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Karliah Sep 20
The steel will always be a reminder of our past,
As will the buildings broken burned,
Radiation penetrates even the thickest of walls,
So society moves on.
Trout Sep 6
Now do I give a second chance
Since you became a manly man
Since I would rather be distasteful
My past only proves that I would take

Misery clouds our intuitions
Sam H Sep 3
you once resembled a warm summer day
a vibrant ray emitting all colors from the spectrum
but summers end and are replaced by storms
once the rose figures it's a rose
it learns to grow thorns

so elegant in image and in words
treading the waters gently and light
but your ripples unfurl quite massive
pushing away your former life
how can something be
so beautiful yet so destructive

why idolize a cliched society
that merely pressured you to blossom
when you've had the best around you
simple yet so wholesome
those who helped you bloom
you take for granted too

when you are ready to float along
please let us go
without resentment nor condition
and when you find yourself once again
you can still come home
but for now, this is the end
the death of a good friend
Bellissima May 13
I long for intensity of juvenile love.
The captivation, the torment
the way my heart split atoms.
Azathoth Apr 25
Covered in radioactive dust,
After the bomb went off,
Now mangled and taken back by nature,
A field of memories left to rot.

The man on the radio waves sometimes cries between songs,
They accompany your own,
And you feel like you can't even go on,
At least you know you aren't alone.

******* down rads everytime you breathe,
But the water will **** you,
Fight back the urge to dry heave,
This world is so old,
Yet it's so new.

People come and go,
The metal man,
And more,
They're always there if you need them though,
And try to help you settle your score.

Strangers lurk around every bend,
People in black with hidden faces and orders from the monster under the bed,
Ghouls with their minds long gone meet you at every dead end,
Its man versus machine,
And everyone wants the other dead.

Spies report to the big brother,
And by morning,
Their targets vanish into the night,
Friends, family, even lovers,
Gone without a sight,
Children go to bed without a kiss goodnight,
People live in fear that they won't see morning's light.

They'll split your pretty cranium the more that you know,
Fleeing to the north won't work cause they'll just send out a clone,
No one to stand up,
No revolucion,
Just you,
An electric toad,
And the fear of the unknown.
A poem about Fallout 4. Love the nuclear wasteland.
Chicken Mar 18
Protect yourself from me
I am the raining dead
The fission's, and
The fighters, and
Those who bled in dread

I can heal you,
but not
in the absence of your shield
I'm here,
by your side
Out in the field
Out in the field

I didn't do what you asked
Never look back,
my ****
Never look back,
Oh my big ****
I'm coming back to get you.
Two close comrades. Out on the field, in battle, running... one comrade always told the other, 'never look back' and 'run with your gun' in case human compassion washed over and one went back for the other, killing them both.

Guess who didn't listen.

It is the story of two best friends.

One always trying to protect the other, and vice versa.

In another life, they (enough congregation of their particles) meet, and all those memories come rushing back.

Written from a healing perspective, everything in oneness. it is powerful, utmost self care is necessary.
Amoy Mar 1
What was I thinking wasting my time with you
I can’t wait to shed my skin
I can’t wait to give to it to the wind
You ****** my soul and left me thin
I can’t wait to shed my skin
What was I thinking letting you in
You took my heart and left my head to spin
I can’t wait to shed my skin
Seventeen years wasted, gone like the wind
Just like a scorpion it hurts, when you sting
I can’t wait to shed my skin
No more tears I won’t give in
You’re a Narcissist, I won’t let u win
I just can’t wait to shed my skin
Filled with feelings of misgiving
I won't fall for your gas-lighting
God please help me to shed me skin
I Pray, I Pray for a new beginning
Chicken Feb 17
We physically met,
our fingertips touched,

We both transformed
into previous tenant dust,

Our bodies
dissolved in the fallout.

We were the last ones left.
anya Jul 2018
you've been distant.
sparks still fly,
the fire still burns,
but that's a given,
you laced your words with them.
i thank you, nonetheless.
we always built this fire
to teach it not to go out,
but i was always the one too damp for sparks.
the burning was still,
all was in tact,
and i make myself believe it still is,
but that ******* storm brought mighty wind,
and the fire is still no more,
it dies down,
goes smaller,
the room darkens,
and panic rushes in,
filling up my blood.
but the fire fights,
and that one glorious spark
reignites this fire.
it is not as great,
but it's here,
and so are you.
sometimes i look at us,
and i notice
the candle seems to be running out,
and "it's fine," we say,
but is it really?
so i gather sticks and rocks and ask you,
"dear, are you happy?
or do you stay just for me?"
the fire grows smaller.
"do you still love me?"
the candle runs out.
Brent Kincaid Jul 2018
Looking up, seeing you again
It makes me feel so tired.
Here you are to ruin another day
How can I ever be inspired?
Now every time I see you makes me wish I was blind.
Because you stimulate no peace of mind.

You make me feel
You make me feel
You make me feel
Like a ****** old woman!

Years ago, you and I ran aground
Wiping out on love's breakers
I tried to fix things, tried to wake you up
But all pleas fell on deaf ears.
Sometimes a couple can turn into a joke
Impossible to fix something so badly broke.

You make me feel
You make me feel
You make me feel
Like a ****** old woman!
(With apologies to Carole King, Gerry Gofflin and Aretha Franklin)
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