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ICN Mar 2021
I’ll kiss whoever I’m with tonight
to take you off of my mind.
It’s not the first time
that I’m fighting to keep you out,
but I don't wanna close my eyes.
In the dark you’re all that I see.
He’s laying in my bed but I'm staring at the ceiling, reminiscing you.

I’ll make out with three strangers tonight.
None of them will make it back to my room
but if they did it still wouldn’t matter,
I just don't wanna be alone at times.
Need to feel someone else on me,
so I can stop feeling you,
so I can forget you.

Cause I’d run to you
even if you were just a mirage.
And I’d follow you,
Through a desert.
Through a blizzard.
Through the eye of a hurricane.
I’d run to you!

and it’s been six months,
we still haven't talked.
I don't know anything!
I miss being your everything.
Tonight I’m all alone,
no one touching me, I’m on my own.
I tried the hook-up thing but couldn’t keep pretending.
When I look in their eyes I just see yours, blue and green.
Where did you go?
Why’d you stop loving me?

It doesn’t matter
If I never get an answer.
If you hit me up one day
I’ll still remember your voice,
but I’ll also remember
how pathetic you made me feel.
Alone even when we were together,
looking back is bittersweet.
Fond memories and love,
welled up fears and disappointment.
I’ll always remember you, love.
But I won’t go running back,
even if I want to,
I won’t go running back.

but I hope that you do
I hope you’d run back to me too.
  Apr 2018 ICN
Ian Lewis Copestick
It's been a while, I'm feeling better
I'll put together a few letters
I have missed my time on this site
I am making my​ return tonight
I know some of my friends have gone
But I must have at least one
Person that is glad to see me again
Back here using my pen
ICN Dec 2017
I left
Drove 1,000 miles
Spent the night in the U-Haul
But I wish it were you I was hauling with me.
All the way down south
I'm regretting this right about now
But i think its better for us
To be apart and figure things out.

You were my missing puzzle piece
I was scared we were so easily falling together
Falling forever
I hope I'm not forever in this limbo,
forever unsure.
I want to be with you tonight
I want to be in your arms,
Want you to tell me I'm pretty,
Tell you miss me,
Tell me you love me, I'm lovely

A thousand miles apart,
and i'm singing this song.
Singing my heart out for you
It's unhealthy to say the least,
How can i hope,
to get over it like this
I have to change
I have to move on.
I cant stick around for much longer,
I wont stick around for much longer.
I'm dying on the inside

You were my missing puzzle piece
I was scared we were so easily, falling together
Falling forever.
Now that I left, I'm missing you
and it just hurts we're still falling together,
we're still falling forever.
Forever in this limbo, forever unsure
Undefined and impossible now,

What a great idea it was
to be apart to figure **** out.
this just doesnt feel like home
  Dec 2017 ICN
Anna Patricia
I always feared that the stars didn't align for us
but still words flowed between us,
letters floating through cyber space,
tinged with unspoken love.
Love we half-acknowledged.
Love that wouldn't be.
  Dec 2017 ICN
Anna Patricia
even a bee,
forgets and leaves,
even the most beautiful flower,
once it extracts
from it.
  Nov 2017 ICN
The Girl Who Loves You
I am the poetry that breathes words into your mind.
I fill up blank spaces with encouraging lines.
I possess no magic powers to turn back time.

I am the poetry that brings back childhood fears.
I speak the truths you're not sure you wanna hear.
I clarify emotions that were previously unclear.

I am the poetry that digs deep to tear at the soul.
Once I enter you, you can never be whole.
Without the words inside you, you feel so cold.

I am the poetry that tries to hold back time.
Keep the body frozen but activate the mind.
Using line after line to make you all mine.

I am the poetry that flows through your veins.
That proves how much I love you, day after day.
I help keep your sanity, when you think you're going insane.

I am the poetry that floats in front of your eyes.
Always surrounding you, seeing through your every disguise.
I know everything you think, I know all your lies.

I am the poetry until the day you die.
  Nov 2017 ICN
Arlo Disarray
2 a.m. approaches, so of course i'm still drinking
sitting under the stars, getting lost,
simply thinking
and i lose myself in the night, as i'm sinking
goodbyes never come soon enough

notes scribbled out into rhymes
never serving a purpose
other than clearing my mind
taking all the ugly stuff out
and turning it into something else

i've always had a hard time taking advice
i make every wrong choice,
at the very least, twice
and sometimes it's hard to realize
that i'm the one thing that stands in my way

i've been shuffling pennies
inside my pocket
and hearing them jingle
as i take more
and more steps
in the wrong direction
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