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H Jul 2018
I thought I knew you

Your green eyes and how they may wander
The touch of your thick, ashy hands
Your determined heart, may it not go asunder
The strength of our tight wedding bands

I thought I knew you

The heart in your chest with the strength of a lion
The mileage and baggage of the grief you've traveled
The look in your eye when I know that you're lyin',
The realization that all that we've built has unraveled

I thought I knew you

The idea that you could betray me for another
And I thought we would fight 'till the end
Yet I knew that you'd go and find a new lover
And our love now I cannot amend
H Jun 2018
the river winding down below
the rushing sounds of rapids flow

while high above the trees I stand
to breathe the wonders of this land

vast pines outstretching toward the sky
give shelter to the fowl that fly

the covered rocks and earth that stay
stuck forever in their place

for years on end this place has been
untouched by man, untouched by sin

to some it may seem boring, though
to be in such a place alone

hidden in hills, surrounded by stone
but, for me,
it's coming home

— The End —