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Midge Jan 21
I know I’m not the prettiest
Not the queen of the night
Not a princess
Not your dream
Not the one you’re looking for
Not a beautiful rose
Not the lady in red
Not the apple of the eye
Not that one desire
Not even close to perfection

I’m not that type of girl
You used to see in your fantasies
But in the end of the fairytale
You still chose me.
Midge Jan 21
Such wonderful ones
I can never forget them
Colors of the spectrum
Started to burst
in the sky
As you came into my life
It all seemed real
Sweet and true

But time has come
To blow it away
Back to the land
Of broken dreams
And hopes
For it remains
A memory
Randomly made, please do not judge
Midge Jan 20
Stars shine bright in the night sky
Thinking of the reasons why
I fell in love with your charming eyes
Even though they weren't mine
for u
Midge Jan 20
Sometimes I wonder why I came to decide
To end my life with suicide
But this idea should be set aside
For life is worthwhile with the Lord as my guide

All my fears and my despair
I thought they were beyond compare
But when I turned to face defeat
My Lord was there to save and all was in peace

I always doubt why He picked me
Resentfully sinned and troubled with anxiety
But when I’m praying on my knees
His unconditional love is all I can see

My soul was broken, my heart has been bound
My mind was ripped and my hope is nowhere to be found
I lost my everything, this is the end
Wait, have you forgotten?

You still have the Lord,
your Father and your Friend
Midge Jan 20
full of wonder
and light
filled my mind
and sense of sight
those were
the dreams
in my imagination
a whole new world
in another dimension
completely random
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