Exciting, reckless Halloweens,
Playin' in the evergreens.
Friends smokin' up nicotine
While I chew a jellybean.
Just trying to Rhyme a bit because I never do.
Lazy Sundays on my porch.
A cup of lemon ginger tea on the table,
A novel in my left hand.
My legs lay crossed, up on the rail
While the birds sing their verses
And the flowers sway in the breeze,
Releasing their fragrance
For my nose to enjoy.
Two bumble bees hum
through the bushes.
My mind wanders,
Perhaps they are friends?
Wishing this could be my life.
Strong women
Are built through years
Of pain.
It is the pain in which
They suffer through
That makes them beautiful.
Her soul full of wisdom and strength,
Has come home.
She is an art piece
. . .
Rest in peace Grandma
I have been given
The eyes that
See the world so
Differently than others.
But not blessed
The tongue to
Describe how I experience.
It's almost as if
I see things
Through a lense,
Almost seems as
If life is a beautiful film.
Maybe there is a glitch
In my head.
I see beauty in
The simplest things.
I can see the beauty in
Earth's most
Magnificent creations,
To the point
Where it's almost
I can feel magic
When my skin
Touches the earth
And the breeze blows
Gently against my body,
Flowing through every
Strand of hair.
I feel extreme bliss
When the sun warms
The surface and
Rain cools it.
When I feel
Under my feet,
I feel complete.
I can feel magic
When I'm dancing
In creeks
Swimming in natural water.
Beautiful swimming.
When I'm emerged in the water,
I feel free.
The closest I'll ever get to flying.
I can even feel
The magic through my eyes,
As though my eyes
Drink up sights and
Relish in them.
This is a blessing I know,
For I find joy
I've never felt before
When I'm with nature.
This is also a curse,
For I cannot share
It with anyone.
Maybe someone feels
A similar way,
But I don't think anyone truly experiences the same as me.
No one can feel the
Extreme pleasure of
The world the same way I can.
I can't even explain
Well enough for
Anyone to understand.
And this brings me deep sadness.
This doesn't completely cover it. But I tried.
It flows over me
Like shadows
Over the sun

My back
It hurts
Like really bad
Like seriously
-Chase Witwiki
Just a little poem my friend wrote on a whim
There are oceans,
In which the waves
Pull me in.
In them I see life,
Sea creatures live
Inside the details
The deep crevices
Of blue and green speckles.
They breathe life into me
As I drown in the tide.
In your eyes I see my reflection.
I see
Indescribable love
As vast as the ocean they resemble.
Hey there little siren,
Somewhere between girl and woman.
How you play,
Swim with the current,
And sing to those boys.
Honey, that bright smile could kill.
You'll be a heartbreaker someday.
Those eyes could peirce men's souls,
But be careful
Don't play too hard
Mother always said don't play with
Your food.
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