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kiran goswami Nov 2018
Symptoms of diseases,
Diseases never heard of,
Symptoms were pain, agony and tears
Tears never shed
Diseases which took eras to be discovered,
Diseases that lay hidden,
Hidden behind smiles
Smiles hiding pain, agony and tears
Tears never shed
Because there was no one to see the tears,
Tears lay buried
Buried behind 'I'm fine'
'I'm fine' was a cover
To shield the delicate heart
The heart which was scratched and torn millions of times
And millions of times the memories were reminded
Memories which were to be forgotten
To be forgotten and thrown away
Thrown away like the heart was
The heart now only had tears
Tears never shed
Because there was no one to see the tears,
Tears left to dry
To dry without being wet
The heart also dried
Dried out and fell
Fell like the petals of roses
Roses which are only left with thorns now
Thorns which ***** and the heart bleeds
The heart bleeds the blood of hatred
Hatred risen from love
Love which led to the diseases
Diseases known as heartbreak, dejection and desolation.
Heim Jun 2018
Maybe I’ll beat up my sister today to deal with reflexive reprieve. No.

I think it’s because people are  disappointments.

Maybe it’s because I’m afflicted with poverty. This is not real poverty, just the poverty I live with, the type I’ll see today and tomorrow.

Maybe its because we have the opposite of wealth and will never have enough to facilitate a dream. Fathers a salesman what can I do?

It’s because I’m disappointed with how shallow my life has been.
Damian Murphy Aug 2017
One more letter of rejection!
Disappointment and dejection!
Though many of such I receive
I still continue to believe!

I write because I feel a need,
(As vital as the need to breathe)
Words that others may never read;
Though just by writing I succeed!
Eiram N Jun 2017
There is nothing         more tasteless
   than the sweet nothings        you      
gloss me over
               like icing on a vile
          honeysuckle cake
These days there are many things I want to write, but so little I feel a need to say. Thanks for reading my little poems! <3
Earl Jane Jan 2017

I left a trail of blood from my bleeding heart,
Praying that you will follow & mend me,
But the depth of my aching overflow & my river of tears erase it,
Now I am left with a track to my death,
A death of utmost throe, lonesomeness & dejection.

© Earl Jane
♥ E.J.C.S.
Nirvana Apr 2016
Love is
walking on fire
killing our desire
making sacrifice
and paying price

Love is
living heartless
being restless
feelings being suppress
depression possess

Love is
making life a mess
living in distress
overwhelmed by dejection
a constant fear of rejection!

Love is a Fu¢king stress
only way to stay bless
is to care less
don't get stuck up
keep moving your @$$
P.S.- sorry for the offensive words!
Nirvana Apr 2016
I wake up every morning
with a heart that's mourning
it only desires to meet you
& throughout the day this feeling continue

I pray to the GOD above
to spare me of this love
coz every day it kills me
but will never set me free

the pain is getting unbearable
your thoughts are irreplaceable
my heart races and not just beat
with your every thought my life is at defeat

I wish my mind get numb
I can no longer act like a dumb
with your innocence in my heart
I walk through the life's desert

I wish I could die
but to rational reasons I can't deny
the reasons my brain put forth
that my fight to get you is worth!

its something which I know
but no more my heart break
it has left me long ago!

DEATH is not something I'm afraid of;
but to live with deprived of love,
its something unacceptable
life and death are not negotiable!!
Esther Jan 2016
your sky was a catastrophe.
not the inky black type and not the somber gray type either—no,
those were too cliché for you.
your sky was a shade between blue and gray,
the color of dejection, of loneliness
for it was only a shade in between.
never a whole
only half a mind,
and half a soul.
George Krokos Jan 2016
Oh dear, their love never really had a chance
as it was over before it started in advance.

There were so many conditions and obstacles they both had to overcome;
of a physical and emotional nature that would have been too burdensome.
Where one person may have been willing the other had some serious doubt
and the feelings shared between them were not much to get excited about.

Yet, they both seemed to be attracted towards each other
but it was hardly any more than being a sister and brother.

You must know something about the kind of love that I do mean
where both parties at first, only enjoyed from a distance to be seen.
Though, it’s said, where love is concerned it will seek to find a way;
the rest is really up to individual effort and or nature to save the day.

There are certain fleeting memories of love which linger in many still
that some people would try to revive again and so their passion fulfill.

The object of a person’s love demands serious attention
otherwise it remains at the level of being in suspension.
Those whom it concerns need to be intimately connected
so the experience of love for both parties is not dejected.
Written in 2015.
Nirvana Dec 2015
crying in silence
never allowed my tears
show their presence
I love you I swear

it hurts
your absence
I wanna put cuts
all over deep and dense

listening music
and remembering you
I feel so sick
and I'm so *****(ed)

death may embrace me
and put me at ease
I'm fed up of this monotonicity
I beg you Lord please!!!
#Missing you...
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