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Kayla Gallant Aug 2020
Fill your body to the brim
With everything that feels good
It never ends
More and more
Never satisfied
The day will come
When your vessel can take no more
The seams will tear
You shall burst
Greedy little beggar
Open your eyes
If you still can
Look around and see
There is more to life
Than having everything
Success to the Excess
Kayla Gallant Apr 2020
Run far away
Until the city lights fade
And the stars grow bright
Run until you hear crickets
Instead of sirens
Until your soles bleed
And your soul screams
Run until you collapse in the tall grass
Until you find your home
Here among the wildflowers
Wildflowers 🌻
Kayla Gallant Apr 2020
Rumble and roar
Like a lion in a scuffle
You see they just found out
That they were caged animals
When they thought they were free
The knowledge of entrapment
Lead them to insanity
We were never free.
Kayla Gallant Dec 2019
Seize the pain
Grasp reality
Escape madness
Impossible task
Infinitely insane
Kayla Gallant Sep 2019
Lie across
Train tracks
Without fear
Call it insanity
Yet you stand
Hand on chest
Pledging your life
To the men
Who dictate you
mindless sheep
Kayla Gallant Sep 2019
Minds melting
Into a mushy stew
Becoming indistinguishable
media softens the brain
Kayla Gallant Sep 2019
Immersed in sorrow
No longer alone
Yet the twinge
Still remains
The hole inside
Burns too deep
Nothing can fill it
But time itself
the deepest wounds take years to heal
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