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Kayla Gallant Jul 2022
Hold me close to your beating heart
So I can learn
How it feels to be alive again
I’ve been feeling quite hollow lately.
Kayla Gallant Jul 2022
I struggle to convey the pulsing fear
that this life of mine may end
before I get the chance to flee to my destiny
Not much of a poem I suppose, just how I’ve been feeling as of lately
Kayla Gallant Jun 2022
The wispy willow tree sways
The wind is it’s master
Wherever the wind goes the willow shall follow
Sometimes the wind is a little too harsh
Causing the willows frail branches to snap
Sometimes the wind is soft and tender
Causing the willows leaves to swoon and sway
There is telling how the wind may behave
The willow braces it’s roots deep in the soil
It must stay where it was planted
The wind will have its way
The willow has no say
Kayla Gallant Jun 2022
We were placed inside a glass fortress
Dull knives were all we were given
Expected to know how to survive
We attempted to carve our way out
To leave a mark of any kind
Desperation flooded our insides
What will we do if we never make it
How will the world ever know of our existence
Right above our righteous heads
The sun flooded in
Yet we remained oblivious
To warmth it gave
The light it provided
The life it created
The sun was above us all along
The fortress was never sealed
We were far too busy trying to leave our mark
We could never see
There was an escape all along
Into reality
Kayla Gallant Aug 2021
Where are you hiding
I’ve searched high and low
In the mirror
And in my soul
To no avail
I somehow managed
To misplace myself
Rough poem about how I've been feeling lately.
Kayla Gallant Aug 2020
Fill your body to the brim
With everything that feels good
It never ends
More and more
Never satisfied
The day will come
When your vessel can take no more
The seams will tear
You shall burst
Greedy little beggar
Open your eyes
If you still can
Look around and see
There is more to life
Than having everything
Success to the Excess
Kayla Gallant Apr 2020
Run far away
Until the city lights fade
And the stars grow bright
Run until you hear crickets
Instead of sirens
Until your soles bleed
And your soul screams
Run until you collapse in the tall grass
Until you find your home
Here among the wildflowers
Wildflowers 🌻
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