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I don’t know who I was when
In relation
To who I am now
Whoever it was
Whatever their manners be
I know for certain
They never stopped writing
No matter how hard I try
I can’t stop writing
It’s my mistress
Sure she’s reliable
Reliably psychotic
It’s like trying **** for the first on a dingy in a maelstrom
I’m guessing there
Either way, it’s just a compulsion I can’t stray from
Like her
The storms muse
The mightiest of hero’s
Known both far and wide
Long to fight in battles
Standing by his side

They tell tales of his deeds
Banner men and the squires
Of how he used the rivers
To dose the dragon fires

Kings and lords envy him
The maidens trail behind
They say he’s not just mighty
They say he’s also kind

It’s said he rains down lightening
Thunder from the skies
They say his farts are noxious
And he shoots lasers from his eyes

Jaxon is the mightiest
Of Vikings and the like
Just ask his latest foe
His head is on that pike

So let his tales be known
Lest trouble should come near
If Jaxon is around
There is nothing there to fear
If there’s any correlation
To be drawn
Between loneliness
And what kind of a person you are
I’m ******
When the hammer hits the primer and the gods ask me what I’ve done. And my last breath leaves me to join the breeze headed for the shores. I’ll tell them that I found my answer. My answer to the question that has no answer. My singularity. I’ll tell them I found you.
I can’t love you
And I can’t **** you
I’m going to drink this here poison
And wait for you to die
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