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you are my soulmate
life is blooming just
alike spring season
I am having
continual affinity
with the thorns

the traverse
of time became
blur and dark  in past
you always glim a flambeau
by burning  the lamp
of your heart

you are
the guardian
of the life’s garden
full of buds and flowers
always shown me
the path of dignity
and good intentions

our pathways
may be full of flower beds
or cruel harsh as stone
I took the vow
will always walk
along with you in any
adverse circumstances

your arrival is always
alike morning breeze
full of fragrances
whole creations on the earth
feel jealous ad shy
by a glimpse of you

©deovrat "अयन"  28.07.2021
do you remember
our first meeting
we both were
neither me
nor you
were famous

we haven't seen
to each other even
not having any  point
common to discuss
seems it was
just a coincidence

we meet as we might
be having some relationship
since  inception of universe
you might be a little bit
restless reluctant
and quit nervous

I was confident
that's why on the outset
in front of you
I confess
or otherwise
something else

It was
certain that
nature itself
having preplanned
our first meeting for us

I never been in position
to reveal the truth now or then
although I only know one thing
that without  having you in my life
I could never been experience
true love, joy and success

©deovrat "अयन"  12.07.2021
#meeting #wod #deovrat
It is
the perfect
paradox exemplary  
we wholeheartedly
and completely
spoil ourselves
in search of joy
within this
and mortal world

© deovrat "अयन" 10.07.2021
murmuring sound of perineal river
gentle move of moving rudder
toddling pace of small dinghy
faded shadow like a stringy

our lives just a river streams
like flow of wonderful dreams
seems looking over memory
every moment of each story

everyone is life's enslave
falling rising like a wave
surrounded with dark black cloud
crackling lights roaring aloud

amazingly got escape
from the strange vertex
ocean of life seems auxiliary
always feels like a mystery

© deovrat "अयन" 15.05.2021
is one who
transforms a lump of flesh
into a responsible social
human being

she is one
who sacrifices
all the comforts of her life
to make us sensitive
and caring

she carves
our societal behavior
our feelings and emotions
she do not think for a single moment
to put-off all her ambitions

she makes us
what we are today
without a thought of
consequence or

she continued tirelessly
to put-on her selfless efforts
throughout her life to make
our past present
and future

may consider
even our whole life
a precious gift to us
from our mother

she is
incomparable with
anyone on this planet earth
mother’s love is our
first administration

in another word
mother is a divine bequest to us
in everyone’s life with all the
divinity from almighty god
for devotion
©deovrat "अयन" 10.05.2020
shining moon of
full moon night
as-always milky
kool and bright
starring its face
in the ocean mirror
stunned surprised
crying with the fear

beautiful ocean
reflecting slack
moon's face was
sensing black
black shadows
of the time agone
instances  either forgotten
or seemly unknown

everyone's confession
may be sometimes hidden
certainly everyones past
always haunting alight
may be forgotten for sometimes
but all of a sudden it cite

at the same time
it is eternally certain
surely sun will rise again
it is going to happen soon
then sunshine will vanish
black shadow of moon

© deovrat "अयन" 08.05.2021
a star
once again
with so much sorrow
unbearable pain

beloved husband,
son, daughter or wife
suddenly left them
in the journey of life

they all gone
like a gleam
as it only seems
just like a nightmare
or beautiful dream

a dream that persist
for few moments
suddenly ended
with total abandonment
the path is uneven
destination is unknown
everything left behind is now in vain

no one here to be immortal
whether dumb or spital
everyone has to believe in feign
a star descended
once again

© deovrat "अयन" 06.05.2021
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