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"May we never forget the crippled, wind-beaten trees,
how they, too, bud, green and bloom.  May we, too,
take courage to bloom where (and when) we are planted".

Yes, the Tao has a metaphor for them, 'the useless trees',
twisted, turned down, bowed, not for the saw mill, of no 'use'.
Like my son, screaming ****** ******, after being crushed

By a Roman Catholic imperial, masquerading as a medical worker.
Same as I was, neutered as a newborn, for my father was given
a vision of my birth years before it by Thee, to protect it.

So, two of my older brothers were ****** to death in the crib,
For the psychic terrorism, 'the ****', thought they were me,
a molecule of the cross I bear, bear for Thee, to save Thee.

Were you not born of woman, and must you not protect yourself
as all life on Earth must?  Do the future exterminated quarter
of a million Americans, of which you might be one, not bear

that cross, responsibility to defend themselves, life?  What
must '...We(e),...' do to stop the criminally insane 'opening
of the country' way too early's plan to premeditated ******

the people en masse, to liquidate their assets and ases, as well
as cower the polity into voting more conservative, if not repub,
cowering the country to the global oligarchy's spearhead's, the

repub conspiracy's, agenda of humanity's extinction by the axe?
Do those climate crisis bent, useless trees, "Live To Tell", as I
have to warn you if you're not taking bullets you're making them?

(Thanx to Mohatma Gandhi's, BR. DAVID STEINDL-RAST's,
Madonna's (from her CD and song "Live To Tell")
above quotes and great worx, respectively.)
Technology used to be a tool in man's hand, to make life better, now it's the hand, man the tool, it advances in every way while the family of man devolves day by day.  Do not be a tool of man's extermination to extinction, by cowering to the technocracy's tool of the 'use' of corona virus; be the human, life, by stopping the too early "opening of the country" by ****, stay home, stay social distanced, wear masks and advocate, please?  Thanx for all you All do and don't; have an excellent eve'   :)   reality
Escalating conning of our Ship of State by the S.S. Tea Party tug into
Plymouth' Rocks is projected to be invisible, non-existent and normal, but
Gandhi taught "the root of all oppression lies in (supposed) science", also,
normalcy, I never suffered or suffered from northern malaise, euro-centrism,
nor academia, a blood disease.  The direct linx between the purposeful non-
prevention and denial of smoking cigarettes distributing cancer, mass-death,
economic destruction (dictating subjugation to and replication of the medical
industrial complex, the con), climate crisis denial and Covid-19 pandemic
denial doing the same, can't be over emphasized.  The supposed sciences'
non-renewable fuel nexus', self-possessed/avarice pyramid scam, of imperial,
patriarchal, colonial, global oligarchic supposed power, run and ruled by
the bi-polar axi of global supposed power, cold war called West vs. East,
**** of Utin's headed, republican, capitalist not-see one (who are also
totalitarian, materialists) and Utin of ****'s ... headed, communist,
socialist totalitarian two (who are also not-see, materialists), a false
duality/dichotomy (there's also no 'sides', a delusional construct) ...
Work in progress; 1 st stanza   :)   reality
****, his admin., Ain Raindians, Malthusians
are ‘using’ the corona virus as multiple means
to their plethora of ends. Many ends of lives,
species, the humane and otherwise, will be
taking place due to their modus operandi of
divide, conquer suckceeding.  How much will it
matter how "close and together" we've become if
there’s 2,500,000 less people, if a % of the
remaining don’t vote in the election in the
Fall because the virus will come back with a
vengeance, for a lot of people will go back to
operating as if it’s gone, just because repubs
told them to, and out of fear of dying, causing
the death by pandemic of their family, friends,
and a king-kong sized terrible-two gets re-
installed into the Black-house?  After the bi-
polar axi of global supposed power, socialist,
totalitarian China, Utin one and his ****, the
other, capitalist, republican one conspired to
try to cower the usa citizens with the supposed
trade war, media hype that was no more than a
repub new tax on every consumer, because the
Chinese corps. just increased their prices on
goods from China to cover the cost of tariffs,
failed to, it's plausible that they came up
with the pandemic to permanently cower man,
the environmental cause and segue humanity
into it's extinction.  Now that dem States are
stopping the extermination of elderly, infirm,
hospitalized, lower-middle-class to poor, dems,
people of color, prisoners, detained immigrants
Utin's **** is dictating that his and Bush'
klans kafknching from their investments in big
pharma and medical supplies corps. increase,
even more than their dictated bidding war for
medical supplies, by dictating people take a
malaria drug proven to **** more patients than
if it's not used!  Don't let the same as it ever
was, 'old world order', East vs. West, that's
supposedly "new", dictate the blitzkrieging
speed of humanity's extinction increase
extremely through pandemic, stop ****'s ***-
backwards agenda, social distance, wear masks,
stay home.  We need inauguration day moved to
a week after election to stop the **** of Utin's
planned cull of 1 million poor before 1-21-21,
The Winter Of Our Extermination.  Awakened,
illimitable potential, indivisible as life, you,
can stop them. If you're not taking bullets you
are making them. This 50 th Earth Day, leave no
footprints that followed none, which will echo
on in all ways, always, abolish fossil fuels use,
walk in nature's balance, giving back to her
abundance, each one reach and teach one, to
turn 360 degrees around, back to the evolution
and future, humanity will only have if you do.
The 'big fix' is in, if it ain't fixed don't break it.
Vote early, protect, occupy and GOTV, be well,
viva la vida, solidaridad and la evolucion. reality
One of the aims of this escalation in the class war is to ****** coastal metropolitan populaces, mostly democrats, to stop them from voting; don't you let it work- fund democracy and voting by mail, please.  The increasing of the blitzkrieging speed of the repubs class war against the lower-middle-class to poor can't be tolerated; mass-murdering tens of thousands behind the guise of ineptitude?!?   reality
The great Ellis Marsalis, Jr., died of corona virus in NOLA,
one of a thousand that passed away this Avril Fool's, from it,
all of whom will be missed dearly, "...we(e),..."'ll ever bay.

