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Brewomble Sep 2021
                        Lover of a thousand arms
                        lift me high above myself,
        strong enough to find the strength in a lowered gate;
eternally holds lock and key inside of me.

And it’s You-
               keeper of mind;

       teaching one to know better at no benefit of his own;
                      how decisively deceptive of you/

                     so open and juxtaposed in my sight
             You, who calls my soul to love free;

man of numbers;

          placing them in the stars so they project on every clock;
                               together ticking eternity;

           man who thinks more of others than he does himself;
                carefully crafting out the finest versions of me/

                 though think our thoughts are on opposition -
How dare you?

        We have plotted forever without knowing it;
                     this whole entire universe and


Can you query your deep decadence?

                    Healing my wounds from a far-
            time nor space measures a soul so boundless

                          You...carrier of divine grace

It Is You-
                       an auspicious gift from the Gods-
                       how precious is the powers that Be..

Does it surprise You?

                Millennia’s have past /
                                 circling back around,
                        I have found-

               who tastes like an eternal sweetness,
               one who bears both dark and light
                                     chooses only-
            give rise to the sun and nightfall to the moon
             Keeper of dreams-

                              are apart of every. sole. reason/
                                                         ­      to wake up

  and love …


~Breanna Womble
Brewomble Jun 2021
God Brought A Beach Towel

  Written By: Breanna Womble


I’m starting to understand
The slight of hand
That it takes to see this world as an ocean
                                                So vast and deep
                                  With secrets to keep-
I spread love on like tanning lotion
(..) I forgot how the sun feels from this perspective
As my heart beats quick with/          
                             as if it’s,
                                                                         /To keep up with lost time.
I know now I hold the full Collective
all the while I stay and destroy the retina’s in my eyes.
                               This time around,
                                    Loving me is the new objective-
gazing at new found patience with what follows sunrise
                                                                      And left these sands of time-
                                                                      One grain left to fall amongst the Hour,
All this chaos I hold inside of me-
                                           In-spite of trees that Fear let tower

Ahead of me is too far gone
twin flames too, burned away...
Lake Eerie drowned our fire quickly/
                                                           a parted heart of two;
half-hearted sunsets shadowed days,
To the boy I thought I knew.

Do you suffocate with silence?
Do the sun-rays burn your eyes?

All this technicolor vision Love,
Colorblind through cobalt eyes’

(..) I know now of not tomorrow,
                                                          But sea, to my dismay;

Salt lake kisses from Oklahoma/

                                                      ...Taste like soulmates in PA.

~Breanna Womble
Mother Earth Knows What's Best
Brewomble Oct 2020
Bones-Let’s let them be dry and ******
As if that be the way they were found
Let them crack and fracture and bruise, amongst the concrete ground
Let them have their space to break and wither away-
Let’s turn the other cheek-while behind us they quickly decay
And then let’s use their fossils for fuel, weapons or laddels in every size
As simply as to stir the ***, and smug at their great demise
If not ashes to dust, then what'll be of our bones we fast to give away-
Sewn better than not, twist an arm for play-

But simple pleasures wither too, bones we toddle but dare not fix
Let them wonder how we toyed our hearts- like a feverish game of pick-up-sticks.

-Bre Womble
Brewomble Oct 2020
Don’t coddle me.
I don’t like to be coddled.
In fact, I don’t like to be held.
I don’t like to be touched.
In fact, don’t breathe my air.
I’m coming down with something, it must be from here or there.
And please don’t try to conversant about the news like its traverse
You cannot sit at the table without a place to put it first.

Don’t coddle me like a child.
We both know we lost our way
Don’t speak to me in such numbers
Where it seems I’m not okay
Don’t twist my words or quarry
About my younger days
As if I don’t quite ponder what will become of my wicked ways

Don’t coddle if I’m so intolerable
Don’t call if the time is not just right
Don’t feed me to the world
Just to hide me from viewers sight

And grace reflects my mere impeachment
Lets not forget about my lucky stars
Don’t count them in their glory,
Then question where they are

Don’t nurture me into success just to strip it all away
Don’t treat me like a doll
Then give me of which no house to play-

In fact, you shouldn’t coddle; when heavied from all of which I’ve weeped
What use is it to coddle- when the wicked get no sleep.

-Bre Womble
Brewomble Oct 2020
I'm sick of work-its passing of time
It seems of no weight of which to carry
Buried we'll be; sooner than later
No briefcase to which you'll marry.

And quite possibly ponder
the essence of life
And meticolous in each of its wonders

The typical does not seem like the life for me
So I sit and watch them all be
What a mere afterthought couldn't resist

We bare this drowning weight
for a dollar
and in turn, a dollar,
no time-

How miserable can one be?

Am not one for them to muzzle- to preach upon chaos and hustle-when the roses seem ought to be smelled and stopped by,

And glory be to those who chase a mere afterthought
And die without currency
Because rags are much better than riches
Glory, oh glory.
Rats are much finer,
Than the porcelain dish from which one seeks
And if we are but born to struggle, and die even subtle
I will share seats with poor old myths.

if one job can define me, who will stand beside me, when my soul bids its final wish?
Our job here isn't struggle, I know its not subtle- but roses are life's finer gifts.
So stop and smell them.
Brewomble Sep 2020
I can’t sleep at night
I’ve got elements I’m facing
And in my dreams I need it most to see this vision that I’m chasing
And if I wander deeper against this grain
Will I split this earth in two,
Maybe I was born in cycle, maybe I am recycled youth
I can’t sleep at night
That’s when the lost come knocking
Sleep is what is needed most
A rest from a view that I am blocking
Resist the temptation to be tired
Because it comes and goes throughout the day -
Sleepless nights, up late wondering when I will stop standing in my own way
But still
Sleepless nights
I can’t sleep
Sleepless nights
Set me free
Sleepless nights
Lie a-wake
Sleepless nights
Stand in my-way
And tomorrow is here but for the moment so I get up to live the day
Another round of forgotten souls harvest the moon’s decay
And these sleepless night keep me from seeing a life from a brighter point of view-
I can’t sleep at night
So the next day is never new.
~Bre Womble
Brewomble Aug 2020
Sometimes I think I will sound crazy, and cause you to run away;
when I think of telling you how I happened to stumble upon you one day,
and expecting the worst I lowered my eyes as if to project a self-deflection
I forgot who I was-and got lost on locked eyes through spaces between time and affection.
And I never regret to inform you how such- your smile radiates a heatful and humble glow
and maybe its best to silent my thoughts because its aiding in armor I had to put back away
Never ending differences, we've both got too much to say
and I want you around with a joint account that we might never have to unsubscribe too,
Oh how you've taken my heart
And I grant you small fragments
With hope the other pieces won't get destroyed-
Because for the first time I found an equal, not a boy-who's soul fills a much larger void
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