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Enola Cabrera Mar 2018
I stare at myself in the mirror
Picking and degrading every single curve, bump, and blemish
Labeling myself as unworthy of human affection

Degrading what I physically cannot change
And hating what I can change but chose not to

I am quick to blame myself for the littlest of things
And say sorry more than I probably should
Even for the things I had no part in

I set these barriers almost impossible to penetrate
But I dwell on the smallest of things said about me
Letting them tear me down mentally until I give in and believe them

But in this world
In this society
In this generation
All we can do is try to build our walls higher and higher

Until we are finally tired of building
Attempt to stay true to yourself and keep building!
Enola Cabrera Feb 2018
Do not give me a fresh rose
give me one that has crusted leaves and a brown stem
because my heart is telling me
that I can not handle to watch another life fade
Enola Cabrera Feb 2018
There is something pure about the way the soft white city lights flicker in the dark unbearable night
Enola Cabrera Dec 2017
Poetry gives our soul a voice
The courage to write without hesitation and proclaim without explanation
To the point that it is no longer poetry, but the words we have been choking on in fear of being criticized
Enola Cabrera Dec 2017
Be the puddle people jump over
The rug they walk on
Don't allow yourself to be used.
Enola Cabrera Dec 2017
All I wanted was a rose
A reason
why you loved me on every red petal
A strong
Green stem to show the strength of our bond

But in reality
The rose died
The petals wilted and faded
and the stem went hard...

Much like your love for me
Enola Cabrera Dec 2017
Anger flowed to my fingertips

My hands
ran through my hair out of frustration

of hatred escaped

Flames of jealousy
burned a fire in my throat

and tears of regret paved a stream down my cheeks
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