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Sabila Siddiqui Aug 2019
Pupils beamed with radiance,
and naive genuineness flowed
as the illusion of love came her way.

But behind the tugging of strings
was a skillful maneuver
with his foxy intentions.

As the strings were played
back and forth,
emotions began to be strangled
and the cords that were struck
created a melody
to the tune of his accordance.

The fortress began to whither
but he was tired of his own maneuvers
that he gave into dispelling his intentions
before the frontier guarding her heart collapsed.

Though the barrier to intimacy
did not collapse completely,
the intention of ones kindness broke,
the illusion of ones amiable action broke
as it became the an act
just to open the gate of letting one in.

Trust withered,
but hope seemed to still be lingering
as the good in them, she always saw.

But after multiple tries,
of her heart being played with.
It was locked,
to the ones who would come along.
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
You came in my life
with the words “I love you at first sight”
I should’ve known better for you had a hidden bowie knife.
Would you blame me if I believed in fairytales?
For I was so young and naive.

I did not reciprocate those feelings back,
Did you take it to your ego,
and decided to play that game?
or was that your intention all along?
Because you wore me down with kindness and care,
till I was soft and vulnerable.

Weaving your beautiful lies,
you got me to entrust my heart and soul.
Glamouring my vision over the months,
you wore down the walls
and got past the borders and guards.

You decided to take of the mask
and drop the truth like a bomb,
when I was defenseless, weak and unarmed.
For the caring and affectionate person I knew was all a facade
under which laid a deplorable and cynical soul.

Wearing me down till I was unfortified,
was a part of your maneuvering all along.
You reeled me in with care,
just so you can hurt me with a smite.

You broke my vision of what is all good in this world;
where kindness and care isn’t always itself,
but a way to get past the walls.
You made me taste the bitter after taste of those sweet words.
and scarred my innocent soul.

You broke her,
for she no longer sees kindness and care the same,
but fear the ones who show her kindness,
will do the same.
This is to the person who was never a lover but had his own motives to hurt. To the person who brought to light that words and actions aren’t always true. To the one who glamoured my vision, broke it sending a rushing aching pain through my nerves and veins. To the person who tore the petals of innocence and made me believe life isn’t always beautiful and honest. To the first person who made me taste bitterness, betrayal and pain to the core.
Kayla Gallant Jun 2019
I scream over the banging and pounding
I doubt you can hear me
Throat raw and red with anger
I throw my words at you like knives
But they never reach you
For my tongue is foreign
Like a wild animal confined to a cage
I wish I could break free
To snap your neck
And make you see
This world is not as it seems
These people are not real
Society is too far gone ❤️
H Jul 2018
I thought I knew you

Your green eyes and how they may wander
The touch of your thick, ashy hands
Your determined heart, may it not go asunder
The strength of our tight wedding bands

I thought I knew you

The heart in your chest with the strength of a lion
The mileage and baggage of the grief you've traveled
The look in your eye when I know that you're lyin',
The realization that all that we've built has unraveled

I thought I knew you

The idea that you could betray me for another
And I thought we would fight 'till the end
Yet I knew that you'd go and find a new lover
And our love now I cannot amend
KJ Feb 2018
Who do you think you are
To be blaming others for your mistakes
You think you are a perfect
But you’re no saint

You think I don’t have reasons
To be upset with you
I hate to bring a reality check
But I have more reason than you do

Betrayal and broken trust
Are valid reasons i’d think
Maybe you’re just so two-faced
You can’t even see past your own mistakes

You lie and lie
You skirt around the truth
You’re so fake
you even deceive yourself

You gave no apologies
For all the ways you wronged me
You tried to guilt trip and trick
But I won’t be mislead so easily

You delude yourself
Do you even know who you are?
You say the problem is other people
But it was you all along
for PF
Krysha Jan 2018
Its feeling the undying urge in your system
And be unable to do anything
Know nothing about taming
Ignoring the awakening
Disregarding the thrills and the tingling
How do you cling to springtime dreams
If it now feels like delusional thinking

It's the sense of being lost
In the cabins of the found
the scent of uncertainty
in the lodges of the doubters
the aroma of confusion
In the quarters of the sure
How do we grow to like something
And grow later in life to hate it
YH Sep 2017
Oh, I love you, honey,
your sweet nectar voice.
The way you ensnare me
with empty words,
and interweave me,
with warm suffocation.
You are venomous,
and I am dying,
but why does it feel
so much like paradise?
— Y.H.

gentle fervor.
you are you,
and I adore you,
even if this is a delusion.

(c) Y.H.
MsAmendable May 2016
I'm a socially awkward person
Who comfortably pretends not to be;
My friendships are so spotty, I'd be dotty
To delude any of them not to be!
Although, its true, I have no foe,
But who would be my friend?
My silence is my shelter,
When the chaos never ends.
Yes, I haven't posted for a while...doesnt mean I wasn't writing!
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