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Michael Stefan Mar 2021
oh naught is a child taught.  patriot.  hating it.  standing for the silver bells.  scream upon the idiot box until the blind deaf dumb - unfounded in your belief.  whosoever holds the sword is sworn to the hoard and sits above board as you swing for your lord.
deafening is the caw of crows
a grave upon to plant rose
in rows of swaying circles
as the world comes back around

and you sit silently and cough as they turn off the camera.  finally alone
I have loved the work of E. E. Cummings and used to read 'next to of course god america i' when I was in the military, to look at the just and unjust nature of each mission.  I think he firmly encompasses the duality of fighting for something you believe in and having the fortitude to evaluate if what you believe in is right.  And that does not just apply to war but all forms of conflict you engage in.  Think about each keystroke you make.  Cheers to you, Mr. Cummings!
Michael Stefan Mar 2021
Where on person can spin gold from straw,
Another squeeze silver into clutter
A positive attitude will always determine;
Who makes precious metal,
And who swims in seas of *******
Just a musing on perspective and the power of positivity
Michael Stefan Mar 2021
I pray for thunder
A loud clap
Preceded by bright light

Just a little thing
To break the silence

Something to cut
Through our quiet lives
To break the monotony
To break the status quo

I pray for thunder
Loud enough to topple
Every broken institution
And each and every
Person who stands
Crooked like a bending line

I pray for thunder
To snap us from our stupor
Crumbling our closed
And placid attention span

Like a gavel from the sky
To beat the courtroom table
A judgement on the wicked
A call for introspection
A chorus of forgotten
And the poor that we ignore

I pray for thunder
I pray for thunder
I pray for revolution
#freedom #equality #dontbeasheep #bethechange #ourworld

That's right, I used hashtags this time :P
Michael Stefan Mar 2021
We do not make art,
Art makes us

Every word, every note, every brush-stroke

And every joy,
Every wonder,
Every tear,
And every pain,

Is part of us
Michael Stefan Mar 2021
Woe be to the person
So callous in their decisions
Who makes the conscious choice
To reheat fish sticks
In an office microwave

May you forever be condemned
Sorry, I couldn't help myself.  I was laughing so hard as I thought of this.  Hope you enjoy!
Michael Stefan Mar 2021
I eat, sleep, breath a self rendition
A puppet acting what should be,
The greatest work of art;

Yet, arms and legs
Are bound in fallow strings;
Like earth-binding vines,
meant to drag the angels down

Never hold tight;
Gripping all our mistakes,
Like a life-raft,
In a churning sea, we have yet to understand

All footsteps,
Disturb the gravel ground,
As we lead them,
Or they lead us,
Towards whatever goal we choose
Just a musing on how we can forge our own destiny, but sometimes play the role of the casual onlooker to our own lives.  Wake up and do the thing you are too afraid to do.
Michael Stefan Feb 2021
You held all the putty knives
Twisted-time arrows made of 40 oz dreams
Silken ropes used for belts
Just to hang me where I stand

I saw your popsicle stick ****** rifle
A ****** scout wearing a sandstorm veil
I can hear you whisper in the wind
As you crept into my heart

I hope your pink-haired clown mask fit
Never reveal your true identity
Never let them see your true intention
As you cut out my heart for feasts

Just because you bring flowers
Doesn't mean they can't turn
Into blood-covered razor blades
As you made all your decisions
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