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David May 2018
the eyes' being see-ers of an image,
made up from two.
it's clarity appearing,
from what
is known
David May 2018
To rest, a lumbering Whale
slumbers within a dissmal
green foggy depth of the
shadowiest waters.

Sleeping now, an
but also cause for
That from which to awaken. ...

The task to rise for a
breath still,
Magnificent size,
its shape imploring -

Where life grants itself
from the essence
of which to it
also plays.
David May 2018
Until no end,
where there is more unshadowed

Rest can be measurable
Of pierced veils unhallowed.
David May 2018
Some of the truest things are found,
where everything is NOT.

But this lie existing, incomparable
to what it does
as what counts.
David May 2018
Power is where allowing myself to realize
that I am now and can only ever be now -

and everything else is work
and everything else is,

In between that power and me now.
David Apr 2018
You can't have what you can't not want when you are can't not have wanting -

Because you are too busy can't not having it
By your can't not wanting it.

While you're doing what you want
Saying you can't not have what you're wanting.

Getting what you're wanting is
Not having what you doing to not

Can't not have wanting.

If it really is that what you really do are wanting at all.
If this adds, then the poem works.
David Apr 2018
The Greatest Mastery is The Mastery of the Mind
Everything else follows naturally -
emotions, thoughts, feelings, and perceptions.

You think that you feel, smell, touch, and other
But it is not you that does these things, but
Your Mind

Which thinks
And there you are
Doing everything
Your imagination's desire
Within the limitations
of a temporal reality.
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