In his day, near his death, (W.A.) Mozart said to his wife,
"I fear I am writing a requiem for myself", as he composed
'Requiem Mass in D minor- Lacrimosa', of unparalleled beauty.

With rheumatic fever hitting Europe at that time, and soon
after, yellow fever in Philly, here, epidemics and pandemics
became common, the worst, 1918 Spanish Flu, 1/2 a bill dead.

listening to comedy ring hollow, a necessary alternative to
the news that isn't new, my ear longs for his veracious music.
How can USA have the worst response to it among technocracies?

Our king-kong sized terrible-two, ****, playing his keystone
President act for 3 months has determined the repub conspiracy's,
global oligarchy's agenda's yoke tighten around the people's neck.

The stealing of social security from the elderly, infirm, through
Covid-19 exterminating them more than others, this couldn't get
done politcally by the repubs for 2 decades.  As well, the poor

to lower-middle-class, especially people of color, can't afford
to defend themselves usually, now it's worse. "Stimulus bills"?,  
over 1/2 a trill to bail out small, big businesses, pay big Pharma,

medical supplies corps, who're already making hand over fist from
the bidding war between States, federal agencies, dictating Bush,
**** klans who're heavily invested, ever increasing kafknching.

Coastal regions, big cities, mostly dems, are murdered more by
virtue of #, close proximity, needs, ****'s re-election plan.
This while he kept his criminal cuts to SNAP, still stealing food

from mouths of babes and handing it to billionaires.  Same as
it ever was, class war, repubs using jobs they don't do, to mass-
exterminate non-repubs instead.  like the serial murderers who

masquerade as cops, killers ..., as doctors, judges as justices.
The 'big fix' is in, if it ain't fixed don't break it, stop all
criminal insanity, if not you then who, here, where, now, when?

This leaf of poetree, although it just a twig be, may be my last.
If so, I'm honored to pass with such great artists, yet, hopefully
not from skyrocketing price of living.  Social distance, wear mask.
"The sleepers must awaken" (before they're extincted by climate change), movie Dune.  Thanx for all you All do.  Have a great eve'   ;)   reality
Claire Pham Mar 16
Nothing Is Okay
God bless america
Praise the Lord
Nothing’s okay.

for red hats with white text
And my neighbors and friends who spit
Racial slurs like they are snot
“Pop. Pop. Pop.”
Scream the fireworks in red white and blue
Or god help us
Are they gunshots…
Who the hell
Broke us this hard
Who can we yell at
Who do we spit on?
How do we fly away?
God bless america
Flee flee flee
Revolution dirt
Nothing is okay.
Praise the lord.

The soiled bones of the ones we keep in cages
Tear mother from daughter
Like oil and water
Paint the line on the ground.

Cause when we were kids
Did we take sticks and draw borders in the dirt
Instead of drawing flowers
The gay rainbow inbetween.

