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If you're working against a better future for all of us, I will, without hesitation, walk all over you to make the best out of a world on fire.
Okay, boomer...
Lone Luna Sep 2
Let me say goodbye
Let me start anew
To leave the past behind
Make room for me to grow
Explore the things I like
In a place I never knew
Chase a wider sky
Swim a bluer sea
Brave the toughest climb
Beat the beast within

Now remember these words

The heart of the heart
Must stay like a child's
For no matter how far
How high nor how long
Hold the hand
Wherever you're from
Shadows are just tricks
Played by the mind
So thread the path
Holding a candlelight
Now rise above the old thee
now you know
i am not what you thought i'd be
what more did you expect?
i can now be all the forbidden colors
but still a child, a wanderer
nothing else
once you find the tunnel
you will find the way out
and once you start down this path
you will not stop running
it's not easy, being you
sometimes you have to lie
to find the truth
in the bubble of life
you're too afraid to pop
will you grow so large
until it can no longer hold you?
or will you let it suffocate you?
will you go on and rot?
will you become bigger than what presently grasps you? or will you succumb?
Why should I ?
Why should I give heed to thee ?
Why should I make calm the seas ?
Why should I feel all feels ?
Why should I be your trumpet for dreams ?
Why should I ?

What reasons have thee to hold tightly, my dreams ?
What reasons have thee to confine not, my mistakes and normal greed ?
What reasons have thee to let fall, my hopes of wanting to achieve ?
What reasons have thee ?

So tell not I, your reasons and why’s
For burdensome I have become, upon you and your families eyes
And on I go, not restituted.
Only ****** by the love I once sought out
To be mine
Not all families joined together becomes beneficial or motivational for the young ones within it
I’m drained
Leaving my soul to wonder
Restraining all hopes, abandoning all efforts
Oh what crime have I made
For life to be harsh upon me
I’m drained
Leaving outcomes to be
Accepting all there is to be
For I have seen no purpose in going on
Shedding flesh for dreams
I’m drained
But still have to go on
Showing happy faces towards piercing hate
Desire Mar 25
Be  —>    Become  —>    Becoming  —>   Became  
(is/was)        (will be)        (working to be)      (is/was)

Even progress has a past that isn't permanent;
Challenge your character for constant change...
[be better]
Anthony Mayfield Jun 2018
Why do you hate me
Only to hurt me
You’re incapable of painful feelings
You need to love me
You need to need me
Convince yourself that I’m the love you seek
You shouldn’t see me
You shouldn’t know me
Like the earth you quake as you’re shifting
You need to want me
You need to need me


Your broken soul
Has become infested
Don’t force your way close to me
Just because you’re
Socially rejected


You’ll never hear me
You’ll never steer me
You parasite
Without me, you’re nothing
But you’ll never forget me
And you’ll always regret me
For I’ve become a better you
My private war that I wage against myself continues...
David Apr 2018
Where does creativity come from?

Wherever I am allowed to flourish.

Seems as dependent on everything beyond my
own body -

With all my work, fears, and beliefs.

So whatever I am, allowing myself to flourish.

Mixing with everything else that is.
Lady K Milla Aug 2017
Heedless of the web hanging from every corner,
I ventured into your space.
Oblivious me
Again I dangle from your weave
You always find a way to wrap me
in your promises so tightly
Oblivious me
I believed your invite
to be something I trusted
R.I.P. to the fools
who came to visit you so blindly
I see you hang their carcass like a trophy
from that thirsty tongue so proudly
Constrained in your devotion
The lechery scene of their bodies
You leave them suspended from a straight-jacket cobweb
As you drink from their seductive flesh
R.I.P. to the pests of your future meals
I sigh in disappointment to your habit
As I escape disheartened by the damage
For the docile creature I had once seen
Has lost all dignity and rationality
Oblivious me
I can no longer present myself to your attendance
The truth is now bestowed upon thee
and I've accepted the let down to your betterment
Dan McGowan Jul 2015
does it bother that
most of ours efforts now go
to the entertainment of man
not the betterment of man
go ask apple
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