There are oceans,
In which the waves
Pull me in.
In them I see life,
Sea creatures live
Inside the details
The deep crevices
Of blue and green speckles.
They breathe life into me
As I drown in the tide.
In your eyes I see my reflection.
I see
Indescribable love
As vast as the ocean they resemble.
Hey there little siren,
Somewhere between girl and woman.
How you play,
Swim with the current,
And sing to those boys.
Honey, that bright smile could kill.
You'll be a heartbreaker someday.
Those eyes could peirce men's souls,
But be careful
Don't play too hard
Mother always said don't play with
Your food.
Orange faded into a dull blue
In the winter sky.
Behind the houses,
It blazed bright
Only visible on the
Very tops of trees.
It looked as though
The end of the branches,
Reaching towards the sky,
We're on fire.
The iced twigs glowed
With a vibrant orange
Setting the neighborhood
On fire,
And my mind ablaze.
I used to think I didn't belong anywhere
That's a lie
I used to think I didn't belong anywhere
Because I belonged everywhere.
But now I know I do belong somewhere
One specific place in this world.
Because when my hand is on your chest
And your finger tips are
Tracing my arm, and my back,
Mine running through your hair,
When I can hear your
Heart beat against my ear,
I belong
I belong right there in your arms.
And you darling,
Belong in mine.
My first kiss,
Was a rush of equanimity,
A realization,
It was not the thing
Of fairy tales
But the tranquility of the moment,
Had made it perfect.
I knew exactly what to do.
I was not dumb founded at all.
The way our lips locked
And locked again. . .
And again. . .
Was like the world had stopped
Nothing else mattered but you
And me
And you
And you.
I ventured in,
Curiosity buzzing.
What could be hidden in
This deep cavern?
Has it only known of dark?
It is true, it was pitch black.
So I thought I would make a spark.
A little light for this cavern.
Strike of the match echoed,
And soon I was in awe.
I knew it.
Flames reflected off the
Crystallized walls.
This cave which knew only of night,
Had a beauty hidden inside,
All it needed was a little light.
I watch the dust particles,
floating in the glow of
The computer screen.
My eyes focus on one until it
Gets lost in the darkness.
Perhaps they land on my eyelashes.

"Do the work,"
I tell myself
"Just write down the stupid answers,
Just half-ass it like you always do."

My mind is in constant battle
With my body.
I know all the things I need to do,
Yet my body will not cooperate.

"Just do something!"

I tell myself this as I
Stare at nothing,
At air,
Like some insane
Catatonic person.
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