Praise the lord. It's a marvel.
How is it still that color?
It sits there, soaked in heavenly, white, angel cake paint.
The blood and sweat from the breaking fingers that hold that building up...
Should have made a stain on it’s immaculate pearly walls.
The angel cake white house.
That awful castle that stands “above” this hell
But possess the ****** hands that created it.

Bible. Border. Broken. ******. bones.

God bless america
Praise the Lord
Nothing’s okay
james m nordlund Aug 2019
In Greenland, another billion tons of ice were dropped in

The drink, this time it melted in less than a day, recently,

No way! Our king-kong sized terrible-two just dissolved our

Nation's humanitarian program in USCIS, which allowed kids to

Stay because of severe medical needs, where's the republican's

Hearts?, the world at large, and everyone of us should, bay!

Still ineffectively addressed by the dinos, impeachment,

Grows more necessary to defend our country and the world.

The tariff war, which is only a growing tax on each US

Citizen by the republican conspiracy and the Trump

Organized crime family, shout out, we the people

Will not stand for tariffs that are only taxes on us!

To top it all, at the G7 Summit, RumputiN/vlad-the-impaler

Tried to get them to let Russia come back in next year's one?

They didn't go for it so he stated that he wanted the next

Meeting to be at his Miami resort, not only so he could

Make a killing over-charging everyone for everything, but,

Also so he could just allow vlad in against All wills, never!
"...We(e),..." must decry, cry treason; no?  Inspired by the great site Marianne dot com also.    reality
james m nordlund Aug 2019
Minutiae of life, betwixt

Sacred and profane in the mundane,

If lustless, miraculous disdained,

Evolves at it's own clip

Giving the unseeing eye the slip,

A crysalis of sorts,

Caterpillaring into

Butterflying love.
the corporate structure's convolution's devolutionary direction doesn't have to sociologically through to societally program anyone, not even for a moment, if we choose only not to be   :)   reality
james m nordlund Jul 2019
Our king-kong sized terrible two has realized
an even more devious way to line the Trump
organized crime family's pockets, he's having
NASA do a trip to Mars in preparation for a
manned landing by some white guy who'll also
be tasked to play golf on the moons too.  
RumputiN will throw in a little histoire to
make the photos more appealing to his multi-
millionaire foreign dictator pals: "They're
named after the Greek mythological twin
characters Phobos (panic/fear) and Deimos
(terror/dread) (The Donald's domestic and
foreign policy, respectively), who went with
their father Ares into battle. Ares, god of
war, was known to the Romans as Mars.  This
will up the price he can charge them for
renting out the Lincoln bedroom, cafknching,
being the united **** of assassins new motto.

His current fav tool of stealing tax dollas is
still doing genocide, classwar style against
Latinos.  He ripped apart 7000 families to
gift overtime, doubletime, more hires, multi-
million dolla private detention center
contracts to republican manned anti-immigrant
Gov't agencies + his lifelong criminal cronies.  
These kids are caged, allowed little soap,
showers, running water, food, etc..  Similar
conditions to 40's US internment camps.  This
should be one of the articles of impeachment
against him.  Dinos, like Nancy 'Chamberlain'
Pelosi, can be scolded if impeachment doesn't
go only forward, for if it's not completed
in the House before the 2020 elections,
RumputiN/vlad-the-impaler may be re-installed
into the Blackhouse by the same conspiracy
that did it in 2016.  Viva la evolucion.
james m nordlund May 2019
Sky has fallen on your head, Earth erupting has upended you into two, is it time for change yet?

Everyone knows the extinction's coming, racing towards US from our future,

Seen on the horizon, still, no talk of evolution, adapting to reality,

Not the worldly world of criminal insanity?  Non-republican caucasian

Newborns to men who are heterosexual are still neutered as newborns,

Mutilated as toddlers, kids, mass-*****, and every crime done against them

As kids and teens, yet the Roman Catholic Empire doesn't even acknowledge

Their inquisition against them, let alone slow it down, stop it.  How is

It that Pope Benedict (Arnold, the Rat...), the last inquisitor, hasn't

Been prosecuted in the ICC?  Just so you know, if "...we(e),..." don't

Uninstall RumputiN/vlad-the-impaler from the Blackhouse by 1-21-21, the

United **** of assassins is the new notsee Germany and since it's citizens

Haven't stopped it's Gov't, it must be destroyed at all costs, for life,

Humanity, the Earth, to even exist.  Is impeachment peachy keen now?

