhabits it
let's have some humility
for Christ's sake
Mona Nov 2020
we are all sheep
in herds
cut oursleves into groups
jump through unnecessary hoops

oops we lost a fraction of da true self
what a shame
who cares, it's boujee to be lame

be a bot
new hype, it's ******* hot
be like us
or you'll be shot

it's popular
people approve
just follow the music, sway to the grooze

don't you dare attempt to move
stay stagnant
allow your identity to fragment
then sell it off

if your lucky part of it will sell
if not you may be reunited with it in hell

oh well
that's the tee
until next time hunny
hello consumerism
Mona Nov 2020
my dear friend
i miss you

like a crack addict misses crack
i am in AA
on the emergency table i lay, frail

i feel my internal workings coming undone
i am locked out of the fun
i am tempted by my insatiable lust to run

run and run from myself
perceptions of moi
that i have conjured and cooked

laced extras with the crack, microwave
the crack, a transplant for my identity
expand myself for the many
so i could sell more
more of me in exchange
for love, the eternal currency
the currency i seek

on some level the extras i laundered
became me
identification with the mask
i have trapped myself between the future
and the past.
how long can this last?
Mona Aug 2020
regrettable regret

                          cemented with regret.

empty threats,
heaving with regret,
heart is vehemently set,
yet my mind seeks reset.

expectations left unmet
tossed the dices, a bet
i am forever in debt
prophecies set

                          cemented with regret.
Mona Aug 2020
scared for your parenrs sanity
can cause you to befriend insanity

scared for your paeents safety, always
debilitating, anxiety in waves

scared for your parents future days
depraved, begging for conditional praise

scared for your parents demise
everything knotted with bows of lies

scared for your parents fallible memory
overcompensation for grief
yearn for any modicum of relief
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