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Deovrat Sharma Sep 2020
the mind of a person
overwhelmed by Self-deception
does not try to know reason
to think or believe in
advice and criticism given
by someone
contrary to his speculation
he always examine
as it was an insult to his disposition
he continuously remain
in the grip of apprehension
hostility and aggression.

©deovrat 26.09.2020
Ces Jul 2020
Paralysis by analysis
overthinking life and all
its complexities...

I think:

Truth, what is it?
When everyone feels as if they
and feel
even ****
in the name of this 'Truth'

I ask why...

What's the basis for that certainty
Is it something born through analogy?
I see that we are all mistaken, guilty
Of that condescension!



The irony of this age of technological
is that it has become fancy
to crave disinformation

Truth is what we think we possess
in this great idiocy of the masses.
At this point in my life
I’m fairly certain
I’ve told more falsehoods than truths
And most of them to my gullible self

I’m trying to remedy that
In the hope of hating myself just a little bit less
(Wait that’s not true)
In the hope of being forgiven if I’m found out
Which, I guess
Is why I’m writing this dumb poem
(Wait that’s not quite true;
I think this poem — and I
Are rather clever)
Chris Baldwin Apr 2020
A hint is given from golden ***
Of what you're destined to become
Failed dreams of youth laid before you bare
Reflecting now you do not care
Nectars grasp encases you
Enraptured in your thick cocoon
Clawed by music's residue
You gasp for golden ***
The time we spend indoors can be unhealthy. Escapism is a part of everyday life for the majority of people and in the current climate, turning to drink as a means of escape and generating short term pleasure seems to be on the rise in the UK. Along that vein, drinking in isolation can be self-propogating and the habit itself can be hard to shake especially when considering cognitive effects that alcohol can have.
Adrian Aug 2019
Lonely I's and lonely U's
With experiences of yea me too's.
Become sleepless 1's and sleepless 2's.
When picked up on dropping Q's
With self-deception we do dare choose.
To say outloud " yea we 2's."
Forever one we hope is true.
Always divided me and you .
You would you rather be blind and in love or sightful and lonely?
Makenzie Marie Mar 2019
It’s hard to admit
I’m this in love with you.
Under the surface, fearing
It’s too good to be true.
And you are so good
How could I not be?
And when I consider it
It’s easy to admit...
How I love you.
Hakeem Jenkins Jun 2014
Do you really think because you think something,
it's true
don't believe yourself

— The End —