Do you feel like keeping it in the ground, abolishing fossil fuel use yet?
Great works, thanks; also, please: Sample letter: Hello.  Donald Trump is deliberately undermining the oversight powers of Congress and acting as if he is above the law. Yet, some House Democrats are still stalling on impeachment.  The Trump organized crime family isn't going to re-institutionalize organized crime as gov't (from the top down, "power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely"), "...we(e),..." have already defeated that; impeachment is a necessary step- regardless of political effects that could be construed as negative.  Thanks for your attention.   reality
james m nordlund Nov 2018
Whilst installed in the Blackhouse,
RumputiN's and vlad the impaler's latest
craven political attack on the military,
Against Admiral McRaven, who headed up
the capture of Osama, is just more raving.
This is clear to everyone since they,

the bi-headed underworld crown of
the bipolar axi of global supposed power,
RumputiN, republican capitalist materialists,
vlad the impaler, totalitarian socialist
materialists, put our military on TX's SE
border with Mexico, even though the "caravan"
which was 40 days away, was projected
to be arriving at the SW part instead,

A political stunt to get republican politicians
between 1/2 and 1 % more votes in the Midterms,
While it worked for the criminal gaining of votes,
The military is doing next to nothing there,
And should be allowed home by Thanksgiving.
Meanwhile, Trumpler said, the "Admiral didn't
do so well, since it took so long to capture
Bin Laden", when it was king george and his ****,
cheney, who ordered Osama to be allowed to escape
from Bora, Bora to Pakistan for safe keeping in

Abbottabad, "5 miles S. of Pakistan's Westpoint".  
You see, Bushs and Bin Ladens had been in business
for decades, and in the M.E. business is thicker
than blood, Bush could no more **** Bin Laden than
he could his own flesh and blood.  It's well known
that he received wedding invitations to Osama's kids
weddings, etc., for years, so, Trumpler blaming
McRaven and O'bama, when they caught him in the 2nd year
of his Presidency, is just more precious examples of our
king kong sized terrible two's use of 1st conclusion,
superficial, linear thought stragedy to attack everybody,
in attempts to silence, cower most if not All, in vain.

These attacks by Trumpler are also misdirections, to take
the news cycles off: his party's extreme losses and evident
voter crime they did, like in GA, where Abrams "couldn't
concede in her Governor's race for that would mean it was
proper...", it wasn't because Gov. Elect Kemp determined that
" wasn't a free, fair election, ...democracy failed in GA".
Also, his illegally installing Whitaker, a criminal the FBI is
investigating, to acting Attorney General, to preside over the
Mueller investigation (cover-up for: it doesn't use the RICO act
and asked for him to answer a take home test months ago, he
hasn't even handed in yet, while "...We(e),...", got our last
take home tests in 1st grade).  As well as his wasting a 1/2 a
billion of your tax $ on further militarization of our S. border.
His false, lame attacks against democratic leaders are unending.

On the letter by 16 democrat politicians who signed onto "the
leadership fight against Pelosi (for the republicans), Ocasio-
Cortez, Elect, says, "what's the point of changing just to...,
we might get a more conservative leader, for signers aren't diverse,
14 are male, very few people of color, progressives aren't signing."
I agree, why would the non-repubs get rid of their strongest
political leader going into impeachment time and 2020?  The supposed
left said "Hillary wasn't perfect", and helped to install him, when,
if you didn't vote Hillary you voted for the bi-headed, RumputiN/vlad
the impaler, head of the global oligarchy and bi-polar global axi of
supposed power to dictate the extermination to extinction of humanity,
large mammals, for the corp structure's convolution's devolutionary
direction + 'la machine''s, sociological programming (machining) human
(into not) being, individually, which is the social challenge of our
day, as the convolution's dictating cult of personality is almost all
and the socialist's extemist lie that "there's no reality without
their agreement", is the political one.  Don't be undone, be one well.
Thanx for the great worx, I look forward....  "...We(e),..." are advancing the Evolution in it's struggle against the corporate structure's (la machine) convolution and it's devolutionary direction.  You, indivisible life and illimitable potential, and your worx go along way in that evolutionary direction, for, we can walk in nature's balance, giving back to Earth's abundance.  If you didn't vote Hillary you voted for the bi-headed, RumputiN/vlad the impaler, head of the global oligarchy to dictate the extermination to extinction of humanity, large mammals, for the corp structure's convolution's devolutionary direction + 'la machine''s, sociological programming (machining) human (into not) being, individually, which is the social challenge of our day, as the convolution's dictating cult of personality is almost all and the socialist's extemist lie that "there's no reality without their agreement", is the political one.  All life are necessary threads in life's fabric, we can't allow to be torn asunder, as we followed none, we leave no footprints that will echo on, in all ways, always.   reality
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