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Kashish Sep 15
I feel ecstatic when I dance in the dark
Not around anyone, just alone in the night
Forgetting all the sorrows, abandoning all the miseries
Under the stars and the bright moonlight
As I look up in the sky, my eyes glisten with tears
Though being ensnared, I feel I can be saved from my loneliness
For the stars are my best friends and the moon is my love
And I know that they’ll stay forever, knowing I am a complete mess
Even if we are miles away, I believe the moon loves me too
For in the shadow of darkness, he’s the one who lights up my life
When I close my eyes and spread my arms, I feel his body caressing mine
His warmth helps me fight my inner demons as I hold him tight. He helps me thrive.
Chantell Wild Feb 2019
it gnaws at me,
an alien in my belly tugging
at my insides turning me inside out..    
this palpable feeling of gravity
of my place on and in the earth,
sidestepping the grave
like a ballerina blindfolded
and dancing in the dark

— The End —