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wants to play house
until they have
to pay a mortgage

wants to be loved
until they learn
they have to love back

wants to get promoted
until they find
their responsibility grows

wants everyone to be
real and genuine
but that just isn't
It is this life that weighs me down
Like rain-soaked cloak-
Pregnant and heavy

Would that we could shed life
Cast our sodden cloaks aside
And float free through eternity
Whilst not violating
That horrible mortal sin

And could we choose to return
When our soul is well-rested-
And we are prepared
To steel ourselves against
The cutting of great insult
Led to sanguine injury
And sorrow deeply felt

But, alas, we are meant to toil
In wet cloak bound in iron,
In boots of heavy stone,
Riddled by blasts of insult,
weighted like beast of burden

But take comfort in your drudgery
Do not entertain that mortal sin
For though I am not with you-
I shall hold your hand in spirit
We are kindred in our journey
So, I know that what is happening in the world right now is scary and showing us the darkest side of humanity.  I just want everyone to know that I appreciate your efforts and sacrifices.  I appreciate those who are treating the sick, those who are getting supplies to the needy, and those who continue to show up to work every day so you can pay your rent and put food on the table.  Keep doing what you are doing and we will make it through this.  And as always, keep writing and reading poetry.  Much love!
hush, child
close your eyes
and rest

quiet, mom
and drift away
to sleep

be still, soldier
and slip below
your fight is done

stifle yourself, love
and say goodbye
to consciousness

close your eyes
our strength is gone
and forever we'll be
in silence
eternal sleep
Trapped in the frozen state
Look around stuck
Unread and jailed
Words of whimsy
In the frozen section
Sadness overtakes my direction
Get me out of here
And thaw me out
I will wait
Until you read my ink
It will warm your heart
Like a sculpture patiently made
My words waiting
With cries




Dead poems that need reads. Sometimes they get lost.

Written by Mrs. Timetable.
Every now and then
The ink won't
Do what I want it to
Rebelling on the page

Just like you.

No matter
How I write your story
And dream my dreams of love
I cannot write a story
That you don't want
To play the lead role in
One will make you smaller, the other make you big
One will make you happy, the other make you sad
So take your pills, Darling
Eat, drink, and be merry
Before you end up crashing
We all crash in the end

We could all be 10/6ths worth of humanity
If we weren't buried in being 1/2
of a person

And I wish that I could get high
And float like butterfly wings
Fly through heavy jungle
As I crack through my cacoon
After every imagined insult

Don't you see, we're down the rabbit hole

There are monsters lurking
In hedge mazes made for you
Don't be afraid to walk through it
If you don't, you'll be late
We're always in a state of late

While you watch for monsters
You may not even notice
My disenfranchised smile
And feline eyes burning in the night
As you cry
"Off with his head"

We're down the rabbit hole, baby
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