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A beautiful creation
A powerful persuation
Underestimates nation
Build the foundation
In my heart navigation
Hey! You curly haired
The one let the coffee said
I'm warmer than her
Be careful!
Don't get burned sir!
Anastasia Jun 10
what a smile
a splendid grin
lovely eyes
letting light in
a laugh
like butterflies
from an airborne stone.
a touch
like warm snow
a blanket
to move and mold
a voice
like blooming dahlias
soft and curled
to fold around me
and joy
in your embrace
is all the more sweeter
with you
c.b. ♥
zachary Feb 20
white milk in your black tea.
mixing, swirling, imitating your
sweet words, sprinkled amongst
your heated debates and quick tongue.

coffee eyes, dark and searching.
wide open at midnight, and
half-closed at any other time.
sleepy kisses with an incoherent
squeak that i know means "i love you."

wild hair, black and twisted.
framing her honey lips and
blinding smile, little curls hiding
bashful glances.

a smile like daybreak,
a voice like sweet water over stones,
a giggle of shattering glass.

never holding back who she is,
always her own truest image.
quiet strength in patience and
everlasting kindness.
swift to sadness & fast to forget,
a never-ending rollercoaster,
of highest highs & lowest lows.
hopeless romantic.
the girl with the simple zeal for living.
Hannah Oct 2017
to me he is human.
a tad more human than the rest of us
he is the sunrise i long to see
and the sunset i know so well
he is the first star i see at night
he is what i wish for upon that star
he is the song you never get turned off of hearing
or the place you go  that never seems to get dull
his voice sounds of adolescence and desire
his body as gentle as the ripples of the ocean at night
do i dare dip my toes in?
do i dare dip my toes in know the waves are coming
not knowing what lies beneath
he is so much like the ocean
so unknown
why do we love the ocean so much
is it because of its beauty
or because its one thing on this God forsaken plant we see so much of but really know nothing about  
is that why i love him
the wanting a curiosity of knowing what i see all the time
he is my breaking piont
you are the curly headed boy who broke me
ddaudmughal Aug 2017
Curls become straight
Hair flows beautifully
until it wraps around me
Holding me down
Fighting against my will
Enjoying the pain
Of the screams
My heart makes,
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Sannie Aug 2015
From the moment I first saw you,
I knew there was something wrong.
The way you walked and the way you talked,
you were like a handwritten song.

You where close to being angelic
with dazy eyes and a curly head.
But what I wasn't prepared for
was that you'd turn out to be satan  instead.
Sad donkey Jan 2015
I feel
A premonition that girls gonna make me fall
She makes you take your clothes off and go dancing in the rain
She'll make you go insane
Upside inside out
Living la Vida loca
Granny curly
Sad Pussy Jan 2015
I can smell your thoughts.
You are thinking about Morgan Freeman now,
I can feel it.
I can smell your curly hair
And your love of ******
And your farts.
Sad donkey Jan 2015
Are you reading this
If you are
I know who you are
You are next to me
Feeling me
Feeling the table that we perch
You see me
You see me tap tap tap
You decide to acknowledge the tap tap tap
And join in with the tap tap tap
On the iPad
Karina Apr 2014
My curls are everything you wish you knew about me
But it won’t reveal my inner mystery
My hair means young, it means wild, it means free.

My Latina nature sometimes precedes my personality
People try to tell me who I am and they whisper, “I bet she…”
My curls are everything you wish you knew about me

He says, “I know about you Latin girls…” but the only one who can enlighten me about me, is me.
To them I’m nothing more than another Jenny from the Block, but I’m not here to entertain you, let me educate you
My hair means young, it means wild, it means free.

My curls exude confidence, beauty, and *** appeal; they keep secrets, create dreams, and remind me how bright I expect my future to be
My hair does define me. But not as you define it, as I do. I am everything I believe my hair means
My curls are everything you wish you knew about me

Latinas are fierce, they are fire, and they are dangerous. Maybe we’re that way because you won’t let us be.
Can I just be me? Why do I have to be the person you want me to be?
My hair means young, it means wild, it means free.

I’m tired of society’s shackles, so I ignore what society expects me to be
I love my curls, I love them when they’re frizzy, unkempt, and unruly. My curls are me.
My curls are everything you wish you knew about me
My hair means young, it means wild, it means free.
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