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I wrote a book and labeled it love
No one bought it
I wrote a next one and labeled it
How to love
And it sold out
No extras no one piece
And then I knew it
I found and discovered it
We aren’t a specie that needs to know anything
We just want to know how about everything
And ironically it’s sadly the same thing
But what can immortality do, to persuade truth
I have made decisions and I have loved with them
But never have I reaped from them
And that’s a seed that I won’t plant again
But then society is heard
And maybe I’m back to planting
Spending fruitful years on infertile land
I’m wondering if I’ll make it
If I’ll look back one day
And be at peace and feel relieved
And just smile at the breeze that blows my way
Cause I know that life paid it’s bill
I wonder if I’ll survive
And have stories to write
For everyone to know that hope isn’t just a word
I’m curious to know
If I’ll make it out whole
With comfort and happiness to share
And I’m scared to know
If I’ll loose this battle
If I’ll loose like it was normal
But I’m wondering everyday
And I’ll keep on doing my best
I’m learning to grow without his love
Embracing the fears on my own
Knowing that stability will only be as strong as I go
And nurturing my heart to be bold without love
I’m learning it all
And viewing the world as my very own
Seeing nakedly the ugly touch of a fatherless child
And I’m going strong
With adversity in not knowing how hows are done
And with no shame in plane sight
I walk with my head high
Calling on a heavily father, to fill that hole
And I’m desperate to make it on my own
To show him that a father isn’t all
So I’m learning to grow
While I hold myself together
So I can be whole at the end of this line
Mask me make me
A murderer
One with arrow-less views
One with clean hands
And an elegant smile
Make me mask me
From this world before life becomes valueless to me
Wipe my tears, and let me see
My faults, my wrongs
Let me see
That no human can fix me
It’s all up to me
And that’s the bitter truth
Mask me fix me
Into someone who will survive
Into someone who can survive
Mask me make me
Happier than last year me
Help me ignore my sins
Even the ones I live by
Mask me save me
Like a bitterly butterfly
Make me a cocoon to run away into
Feel me forgive me
I’m going slowly
Giving up without an audience
Tell my depression I’m sorry
I failed it
Love me hug me
That’s all I need
And with every duty I have towards you
Thank you
Let’s fly up high
For why should I be shy
To fly above my society height
Why should I be ?
Extradited from failure
I’m a woman in multiple sheets of flesh
I’m a woman with more than one hurt
I’m a woman with endless believes that I should be
And I’m a woman still
I’m a woman not fighting depression
But trying to show it love too
I’m a woman who hopes that a new day will bring some sort of miracle
I’m a woman. And that’s wonderful enough
So let’s fly up high
Even if the world says you’re a *****
Define you’re world
For you have sold every part of yourself for others to survive
So please fly
Up high
And if a tear should fall behind
It will be loved by me and every woman that survived
He had shown me how fluent time can be
With patience and pace, towards every day
He had shown me where destitution came and go
Politely asking how my days have stood
The limping man had shown it all.
The faculties of living a life.
Many would take life out of you
And then ask why you’re dying
Why discouragement plasters your face
Why multitude of hate reeks from your aroma
Doubting they’re involvement
Saying they are of no blame
Toning they’re place within your days
Many have taken life out of you
And ask of you ‘why are you dying’
But you haven’t answered
You haven’t stood firm and said the line
And all I can do is say sorry to you
For never saying enough is enough
Now you are dying
And only time can offer a miracle.
I love you and I hope you survive.
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