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Viseract May 2016
Infected by my hatred
Yet you're the one who gave it
Now you come back to take it
I was a carrier but now it's faded

Now I have no drive
What's life if you don't feel alive?
What can be done
To bring back all the fun?

A sad sky and dark eyes
Tears fall, the world cries inside
It cries, as do I
At all the pain I left behind

Dead yet I'm still breathing
Dead yet my heart's beating
If you cut me I'd still be bleeding
A demon awakes and it is feeding

I've got nothing left to lose
Except, perhaps, just you
This emptiness runs right through
Makes me not know what to do

So I was a carrier of hatred
Now I'm a carrier of nothing
This body was so tainted
With the thought of somebody
Cody Henatt Nov 2015
Her tears fell like rain,
With an abundance of acid;
Whereas her lover's tears rarely fell;
As a person he was placid.

The rivers flowing down her cheeks,
Reminded him that he used to be not so weak.
When he cried, bleeding emotion like she did now,
He was a stronger person then, his soul a bough.

Now, weaker, he could accept the fact,
That when he let sadness dehumanize him, he made a pact;
No longer would tears fall down his face,
He would bury the emotions and lock them in place.

He wondered now if he was destined to be happy;
He missed the days when his trunk was damaged, sappy.
He hardened to a point far beyond desire,
Steely now, having quenched his inner fire.

He embraced her in their small living room,
Happy that tears wetted his shoulder, and that sadness loomed;
She was still human, she still bled emotion,
Something that for him was a distant notion.
Enjoy. Let me know what you think.
Mystifying Chaos Oct 2015
He painted her beautifully in different hues.
The blank canvas was now full of iridescent strokes of art.
But her soul was *colorless.
ICN Oct 2015
I don't know how to explain this feeling
If you can even call it that
It's more like how to describe someone devoid of feeling
I lack the capacity to demonstrate emotion

But then does that mean that when I cry it is just for show?
Or is it that my body reacts externally but not internally?

I guess it's difficult to explain something you've never had.
//the thoughts in my head are impossible to convey\\
The human soul, as vile as bile,
Savage Cruel disturbed infected and distort,
The human soul, obsessed with foul style,
Sinful confused mishandled and extort

Devoid of ethical human feelings,
Inflicted with raw sadistic hatred,
Grotesque depraved dismembered killings,
Ungodly occultism, unsacred

Sickness requires resolute treatment,
Stitches to repair ripped incisions,
Reducing the risk of dismemberment,
Catastrophe fractured by excision

Ceased decaying crippled in dreadful despair
Emerging from darkness, disturbed and aware.

William James
Leah Anne Oct 2015
It was strange not to feel anything at all
When all was said and done and every point has been proven wrong.
What once had been a matter of heaven and hell
has now turned into a mere speck of dust
Floating in front of her eyes.
She let it blur in her vision,
And then she shrugged and turned away,
forgetting it even before it was gone.

October 13, 2015. 8:18pm
ashw Apr 2015
I’ve been alone for countless years,
A speck of dust my only friend.
Deep inside, no hopes, nor fears,
Just myself these many years.

I have no past to reminisce,
Therein no future to predict,
There’s no one lost for me to miss,
No one with whom to reminisce.

There is no way to pass the time,
As I lie in wait of endless night.
There is no love, or hate, or crime,
The more I think, even no time.

Eternity chose to envelop me,
And forever is all there is to see,
An inescapable void, no calm, nor breeze,
For it abandoned all else in favor of me.
Anthony Perry May 2014
Frostbitten time lays still in the wilderness, devoid of human life, the nature can roam free in the icy emptiness, distorted frozen water strips the trees of their skin and yet its here that life persists, it would be beautiful to live in a world like this.

— The End —