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Cross Boundry Oct 26
crawling creatures find their way
between lost memories and the light of day
creeping little creatures with a million legs
squeezing under sanity and over old kegs
full of things packed away to forget
things in the dark that pulls the seams and lets
in scorching light that burns my skin
and the cracks where the light can't get in
lie in wait my creatures of lunacy
the monsters that eat away bloodily
at my inner rationality
let me be, the pills will get them out of me
no, don't touch me, it hurts
i'm fine, they say, they're fine let it burn
i don't know if anyone can here me
not crazy - in sane
Kenneth Gray Oct 25
The music of insanity
plays its song inside of me
The snare does snap and
The crashes crash
Inside the mind of me
The hi hat goes tss tss
And the ride says ting ting
Inside the mind of me
The tom drums role
And bass drum booms
Inside the mind of me

Inside of my chaotic mind they ring
With the hateful opposite of silence
The music of insanity does sing

If you ever ask if I am mad I will
Surely hear ding ding ding!
Just a poem about feeling like I'm going nuts and all the crazy stuff going on in my head all the time.
Queen Z Oct 23
He had proposed me openly on the road,
I used to ignore thinking him a crazy lover.
One day even slapped after getting irritated,
But he was really crazy,
Painted me also in his colour of love.

Started a new life with him and fought to the whole family,
At first he was addicted by me then alcohol was intoxicating.
And one day, he went very far,left me alone
Months passed,couldn't forget.
Also couldn't give place to someone in this rude life.

He has returned to my threshold once again
This is his desire to make a  place again in my life
Luiz Oct 19
Musing memoirs:

mimicking monsters - meaning men
made mockery my marriage
maliciously minded
miss Maria matched
my mal-intented
******* mood

musky meadows
maximum May moon
Marley's music mystifying moods

mutual meddling
massaging misses ****
Maria's melting mouth
morsels my member!

Maria's ***** moves!
missionary mamal
mmm! master m.i.l.f!
my! m-rated movie material!

melting moments
     muffled moaning
midnight morphs mid-morning!
     motel Monrovia
masked my moral mischievous mistake

masses murmur my mess mid-town!
     my main miss
menaces my medieval musket masacre!
     moreover mulls
my major misdirection

mad mean!
mind made-up mentions:
"mamma! moving!...Melbourn, Michigan...maybe mars!"

mirroring military missions, Mia mandates:
     mushy metal mule!

Monrovia's miles:
mostly mineral mines
meet my mustang's mudflaps

Mia makes murky memory my mistake

moments move minutes
mummifying minutes make months
must millennium mount?

missing Mia murders me!

moral mistakes made
merciful my master, maybe mitigate?

moping my message: me mid-may
matinee movie? maybe munchies?

my masai!, miracles may make!

© 2020
Luiz D Syphre
M&M Edition
Bhill Oct 2
when life serves you lemons, you make lemonade
when life performs cycles of crazy patterns, you listen
you listen to the science of reality and truth
you stand up to the certainties that can be validated
you survive the onslaught of the cycle and wait for lemons
you make lemonade...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 271
Henri Coetzee Sep 28
You can run and hide
In your novels,
In your poems,
In your dreams,
But know,
We'll be waiting.
Pigeon Sep 26
It’s not the cage or the perch but the feeling of being a thing that’s so smart and so social, surrounded by - ironically- an infinite misunderstanding
From beings who think that they know you
It’s novel to speak but not to be heard,
to have wings but not fly,
to be smart but not think,
to have the beak and the claws
but only if they’ve been dulled to a reasonable human comfort-
the saddest thing about being a parrot is to be loved only when you’re restrained, and desired/admired only until you are had.

God forbid she ever bites
Aa Harvey Sep 25

Everything is a chore.
Everything is a bore.
Everything is worth nothing at all
And everything is no more.

You want to get high, but not experience the lows.
You want a life where anything goes.
You want the love, but not the pain.
You want a love who promises to stay.

If you get high, then low’s you will find.
If you want love, then you will lose your mind.
If you want to find your own way,
Then you will end up lost and one day fade away.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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