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LC Apr 2020
she didn't see him slithering.
her heart was pounding,
but everything seemed fine
until she felt him
coiling around her
tighter and tighter
until she couldn't breathe.

she clutched a pocketknife.
with the last drop of
strength she had,
she slashed him
and he slithered away.
after she caught her breath,
she realized he was a snake.
#escapril day 26!
Brandon Conway Aug 2018
Boundaries pushed for lights and dance
America so eager to imitate gave you no chance
So you moved to art nouveau France
Where you twirl, spin, ignite leaving crowds in a trance

How that silk captures the flame so bright
Tricks of mirrors and stroboscopic lights
You strobos angel of the night
The crowd watches as you twirl in dizzying flight

The silk rose opens and morphs to flame
As you spin and dance your way to fame
All those impostors you have put to shame
The opera house now pronounces you a grande dame

All that training, all that tiresome work
Damaged eyes and mind driven berserk
Has created a new form of serpentine artwork
Exploding luminescent colors, a dancing firework
Brandon Conway Aug 2018
Dance Loïe Fuller
Serpentine angel, how you
Coil and capture
Khan BA Nov 2017
Inside a room dark with  little moonlight
Peering over pages clear as white
With hair long seeming unkept to the sight
Scribbling words that common couldn't get right
Heart & mind together a tender thing in delight
Lost in ecstasy of his beloved's image upright..

"Dazzling with golden curls serpentine bright
The beauty that perceived through the orbs bright
And the pleasure of the beloved in clear sight
Beauty unexplained by tongues tight
And that none could put on paper nor write
Sages mentioning of it only in esoteric delight!"

Finally the pen scribes on the paper white
That the beauty of the beloved is itself a shield tight
Then the figure turns the head, just slight
And catches itself in silver of seeping moonlight
who is this being now that we can have the sight
Lo; it is none but the  mysterious poet.

(By: Khan, BA on Nov 1st, 2017)
The discription of the poet who  beholds  his beloved and trying to describe the beauty instead  comes to know that it is such that  no descrption  will do justice to the beauty of the beloved.
Viseract Feb 2016
Put no faith in Serpent, for it will poison you
A Serpents tool is their Traitors Gift
Hard to identify, this is true,
So tread carefully, be wary of shift
Try to avoid being backstabbed. It's not fun

— The End —