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Kalen Doleman Sep 2018
Somewhere, someway.
there is a place
where glory opens its gates.

And somewhere, someplace,
where the endless beaches of black sands lay
The key to true destiny feels free
love light infinitewaters destiny hope hermetics
Kalen Doleman Sep 2018
In the old world that fell to the corrupt.
A new light began to shine.
The people didn't see it at first.
The sky was too dark.

But somewhere,
beyond the program
there was a new destiny.
It started with a sigh.
A sigh for the fire and wind.

And then there was a wave.
In the dreams of the true
That would transfer
then disperse
infinite-waters life power hope goldenage sheddingofdarkness light JakeDucey  theninthwave poem
Kalen Doleman Sep 2018
I think back to where my journey first began
I let behind those fields of grain.
Towards the endless everlasting world
that opened to me.

I know with this boiling hope brewing in me
I'll see the light of day!
Heading towards my destiny.
The one that I've ceaselessly searched for.

When the scent of hope arises
my nose just can't help but lead me.
As the scent leads to a vibrant, tasty reality.
A reality of hope, light, and prosperity.

Moving with my burning passion.
A new world full of bright opportunity.
Opening the gates of courage.
Closing old doors of stagnant, stinky fleas.

Looking back in my troubled days,
it's full of despair, and painful stakes.
But i just head towards the horizon.
It's just on the other side!


I've traveled far from where i first began.
And i know someday i'll find the land.
The place where my light grows and shines.

So there's never a need
to give up hope.
Don't drop down, do not mope.
Or you'll miss the endless season of the seas and skies.

So keep on following the winds and waves.
Know your passions.
Give them space.
So they can grow and expand in every way!

Keep a smile on that face.
Let your hopes breathe.
Open yourself to the sky.
There's no need to give up.

Because ....

No matter, whatever, or who you are.
The light of hope will take you far.
Keep imagination alive.
It will take you there.

To the land where you will shine.
You just have to use your mind.
No matter where you are.
Just look back where the journey first began.
You'll find the reason to move on!
infinitewaters poem songofhope poetry greatpoem despair love hope imagination flamingdesire.
Kalen Doleman Sep 2018
Looking into the mirror,
or the screen,
or the lake.
Looking where there is reflection
we see a new lesson.

But if you look closely,
you'll get the hologram,
which is the truth of all lessons!
lesson hologram infinitewaters poetry writersway hope drake artofpeace lawofgender lawofpolarity
Kalen Doleman Sep 2018
I'm always here.
In this colored space.
Just a checkered square on
the chessboard.

But there is a space.
An optimal point
if you will
It's a place where all things converge.

It's called gratitude.
For those who know things.
They know gratitude.
We appreciate its importance!
gratitude infinitewaters abundantminds freedom hope love traplife poetry poems lovelife
Kalen Doleman Sep 2018
That morning i awoke.
I felt the rising sun.
A glimpse of true restoration,
with kings crying, emperors imploring mercy, world living,
earth within.

The light of the rays
throughout magnificent pieces
of hollow stone.
I'm happy.
I'm happy.
The sun it did shine.

The sunrise, it was beautiful,
sitting in between the vast open crests of the mountains.
The sky's color orange.
The mountains a deep pink.

This view was a sensation of the universal language.
And the best part had to be the sun's
Where the glory of this moment,
this sunrise,

What a bountiful moment.
It was filled with glory and strength.
The firefly lighting
inescapable and somewhat inexpressive.
Because of this, all insecurities melted away.

There was something comforting about this rise.
It was as if it was a message from God.
It had the energy of a new day.

No, not a new day.
Not another day to wake up.

No, this was a "new day".
The beginning of a new era.
That's what this sunlight told me.
Situations will now explode and dissolve.
In a benevolent way.

It said,
Feel the warmth of the sun.
Let it's warm welcoming waves of light
surround and caress your being.
Feel its care and courage.

Connect and let its power become yours.
Once i connected i no longer reflected.
The time for reflection ended.
And being pushed aside,
the time or immortality began.

The invincible
nature of the sun brought a new wave.

The nine waves of the sun,
They touched me on that sunrise.
They touched my heart.
Just as they mixed and breed with
the unusually blue but now pink mountains.

The loving amalgamation of sunrise and environment.
It was truly a spectacle to behold.
This was a true sunrise.
The first true sunrise of my life.

Sunrise hope poetryofwitness spirit self infinitewaters poetry poetryoflight micropoetry love
Kalen Doleman Jul 2018
These emotions run wild.
I feel them all to a numb.
They come to exist.
Then they break away to an unknown place.

I don't really know.
It's a confusing world of response.
Jumbled partly in my inner soul.

But i don't really know what the soul is.
Or its true intentions.
Its origin is even more of an enigma.
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