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sara Apr 7
posing half naked for a follow or a mention
counting new friends, but little friendship retention
people pleasing on your knees and  begging for attention
in my bikini, like me please fix my mental tensions

looking to the world for your own inspiration
looking for a like to fuel self-validation
sing someone else's tune and call it self-expression
you dont know you, yet claim to speak your truth, its desperation.
A poem about the dangers of social media, but more so the danger of seeking external validation.
Star BG Jan 2019
I stand, move,
dance, cry,
balance, love and
inside INTERNAL world
with purpose...
to reflect outward
my EXTERNAL world changes
to whisper
IN grand song.
Kaitlin Dec 2018
Today I'm feeling oozy
Sweet and slightly snoozy
My heart feels jammy juicy
My eyes still stale and scuzzy

Today I'm feeling rotten
Young and quite forgotten
My heart is made of cotton
My eyes play tricks and soften

Today I'm feeling crispy
Jeweled and fancy frisky
My heart is feeling thrifty
My eyes, regardless, misty.
Playing around with words I like...
Anya Jul 2018
I am in a box
As I reach out
Touch the walls
This strange barrier that separates me
From the other
Anything external
A hand from the box adjacent to mine appears
Splayed against the wall
I reach out mine
The dark and light contrast
Like the Chinese symbol Ying and yang
Other clearly
Even a child could tell the difference
Who does it take to look past the differences?
Sydney Scott Jan 2017
Let my enemies stand before me
baring their fangs like wild dogs
as they circle around
minds racing
finding a weakness

Let them establish a plan
to drench the earth before us
with the stench of scarlet blood
whomever’s it may be
in the end

For I will fight the good fight
even if the last thing i swallow
is the pain that encumbers my every fiber
my last breathe will not be in vain
but one less they will be able to take

For my last giving moments
will be tough earned
and the last thing that will slip from my lips
will be a promise of vengeance
if that is the way the earth mote it be
I wrote this after reading the book 'Way of the Peaceful Warrior'. It is all about the internal struggles we face; for those are always the hardest and bloodiest battles.
CommonStory Jan 2017
Between information and entertainment
While I practice my own divination
From criticism and determination
I find that I'm deteroatinng
Before all my summer leaves turn red
And fall to hit the ground so dead
I practice every page I read
Recitie it a million times in head
Then deep in my globes core if woes
Where more than the hottest magma flows
My thoughts turn to plasma
I cannot stop the phantoms bantar
So if I super solider
The serum imperium
I shall shake the frustrate if the open hand you take
Copyright 1/5/2017
Matthew Marquis Xavier Donald
Äŧül Oct 2016
As I know her from the longest time,
I know that under external influence,
She did all the stuff she did not wish.

As she is not interested in me anymore,
I thank her for being my inspiration,
She was indeed a truly youthful lover..

As with all good things so with her love,
I could not monitor her for 24 hours,
She listened to God knows whomsoever.

All I infer from the relation's demise,
Is that she listened to the negative people,
So closely spread in her surroundings.

All I can wish for her advising party,
Is that they may suffer the same fate,
So similar to mine their outcome be.
HP Poem #1212
©Atul Kaushal
Dana Skorvankova Jun 2016
Our dreams hunt us like we were their own threats
The internal and external worlds blur together
One's mind becomes slow and sensitive to every change
For we became the betrayed ones for now and ever.
Max Southwood Apr 2016
Followed by fear

Blank expression
Abandoned voice
Traceless imprint
Jaded enthusiasm

Scream into the void
Preach your poison gospel
Fear fills your frame and flows through your veins
Anxiety is your life blood

You crippled, broken beast
You pathetic excuse for a man

This is not me
You are not I
I live, ready to drink the sweet nectar of life
You forsake it, spitting in the face of altruism
This is not me

A crippled, broken beast
A pathetic excuse for a man

So many others crave the life you so readily condemn
Anxiety is your life blood
Two egos trapped in the same vessel
I owe myself life
Yet all you know is silence
Each and every one of us struggles with the person we are and the person we think we should be. This is my attempt of capturing my own personal external, internal, eternal struggle.
ICN Oct 2015
I don't know how to explain this feeling
If you can even call it that
It's more like how to describe someone devoid of feeling
I lack the capacity to demonstrate emotion

But then does that mean that when I cry it is just for show?
Or is it that my body reacts externally but not internally?

I guess it's difficult to explain something you've never had.
//the thoughts in my head are impossible to convey\\
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