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Jamison Bell Nov 7
I could have stayed silent my whole life,
And the outcome would’ve been the same.
Jamison Bell Nov 5
I’d been told
That there was gold
To be found in them there hills
Bright blue skies and Apple pies
Cooling on window sills
Then I got older
The days got colder
And the hills just got farther away
Tired bones hearts of stone
This life just isn’t my day
So riddle me this
Spare me your kiss
Just tell me what I’m doing here
I’m alone on this hill. Standing, still
And my view just isn’t as clear
Jamison Bell Oct 19
Upon a place no man has stepped.
A lonely girl knelt and wept.
Her family lost, her hope as well.
She’d brought along a little bell.
She started to dig where her tears had fallen.
For she could hear her best friend callin.

Faintly was the scent of death.
From out of the dirt, she smelled her breath.
She presented the bell before the hole.
And shook it thrice to hear its toll.
Sulfuric smoke seeped from the ground.
The forest stopped and made no sound.

“Right the wrongs done to I, so that I may cease to cry.
Free them from their mortal coil, so that in hell they’ll burn and toil.”
A scream like that of a banshee ripped.
From out of the hole a fire slipped.
A winged demon emerged in sight.
Dripping hate and firelight.

From out of the burning debris and embers.
At the feet of ancient timbers.
A winged version of this lil girl.
Stretched out her wings a did a twirl.
She looked upon the moon with ire.
Swearing to one day set it afire.

“Emily, where are you dear?
Please approach and hold me near.”
Emily then, bid her welcome
“Why dear sister are your visits seldom?
Emily I’ve missed you so.
I was sad to see you go.”

“I’m so sorry Laura. Please.
I stopped along the way for these.”
Emily held out daffodils.
That she had brought down from the hills.
Laura smiled and cocked her head.
“Much like I, they’re also dead.”

Many things had lived and died.
Since they were by each other’s side.
Emily watched as her sister drowned.
She made no effort or even sound.
Laura’s death was for good reason.
Her mood was death for every season.

Emily had seen her sister ****.
Standing by and standing still.
Then there came that night now haunted.
When Emily would not be daunted.
Laura had taken Emily’s cat.
And gone outside with a bat.

Emily then chased her still.
Towards the well upon a hill.
Emily returned that night.
Laura lost, no where in sight.
She’d watched her sister drown.
She made no move, she made no sound.

The two embraced and cried in quiet.
They both did wrong and both stood by it.
"Emily your heart feels cold against my skin,
it was not like that way back when."
"It's been so dark since mother died,
father hasn't mourned or cried."

"Our mother died? Say since when.
Tell me Emily, begin again."
"Not long after I took your life,
our home became a place for strife.
The crops fell sick as did our cows,
as well as the chickens and the sows.

Our mother she neglected me,
she hung herself on our oak tree.
Then fathers friends they came right after,
they strung me up from the rafters.
One by one they had their way,
our father watched and took his pay."

Laura pulled away in awe,
uttering only "not our pa".
Emily sobbed and lowered her head.
"Our home is but a place of dread."
Laura slowly unfurled her wings.
"I will not stand for such awful things."

Her claws of black volcanic glass,
her cat like eyes let nothing pass.
Her shredded skin and fibers showing,
her thirsty fangs and eyes a glowing.
"Tell me Emily where is our father?
I'll let him be the first I bother."

"On the floor back at our stead,
with any luck already dead.
His friends are also probably there,
waiting there for me I dare.
Oh Laura dear I am afraid.
Please do not get hurt or scathed."

Emily put her knees to dirt.
"I only wish I couldn't hurt."
Laura took her sisters hand.
"Emily dear, leave this land.
Where your from you must never say.
Because for sure you'll die that day.

This is a curse I must bestow.
Because for every death there is a toll."
The sisters said goodbye once more.
Things won't be as they were before.
Laura flapped her wings to flight.
Emily walked into the night.

Laura perched upon the barn and saw.
Her fathers friends but not her Pa.
She changed her scent to that whiskey.
Then she willed away a man named Liskey.
In the barn up to the loft.
The hay was old, damp, and soft.

She waited for the drunkard there.
Her eyes aglow her body bare.
Liskey forced the girl against the joist.
Laura hung his body from the hoist.
While his friends below were sharing whiskey
Hanging high was Mr Liskey

Next there was a young man named Sam.
She made him cry like a wounded lamb.
This brought the others to the field.
She slayed them all she would not yield.
She tore their flesh and drank their blood.
She scattered their limbs into the mud.

The sun was set and about to rise.
To light upon such distant skies.
Laura made her way towards the ranch.
Stopping once to break a branch.
From off a tree her grandpa planted.
For there would be no mercy granted.

She found her Pa there in the kitchen
She raised her branch and started switchin'.
Her father awoke and screamed in wrath.
He tried to run and clear a path.
But Laura dear just kept on hitting.
He started cursing, fighting, spitting.

Her father suffered so many blows.
Just how many, no one knows.
He screamed until there was notheing left.
Not of the branch or his breath.
Laura knelt down by his side.
Unto the sun she would not abide.

Upon his cheek she pressed her lips
and traced his face with fingertips.
She took him by the legs outside,
then took him by his bleeding hide.
She lifted him with wings aloft,
he cried aloud while she just scoffed.

She stopped above her earthly tomb,
that cursed well, that demons womb.
"Father dear it's here you'll sleep,
here unto your death you'll keep."
She let him go and watched him fall,
his body slapping off the walls.

So now you know the story see.
Of our dear friend Emily.
Of what she did to be right here.
Her sins forgiven conscious clear.
I'm sure by now you surely see.
We better be nice to Emily.
Jamison Bell Oct 2
I like autumn fires
Hues of amber and crimson
I like my bourbon on the rocks
So that if I hold it up to the light
It looks like the sun riding up of glaciers
I like not being reminded
Of who I am
I like that feeling you get when you run your cold hands under warm water
I like to think about it every now and then
Until it hurts
Then I stop
And I think about you
I like that most of all
Jamison Bell Sep 28
My memories haunt me
Whether by sleep
Or light of day
Relentlessly they pursue me
Clawing at the fabric of my reality
Gnawing at my will
I feel little at this point
I’ve bled out all that I love
I’ve been told
I should forgive myself
That I need not suffer anymore
Damnation my salvation
Jamison Bell Sep 24
I don’t feel alone because I’m alone, I feel alone because you’re here
So while I’m an expert on beer and scotch let me just make myself clear
Because in the morning, I won’t know **** including your name my dear

Nobody knows what life is, they’ll say they do but they lie
They’ll tell you it’s love, finding love, and some **** about the man in the sky
Truth be told, nobody knows, especially you or I

It’s like I’m running a race, and millions of people are there
We’re all running towards the sun, and they seem so **** unaware
And I can’t even have one minute, to show someone that I care

Just tell me you’re lost too, just tell me you know it’s a sham
Relieve me of all this ****** doubt while we drink and not give a ****
Cause tomorrow I’ll forget all this and we’ll have to begin again
Jamison Bell Sep 21
I’ll be shaving my ******* while you’ll be licking your wounds.
We finished the whiskey while you were praying to moons.
I dug up your garden and sang you a song in the rain.
You laughed while I cried and told the night she’s insane.
I chewed on your *** and held your head as you cried
You told me you loved me then you told me you lied
So I sold off my ego and drank till I couldn’t see
You asked for whom does the bell toll and I said for thee
I’d ask for a minute so I could come down from this high
I went to get sober and then you said goodbye
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