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Taylor Nov 2020
“You were always taken care of”
My mother whispers
Between drags of her menthol cigarette.
Hands so frail
They look like they might crack
Under the weight.

-I don’t know how to break it to her
Carlo C Gomez Aug 2020
Avertable impact
Ripped open lid
The fuse lit
And die they did

The harbor a carcass
Their treasures sunk

Tufts Cove
One last gasp in the sun

Wretched captains
As kings who fought over
Duchess of Aquitaine

Everything to lose
Nothing to gain

"She may one day queen it
over that fair demesne..."
Shilpa Harilal Aug 2020
The onlooker had something to say,
about the yellowness of the tulip
and the unbroken dew drop
on the lotus floating by

I flowered beside,
not more distinguished than any,
my sprouts, born with a name
not known, to admirers, many

My tiny florets blossomed,
each day the sun’s rays, graced earth
and showers moistened its soil.
I relished in my creations;

Until the day, I withered away,
when my roots left the soil
not charred in negligence
but in content, of living.
'I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer' - Jim Carrey
CI Thomas Jun 2020
Why wouldn't you listen
When I said I needed help?
[I had to learn how to do it all myself.]

Why were your priorities
Always them and never me?
[You never had time for me.]

Why did you speak over me
When I tried to tell you about my day?
[I needed you to hear me.]

Why did you let them
Walk all over me?
[I cried myself to sleep.]

Why did you blame me
When I walked away?
[I had to put myself first for once.]

Why was I your dependent
And not your child?
[I was a kid.]
M Solav Jul 2019
Mon âme,

C’est à toi que je m’adresse,
Toi mon âme, qui me tiens toujours en laisse,
Qui se plaît à me voir danser
D’un œil drôlement fatigué.

Tu m'auras trainé jusqu’ici
Pour ensuite me laisser faire;
Tu espérais de moi produit finit
Sans fournir matière première.

Parmi les cent pays de l'esprit,
Toi seul reconnait les frontières;
C'est toi-même qui les délimite
D'un air pourtant si fier.

Pourquoi donc à présent ces soupirs
Qui déterrent de vieux refrains?
Je n’attendais de toi rien de pire
Que de ne renoncer à ton propre bien.

Comme ce corps laissé à l’abandon,
Négligé durant tant d’années...
Si jamais il se dérobe de ses dons,
Est-ce par absence de ta volonté?

M'entends-tu, hélas, prêtes-tu oreille?
Es-tu de retour d’une quelque vacance?
Car sans toi rien n'est plus tout à fait pareil:
Et le monde se dénude ennuyé de tout sens.

Ne me laisses pas m'isoler à relire ces mots écris
Sans qu’ensuite ta présence ne se ressente.
Laisse-toi croire en ces mensonges de l’esprit
Si pour te revoir tu exiges que l’on te mente.

Debout maintenant, debout mon seul maître!
Que résonne la sagesse que toi-seul nous confère.
Malgré les chaînes auxquelles tu nous auras fait naître,
Je suis moi esprit à jamais - ton seul et véritable frère.
Écrit en décembre 2018.

— Droits d'auteur © M. Solav —
Cette oeuvre ne peut être utilisée ni en partie ni dans son intégrité sans l'accord préalable de l'auteur. Veuillez s'il vous plaît contacter pour toute requête d'usage. Merci beaucoup.
gabrielle andree Apr 2019
Frozen, completely still
White squares on the walls
You've seen a thousand times before
Innate, familiar, completely new
Emanated by blackness
Dusted over by disregard

The memories of garnered squares
Digested like a populous pit
Halting your pant
for an immense instant

Ignorance is the way to see them disguised
As white squares on the walls
You wish you could conveniently forget.
Terry Collett Mar 2018
There are times,
my son,
when the loss of you
shoots home even more
than the darkest of days
in all kind of ways.

The look of you
that final time,
those tired eyes,
puffed jaw,
swollen hands and arms,
and the total betrayal
of the professional staff
with their lack of care
while stayed there.

The moment your heart
flat-lined, the world tipped
upside down,
you gone from us,
links cut, you dead
going around my head.

I could have said more
had I known, if I had that time
with you that day again,
I could have said
how much I loved you,
it's depth and strength,
but I didn't know
that death was near,
my son, my Stoic man,
my one so dead.
A father talks to his dead son
Your votes could have established dark powers over all control,
Such votes could have made the smallest part exceed the whole.
Only groundless clamoring’s do the protests approve,
Instead, now the power is ours to punish and to remove.
But now false gods and evil cast their wares and express,
Defending their own evil servants or their own rhetoric’s distress.
Oh that my powers of saving truth were not confined,
I’d show you how you are being forced to believe that evil is best for your mind,
Making an example out of every one of our kind.
Must I at length wield the sword of justice and then withdraw?
Ore the cursed effects of trying to confuse the law!
How ill our fates are by their blood thirsty scam.
Beware my people! Of the fury of a patient man.
The law is what patience requires, watch the law show her single face.
And don’t be content to depend purely on grace.
Oh yes, her words are always true with a glaring eye,
She can erase terror and she will never die.
By their own evil arts 'tis her righteousness decreed,
Those dire artificers of lies shall finally be the ones to bleed.
Against themselves their own witnesses will swear,
Till viper-like their sinister plot they themselves shall be ensnared.
For they **** from the nutrients of their own ****** gore
Which was always their principle of the evil long before.
With Belial and with Belzebub they themselves will fight,
Once comrades, now foes, even their foes shall do them right.
Do not doubt this event as felicitous mouths engage,
They tell lies and show only of their own brutal rage.
Then let them all take their own resisted course,
To Guantanamo to finally find their long deserved remorse.
But when they stand up all breathless late at night,
Let their guilt rise up in them with redoubled might.
For lawful is powerful and still is still superior all around.
Even when long driven back at length it must stand its ground.
They all took their oath and gave their solemn consent,
So there will be no appeals under this firmament.
Henceforth a series of new times shall begin,
Though many painful years in long procession has woefully ran.
Once more this nation will be restored,
And all other nations will know the law is our lord.
I rarely get political and I know it's a subject that can spark unwanted attention but can you believe the crap that is going on in our government? It's like a bad dream - all the lies - all the bickering. I learned a long time ago that the guilty one is always the one yelling the longest and the loudest. Personally I hope they put the whole bunch behind bars along with half of the media. Their all nuts.
Axion Prelude Jan 2018
The somber whispers of defeat haunt the wind; my skin reels at its chilling touch

Harmony concedes to an epithet of solemn solitude; it creeps within my very bones
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