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Zack Ripley Nov 2019
When we're kids,
we see dinosaurs and dragons that make our imagination soar.
When we're teens,
we look at our peers differently than before.
And, as an adult, I find it harder to embrace any changes at all anymore.
I don't like the world I see. So tell me, what should I do?
First, know you're not alone.
Then take my hand, and together, we'll make it through.
Michael Stefan Feb 2020
"Lo, tremble before my might
Shatter ye, all trees blocking me
I needn't pay heed to birds of flight
Nor great beasts beneath the sea

For my wings are powerful legs
My wake the thunderous echoing
Scatter beta predators, you dregs!
As I give chase that's harrowing

Dear prey, your futile efforts fail
Beneath teeth, your meat I shall annex
I am gigantic from teeth to tail
The legend of Tyrannosaurus Rex"

The small boy snarled and sat alone, the fearful quickly exiting the sandbox
This poem was a simple rhyme scheme that was ultimately inspired by Bill Watterson's "Calvin and Hobbes."  I wanted to create a poem of heavy imagery that allowed us to relate to our childhood when we too attempted to conquer the sandbox with toys that we cherished.  I hope you like it!
Mitch Prax Jan 2020
Baby, we're a meteor
and we killed the dinosaurs.
We scorched the Earth and
turned all that was
into ash.
Time has passed,
and not much has changed.
To this day,
I find myself
studying the fossils
and wandering
what could have been
if we had landed smoothly.
camps Jul 2019
today i scraped my knee when i fell from my
seahorse look under the scab there’s two
men sitting around a fire they’re discussing the finer
things in life like the more probable causes of the
dinosaurs’ extinction and whether all-white
meat chicken truly does belong in
the stomachs of millions of americans

for them dessert only comes around when a child answers
the question of what they’d like to be when they grow up
i wouldn’t make a good scientist because i didn’t believe
in climate change until your smile melted me in half how rude
now i’ve made a mess at least i have something to believe in

manufactured to perfection i’m at a loss
for words the yellow pages won’t ring
me back while i wait i think of the dust in between my teeth
and of the smell the flowers in your mother’s garden
gave off despite it being slightly nauseating

there’s a man that i see he’s
always sweeping the sidewalk or cleaning the windows
and i’m always dressed in black
meh. not too entirely happy with this, but there are some gems in there.
most importantly, i'm enjoying writing again
Vexren4000 Sep 2018
The final of the dinosaurs,
Did they awaken on that day,
Knowing what was in store?
That they were all headed for annihilation?
If so what will man do,
On the day we awaken,
And a great unease settles over the world,
As something strikes at the heart of Earth.

Aa Harvey Jun 2018
The world we live on

The dinosaurs are dead, frozen in place;
They have gone, to never be replaced.

There is a sinkhole in our planet
And it swallows all beauty within it.
What is happening to our world before our eyes?
And why are we doing nothing to stop it?

We are in the eye of the storm,
We have safety in numbers.
There is a maelstrom so powerful it is eating up the waves
And drowning all the fishes.

A great blue hole in the ocean swallows the water down a whirlpool;
Where is the ocean going?
We have harvested the world of all its goodness
And the human consumption rate is still growing.

The world is dying and we are not crying,
Because it is someone else’s problem.
We are safe in this lifetime,
But our children’s children will die,
Because they have no oxygen.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
joe thorpe Jan 2017
knit your own dinosaurs
pick pocket dilemmas' guide to the city
trendy handbag rocket queen pretty
the children dead bright flashy colors
of tremendous yearning to earn their let-downs
here's all the information you need to know
scuba gear doesn't float
jewelry was torn from the flesh of your mother
that your father paid for with his blood and thunder
and now you'll rub paperback thumb and hover
we all remember for now and on to linger
till here comes Love of with the biggest stinger

and we all need you
to bring cigarettes
Cheyenne Dec 2016
These buses sound like dinosaurs
With screeching brakes and engine roars
Where did they hide a punch clock in the timeless solace?

Or did they hide it all?

Perhaps it’s difficult to see some mornings?

We walked together to the school bus-stop, Billie Jean and I,

…she seemed to have a thing for me although I don’t know why?

I had a birth deformity; my feet were horned like snakes,

…a scaly-green monstrosity that locked away my heart and mind,

…so that; like the time clock, no one would ever see me.

Even the trip to doctors in Thebes, it only made it worse,

...all the children in my town found out, and said that I was cursed,

An ancient Greek named Urias claimed;

That tranquil purple’s peaceful dawn had hid a pitcher of lies,

And Zeus’ anger at the act brought down lightning from the skies,

…and struck down the people just like me against a ballad of rainbow fusion sunrise.

For the dreamy cosmos exercises as the pantomime he realizes,

…the many fancies of his disguises that the panoptic mind has in its surmises,

And in their parrying fall the distended fragments of the egg,

…formed some like me who were formed quite queer, said to come from Apulian’s nightly fall of fear.

Glass-bottled visions of events not clear all framed in a circle of Plato’s Great Year.

My feet the scaly-green monstrosity which sealed my heart and mind,

Billie said it was a gift from that Great Old Father Time,

A spring of rocks, a great mountain, a whirlpool and a navel,

I guess one day I’ll become them all, if and when I’m able!
Ancient Greeks believed that a war in the heavens occurred and the original, "giants," of the Earth had been destroyed during it. One ancient author described something unusual about them, their feet, which had claws.

Today, "modern," science calls them dinosaurs and said that a weapon from heaven destroyed them. I like the Greek version better.
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