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mark soltero Jun 16
tonight I am elated
I feel just fine
things can change
people can learn to be kind with time
you can find me at the edge
cause I'm close but never ready to jump
you can trust me to never fall
drive against the coil
so I may not find peace
because tonight I can be anything
to feel good I don't care how
my desires grow I don't care why
close to the edge
tonight I want to feel fine
I don't care anymore please
LC Apr 2020
she didn't see him slithering.
her heart was pounding,
but everything seemed fine
until she felt him
coiling around her
tighter and tighter
until she couldn't breathe.

she clutched a pocketknife.
with the last drop of
strength she had,
she slashed him
and he slithered away.
after she caught her breath,
she realized he was a snake.
#escapril day 26!
Sabika H Apr 2020
Your tear
Trickles and drips
Into a sea
Of blood.
Chains left
Red and blue stains
Around your wrist,
Around your neck.
Mirrors show a reality
You cannot accept.

You scream
Watching the growth of
A rotten seed.
What else do you do
In the wake of
The ugliest deed?
What else do you do
In the wake of
A limitless greed?

Your tear
Trickles and drips
Into a sea of blood.
Ripples grow
And reach out
Far and wide
Tainting streams.

The blood boils.
The blood hears the chains
Rattle in this
Mortal coil.
Marri Dec 2019
You look at her,
She's beautiful,
She's funny,
And unique.

She isn't her.

You look at her dark straight hair.
You stare--
Touch it even.

It slowly transforms into curly twists before your eyes.
You stare in disbelief;
Rub your eyes.

You stare at her round sweet face,
Her pretty eyes,
And her petite lips.

It shape shifts into a strong jawline,
Gorgeous brown eyes (that you fell in love with once),
And soft vivacious lips.

You rub your eyes.

You hear her voice,
It's soft and new.
You smile.

Soon her voice mixes into another,
It's so velvet and mesmerizing.
You can't believe it.

Everywhere you look, images of the girl appear,
Every song you hear is sung by her,
And every sleeping-waking thoughts you have is her.

Aren't you over it?

You tangle your hand into hers.
Hoping the image will stay.
You hold onto her,
Begging the feeling to never stray.

You coil back, and
You look at her.

She isn't me--

And she never will be.
Brandon Conway Aug 2018
You don’t walk but slither
You don’t talk but hiss
Your tongue only blithers
Coiled in bed with a monster so venomous
Your a real man eater
I, another mouse in the field
Running in the harvest of Demeter
While you strike, going for the ****
Danielle Jun 2018
There’s a coil in me.
It likes to wind itself up.
The only thing that eases
Is these words dribbling,
Down and out of my mouth.
Not the words I’m trying to use,
Nor the meaning
I’m trying to convey.
I’m sorry I’m this way.
I've gotten into a bad habit of just unleashing a stream of consciousness, when I get anxious about social things, which in turn doesn't actually really help much of anything.
Clive Blake Mar 2018
What a great reptile,
A Royal Python - no less,
A serpent so dapper;
Never seen in a mess,
Non-poisonous, deaf, mute;
Except for its hiss,
It likes nothing more
Than to hug and to kiss!

Though it has no arms,
Harmless it is not,
Make no mis-snake a
Mean streak it has got,
Outside of its coils
The view is just fine,
But if invited inside
You'd be wise to decline!

Don't be enticed in
By its hypnotic stare,
For when those coils tense,
They act like a snare,
For those patterned coils;
Look brill' from without,
But lose their appeal
When wrapped
Around your snout!
Henry Koskoff Oct 2017
things that grow
also shrink
everything rewinds
bigger then smaller
things that stretch and lengthen into a thin wire
also coil back into a ball
things that twist upward
deplete and sag and turn grey
things that are taught and dense
end up loosening
when most things fall
they also bounce up
at least a little bit
its not good or bad
its just true
Viseract Jul 2016
Every room is empty
And every seat is bare
There's no-one home I'm here alone
Yet still I feel the stares

It follows me into my home
When I sleep I'm not alone
I shrug it off but it won't get lost
It's with me when I roam

The feeling of being watched
It gives me paranoia
I twist and turn, I feel the burn
Around my neck it coils

This weight on my shoulders
Combined with this glare
Buck and roll, duck and dodge
It's with me everywhere I go
the glares of society and the weight of the pain I get... it burdens me so
Floral genotype
Is near bear's DNA - Snake
To human spiral
Imagined by
Impeccable Space
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