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At 2am he asks me how I am
I avoid the question by saying im in bed eating a bag of shredded cheese
I figured it would answer its self
I look into my brain, mental instability on the top shelf
He looks inside his to find what to say back to her-
“Is i️t cheddar?”
It’s mild- i️m wild ive got the heart of a child when they see a dog at the shelter
It’s my responsibility to fall in love with her
And him and you and everybody i see
Im a ******* pisces
Im going to wake up with cheese all over my ******* bed
My horoscope said “if you don’t swim for something, you’ll drown for anything”
Stop holding my head underwater
Go find pearl jam and have them call me daughter
And I’ll wear the shoe laces of a queen
Im a sane mother’s ******* despite the neon static in my head and the spiratic crumbs in my bed
“No eating in bed” they said
Then hit me with a shovel, plug the hdmi chord into my ear and watch my chemical dreams on the big screen in the neighbors backyard
Shove a joint in my eye as a thank you card and turn the volume up
Throw me in the back of a pick up truck
Then tape my hand to a gas guzzling motorcycle maybe it will help me sleep
Keep the helmet on the seat
No drinking for lent and on sundays don’t cheat
Beat me with a golf club sell me on stubhub
I might have a talent or two
But soon I’ll fall off of my thrown, theres something missing from my shoes
I find the white lines tied to a pipe
Seperating a head from a body
A shoelace in this case was worn by an undeserving daughter
Slaughtered by a helpful string
“Turn off that thing” the neighbors screamed
“Stop her mind”
**** was just getting good,  mind you
Rip down the screen, pull out my ear too
Put the shoelaces back on my shoe
Theres nothing to see here but a disturbed dream
With shredded cheese at the crime scene
Liam Hunter Nov 2017
Hold my hands
And tie
Our shoelace fingers
Into knots,

So that I may never
Leave your side.
Eva Ellen Jan 2016
Alzheimer's headaches
              Brain tangled like my headphones
Tied like a shoelace
Arvie G Jan 2016
falling shoelace gets knotted and strung
between the fingers of strangers,

likewise your soul.

it floats feverishly among
faded skies
and loses its anchor.

if the night isn't so unforgiving,
    *i might come out and say hello.
aashi Nov 2014
A Shoelace Knot (An English Assignment)

A shoelace dangles between my fingers.
It is my gift to you this Valentine.

It's a bit muddy, stinks of sock
and is coloured a fading blue
The aglets still remain, but are worn with use,
something like my feelings for you.

I know you love cheesiness and chocolate,
But accept it, my love, for it belongs to the shoe,
that led me to where you stood.

Tie it around your wrist,
so that I'll stay around you, in your mind,
around your beating pulse,
lest you forget
all the journeys we undertook.

The string is tearing at places,
but we'll just tie a knot again.

We'll be inseparable and true.

I fall with your fall, and you match your footsteps to mine,
because like the tied shoelace,
our lives are tangled and knotted.

Accept my gift, an old shoelace
and tie us together
This is for an English Assignment. I thought I'd upload it earlier, so any suggestions are more than welcome :)
Inspired by Valentine, by Carol Ann Duffy. (That's also the poem we read in class and are supposed to use as our topic).
Patrick Sugarr Oct 2014
I hope you trip.
and fall.
for me.
i wish.

— The End —