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Bullet Aug 2020
Blue iris I eye down
Green paper appearing all around
Red muse muting everything blown
Yellow flowers grown swinging with the sound
The hues are soothing
But the gray gravity brings me too a down reality
A pallet mixed in with neutral tones and anxiety thrown
Trying to paint a vivid escape in between the sketches of our complexion  

confused with the city baby blu
Savonte Jul 2020
Sometimes I feel too big
And other times too small.

Sometimes I feel too short
And other times too tall.

My face within the mirror,
Why must you be so round?

Why must you look so ugly when
You smile and when you frown?

Tiny teeth that don’t shown when I speak,
I will you large in vain.

And hair why must you be so short?
Unruly little mane

Skin of mine, you are too dark.
There’s no place for you here.

No place for you in beauty or love-
You have much reason to fear.

Body and face of mine, are you mine?
I start to disconnect.

In a world where other girls are so very pretty,
Why did God make me this wreck?
Aaron L Osgood Jun 2019
Let’s dig deep into that topic no one wants to speak of.
At the end of this discussion let’s see who will show me love.
Here comes the blacks, the hoodlums, and the thugs.
The scums of this earth the rodents, and the bugs.
Always on the street corner selling them drugs.
They look at me like I’m a criminal lower than the minimum.
Keeping me stuck in my ways for days to years.
I go to work and come home look at my wage with tears.
There’s no way i’m getting out of here.
I’m not going to fall, I stand tall and never fear.
Even in my darkest days i’m never scared.
So, let them stare, I’ll shrug my shoulders like I don’t care.
I can face any battles I’m well prepared.
But why must I explain myself!
I am a citizen, with a good behavior, and well disciplined.
I went school and graduated, education is my insulin.
Things happen in life back when I had a mission then.
Now, I’m just one out of many men.
Who gets abused, misused, by my own American rules.
Where is this freedom? Let Me Be!
Like there’s no one else left but me.
We are the same, the skin is where you don’t agree.
My complexion is the only way you notice me.
So I don’t need a name, your target is aimed.
The feeling is mutual but it wasn’t always the same.
Waves Q Nov 2018
Let your tears flow if they supposed to
Let your smile glow if they supposed to
Put your frown on before they think you soft
Let them know what they want to
But don't let them know your real complexion
The cry of a chimpanzee
"Don't let them know your real complexion"
Emphasize your ideas, don't tell anyone. Just give it to the world. Make the world better with your idaes
sophiegirllxx Feb 2018
Tranquil waves are my life, because they’re so poetic and beautiful!!!!!!!
That hides my complexion in the faces of the sea… I love thee this day of creation that God gave us…. All the days, weeks, months, years, are spent by social events and just living life…. But being kept in mind these small things are my personality

Author V.S.C.D.P
Nonso Amawuru Nov 2017

She was adorable in her coffee tinted skin
Her beauty as rare as the clustering of dragonflies
Amazing to look upon like the gathering of butterflies
Through her eyes stars felt closer than ever
Her lips was as beautiful as the opening of petals

My heart paused when our eyes came in contact
I felt like i have seen the queen of all that is beautiful
The envy of every woman there is to be
She was thin tall and adorned in elegance
Endowed with charisma of an Ethiopian princess

Her smile was first born
Her beauty always suffocated the crowd  
All i could see was the wonder of her skin
I have fallen under the spell of this black queen
She was a fragile treasure, the elixir of beauty

She sparkled like she was kissed by the morning sun
She was never satisfied with her perfection
Trying to fix what GOD has personally certified
Denting you to wear a skin that isn’t yours
Like sharp sand i watched her beauty sink rapidly

She was deep rooted in self-doubt of her skin pigment
Not knowing the magnificence of her existence
She never knew she was a gush of glamour
Glorious to behold and graced with melanin
Gradually she became high on inferiority complex
She became lost in a world she was created to own

Your beautiful brown body is a work of art
Dipped in black gold and coated with brown sugar
You define an indestructible uniqueness
Your black skin is a badge of superiority
Black is magical and above comparison
Black complexion is the new religion .
the uniqueness of your color is above definition
Nonso Amawuru Nov 2017
Your beautiful body is a work of art
Dipped in black gold and coated with brown sugar
You define an indestructible uniqueness
Your black skin is a badge of superiority
Black is magical and above elegant
Black complexion is the new religion.
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