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Laying down upon the grass,
Morning Dew caressing my back,
I look upon the stars and
Manage a smile...

I know it's been so long,
Since I've heard your voice and song,
What I would give to live again,
To take me back awhile...

A single tear rolls down my cheek,
Mind full of words that I can't speak,
But every night I take myself
Into the past...

I remember that sweet taste,
Your rugged lips upon my face,
And every night I grasp your key
And ask god why...

When the morning sunrise comes
I hear the beating of the drums,
The way our hearts would always
Sound as one...

And when I wake upon the days
The very first words I must say
As I kiss the gift you gave
"stay with me..."
A poem I recently wrote in honor of my departed fiancé, who passed of a ****** overdose on October 16, 2013, a day I can never forget. We had the best times of our lives, and we had the worst times of our lives. But we LIVED and we LOVED. And every day,  I still think of you... on my 22nd birthday, he gave me a sterling silver key to propose to me. Sadly we never lasted long enough for him to buy me an actual ring... I miss you, chucky. Sleep in peace, my beloved.
pilgrims Nov 2021
The petals are already wilting
Is their stay really so short?
What irony twists is whim
but such is life
there is no end to a rim
The hoops of my own eyes mirrors that of reality itself
also that of my own sanity
Is it sanity that makes me seek infernal truth?
Is it a different sanity that makes others blind?
Is it insanity which seeks eternal youth?
Is it insane to wish
of seeing petals in perfection
one last time?
Reposting this because I've decided again that it's important to me and worth having on my profile ;P
Kelly Mistry Sep 2021
Completion...of a step

What does it mean to be done
Is there such a thing?

Sometimes the moment of doneness passes by
Revealed only in hindsight

Savor the moments
Of completion
Being done

Even if only of this step

The best laid plans can always go awry
So celebrate along the way

Celebrate the effort
The intention
The support you receive

Doneness as you expected may never come to pass
If it does
You will more concretely see
                                                    all the steps it took to get there

Either way
We all benefit
From celebrating milestones
All the steps along the way

Whether that means dreaming an idea
Or completing a voyage
Across a sea
I  complete myself
never needed
you to feel complete.
#selflove #love #mirrors #letgo #reflection #lovers #selfreflection #completion
Paul Idiaghe Aug 2020
a cradle of completion;
my rubik's cube slowly becomes
faded of colors, frayed of stickers,
as a twisting time renders it
subtle and scrambled, but
unendingly unsolvable
—my meaning left
muddled on the palms of life

muddled on the palms of life
—my meaning left
unendingly unsolvable,
subtle and scrambled, but
as a twisting time renders it
faded of colors, frayed of stickers,
my rubik's cube slowly becomes
a cradle of completion;
rk Jun 2020
i do not want you
to try to complete
each missing part of me
to make me perfect for you
i want you
to see me perfectly flawed
lost pieces and all
and still want
to light up my darkest shadows
enough to outshine
each star in the sky.
Angelina Feb 2020
Once in a lifetime, if you’re lucky
You will stumble upon a human lacking all flaws
To you at least, resembling an angel, as if fallen
Only to be of service to your prayers, you have let go
Of the weights that pulled you below your needs
You see them, and the whole world disappears
An invisible door open only to you, you follow
The footprints they leave every step of the way
Arms embracing your deepest wounds, sealing them
With the notion of transferring your pain to them
Storing every drop of your mind in theirs, merging theirs
To the point where you have created a new mind of its own
An access point only crossed by the door with keys solely to you both
Realeboga M May 2019
I believe in destiny.
Sure I may come off as anti love and non committal but give me the chance to back my statements up.

I’m anti loving someone when you as a human with a beautiful soul cannot see the lighter aspects of yourself.
I’m anti loving another person when you can’t find love in yourself.
It’s somewhat painful and distasteful to want to receive a perfectly beating heart and give back uncertainty because you can’t love yourself.

I’m non committal because I see it in you.
Doubt, fear on what you could find to be true.
You shadow these thoughts and let them take over you.
You let the past of other people define what you see of me and treat me lesser than them.
I’m non committal because your heart is in lust and your soul is charred and blown to dust.

I believe in destiny.
I believe that in a world exists two or more of our soulmates.
I believe each soulmate is for each specific moment and that a specific two are for a more permanent mark.

Your first soulmate shows and teaches you exactly what your soul has been crying and screaming for.
Your second fulfills that underlying pressure the world has put on you about love.
But your second may never come,
Your first may never leave.

But stay believing in love that is yours and you will be okay.

Im anti love and non committal because if you search for these qualities But can never find them in yourself than that toxicity.
That is inhaling the green and spreading it to the lungs of another.

Have you not seen the love that they are portray?
All in it’s broken and incomplete manner.
How can I be so trustful when love doesn’t reside within ourselves first?
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