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Madhav Mehra Jan 2018
Just be close enough
And you'll find my love
In the pauses between my Breaths.
Madhav Mehra Jan 2018
Between the Silence and the Noise of Reality
Love Whispered a Story.
Madhav Mehra Dec 2017
It says Home
Next to your Heart,
The place I want to spend my Forever,
To see the Mornings of your Smile
And Evenings of your Blush.
Madhav Mehra Dec 2017
And It's a long way to go

A long night to spend

A long life for sure

So I promise

No matter what

I'd keep your love safe in my Breaths.
Madhav Mehra Dec 2017
Some People believe in Magic


The rest have never been in Love.
Madhav Mehra Dec 2017
And What is it
If not Love.

When you could smell the Roses
Of her Name.
Miles away,
Growing deep
Inside your Soul.
Madhav Mehra Dec 2017
And slowly I Die
But a little less with You.
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