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time passes
that never comes again..

while sweet memories
always remain...

they are beyond
time and space....

imprint deep
in our heart and brain....

©deovrat 08.09.2020
for a creative work
must have creative ideas

for creative ideas
creative thinking is a must

for creative thinking
must have a creative environment

for a creative environment
spiritual inclusion is necessary

for spiritual inclusion
it is necessary to have a spiritual brain

for a spiritual brain
must have a stable mind

for a calm and stable mind
it is necessary to have a meditative life

©deovrat 08.08.2020
quell you do
it never becomes pet
time is
like a ungrateful wild bird,
which fly away
never come back

©deovrat 20.07.2020
do not remember incidence
those are not as per expectation
life is always not that much simple
may not be as per indivisuals admiration

since born on this planet earth every one
passing through the  journey of life
some part is sweat while other
little in bitter proportion

do not regret towards
your failed desires
those are made home
in the hearts  imagination

grief and pain due to incidence of past
will diminish,  It is certain
but how  why and when
please don't ask these question

© deovarat- 29.06.2020
I write
to express
to confess
confess my feelings
and unspoken coalesce

I write
to overcome
Intermittent convalesce
which sometimes arises
due to emotional
sufferings & distress

I write
not to please or to impress
but for one who do not laugh
on my mistakes
and often understand
my write with acquiesce
©deovrat 27.06.2020
whatever be
the reason
time always signals
timely indication
to combine
of individual’s
lives fragmentation

time never
gets influenced
by someone’s
desire and emotions
time is unbiased
to any situations
remains always in
uninterrupted locomotion

©deovrat 01.06.2020
I am not identical for everyone
what others see to me apparently
they understand
something different
what exactly that mean to me

my actions and deeds are not aligned
with the ideas what I preach actually
life in not depicting to divinity
the same reflection as I always
admire and desirous to be

nevertheless I never realise
expectations of others from me
precious time span of life
is just perished in vain unknowingly..
without understanding to the reality

I could never understand the reason
nature’s idea for the existence of me
at this juncture of the journey of life
everything seems a shear illusion
or reflection of our minds ability

I understand superficially
my relationship and affiliation
to supreme almighty
besides the fact that life is not perpetual
I know immortal souls perpetuity

©deovrat 24.05.2020
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