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Jamison Bell Jun 8
My cat and I. Her name is Hazel.
We're just sitting here you see.
Myself, staring into the chaotic mess that is subjectivity.
Her? Well I myself am not foolish enough to think I could fathom what she's thinking.
we sit in agreement on one subject.
We don't like you.
Jamison Bell Feb 29
The door locked behind me.
So, sorry for that.
I don't know this world.
Or what is expected of me.
I'd go if I could do so without dying.
But you see,
there's this cat.
She doesn't look at me the way you do.
And despite me feeling the same way about you as you do I.
I have to stay.
Because, I can't trust you to feel the same way about her as I do.
Jamison Bell Dec 2023
I'm just not sure I trust it. This silly mind of mine. It's not without it's purpose though, as it helps me tow the line. I'm still not sure I trust it, this silly mind of mine.

It's an ever evolving, problem solving, slowly dissolving, mass of electric jelly. And they tell me to trust my gut. Isn't that part in my belly?

Nope I will not trust that thing. Nor this illusion we share in kind. My perception is askew in this silly mind of mine.
Jamison Bell Nov 2023
Look. I'll be honest with you.
Somewhere between that first Push-Pop and that last hit. I kinda lost track of the game.

Typically I try to lounge about on a big fluffy pile of I don't give a ****.
I can write you off on the premise that I can't prove your existence. So nothing really matters.

In all fairness. I didn't choose the game. It's the only one y'all had when I got here. And the rules are easy.
Jamison Bell Oct 2023
It's a good thing I don't have anyone in my life to worry about me.
I've been ******* a crazy amount of blood over the past three days.
Jamison Bell Oct 2023
We can explain almost everything.
Except the spark of life.
The consciousness of a living thing experiencing love and strife.
We don't know what it is.
Explanations are aplenty.
At best they're merely guesses.
Hence why we feel so empty.
So here's what I'm suggesting.
To help you figure it out.
Take a big step back
And literally f your own face.
Jamison Bell Sep 2023
Would you meet me by the Red River?
Robertson County, Tennessee.
Would you find me beside the black oak?
It's there I'll wait for thee.

"Ole Jack Bell" she called him.
Ma heard it and so did Jesse.
But the one who got it worst of all.
Was my lil sister Betsy.

That witch would hit my sister relentlessly.
She would curse her and call her names.
She could barely rest. Let alone do her chores or play some silly games.

The spirit says it's name is Kate.
And she often sings to mother.
She'll stay up late and have conversations with Johnathan my brother.

General Jackson had heard the tales about the witch.
And of course he came a calling.
His horses stopped up on the ridge,
a neighing and a ballin.

He spent the night and met our guest.
She **** near killed one of his men.
And just like other witnesses,
we'll never see them again.

My father he had taken sick just after Betsy left.
Our witch would torment father, she secured him to his bed.
Then returned to laugh and sing when she learned that he was dead.

That is I suppose all you need know of our family's witch.
That retched hag, who put our family through some awful fright
So beware of what you shoot at, lest it be a demon.
Or it could be you who hears the screaming, of a starless winters night.
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