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dorian green May 2021
i've been waking up to desaturation all my life.
i don't know why but i've been
rolling over in the same grey-skinned body,
opening shoddy eyes, heart heavy
as a hangover. i climb into your chevy with
it in my hands. i know this is the fifth time i've lit
a cigarette since i quit, but my lungs needed the ash.
did you know, in a car crash, just one person
not wearing a seatbelt would worsen the casualties?
so if you see the casual ease with which i bare my chest,
know that the carnage of my reckless form,
hail in a storm of steel and violence, at least felt sorry.
the starry dark of a backroad, an explosion of light,
a bright metal supernova and colors even my eyes can't doubt;
we'll all find out exactly how heavy my guilt
is when the body sorrow built ascends through the windshield.
Kewayne Wadley Jan 2020
Loving you is like driving
In an open lane.
There are no distractions,
No other obstacles.
Long as I am with you
everything is fine.
Loving you is like having
the radio blast your voice
through the speakers.
Your arms the seat belt that
fits snug around me
Protecting me from ****** harm.
The quirk of your smile
dangling from the air freshener
Loving you is like driving
In an open lane & my lips
are the bumper to the outer edge
of my heart.
My lips follow the guideline
of the lane.
Trailing each curve of the road.
Loving you is like driving
with no destination in mind.
Just as long as I am with you
Julia Gorrie Nov 2018
You once told me that if you were to end your life, you'd pour chemicals on your car,
On yourself,
And maybe take a couple sips while your at it.

You said you would light that **** on fire and watch the world burn around you.
And I know that if you told that to our society, they would laugh and just say,

"Don't forget to put on your seatbelt."
This one is even a bit darker than usual, so I apologise for that.
The message in this is about how society does not do enough about suicide prevention and mental health.
My friend who suffers from very bad depression had a conversation with me about it and I wrote this.
Death was coming oh so near
And yet there still was no touch of fear
The snow was tinged all black
As my head hit the steering wheel with a crack
Not much is remembered from that night
When I tried to touch the stars with all my might
I barely made it out of alive...
Tuesday Pixie Oct 2014
I fell in love with the meaning of Janus
Bing! Gone!
I'm a fuzz
Transient ~

I know that I feel...

What am I feeling. Doing?
Looking for comfort
Distract me
Heal me??
I can't sleep

I have long beautiful nails

He touched my feet.
I don't know.
I like cuddling people.

Just for fun...
Well, it's probably not fun,
The veil of ignorance
Is anyone actually happy and content?
I think we're all broken and sorrowful,
Enjoying the little moments.

Maybe it's where the stars are at.

I'm scared. Terrified.
The only seat that does not have a seatbelt in this coach is mine, the drivers,... I'm not sure what that says about how they value their employees.
Written from random quotes and thoughts that I had scrawled into the margins of my notebook

— The End —