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It came with a force, In whole of fear and faith, my love
Publicized through shepherds of the divine
written through scriptures, lost to manhood and lies.

A different feeling of hurt embezzled amongst all sort of ties
It came with a force., greater than lust deep within your shrine.

Faced with doubt amongst congregations, it came with its force
And countless tears warranted its host.
For time did do right.
But !

It came with a force,
But no longer could it win
for the love he gave drafted many forces that protected my faith.
Sillo Anderson Aug 2022
Help me,
My heart has become so heavy
My thoughts have been clouded by thick hurt
My past has found my safe haven
And my life has become distant from living
Help me please.
I’m tired and frail
Unable to feel, unable to care
Hate and ignorance has filled my cup
And no longer am I allowed to be sober
Help me please,
I’m scared,
My tears have changed
No longer can I see them, but feel them everyday
Running down my breast
I feel the filling up of my belly
But no feeding has been done
Help me I beg of you
I am giving up
Loosing my bet I made with my shadow
I don’t want to die
But I can’t find any other comfort to rely on
Sillo Anderson May 2022
The equivalent of my past
Has burden more for my future than my present
Within night and day
There’s a universe unaware
To fit perfectly in the change of redemption
Confusion upon creation of life
Tiredness upon freedom to live
What an equivalence to have
Showing only what I must take by the foot and run with
Safety, has no need to be
Nor does chances of surviving
There is an equivalent
To what changes there may be
But until then
I beg for your love and understanding
Cause I’m trying too
Sillo Anderson May 2022
There’s dopamine in poetry
Coco words melting into milky imperatives
A peace of mind, whenever life comes for me
I’m fighting vicariously with the past and present tense of my eternity
Like cancer, I began to spread my memories
Eating up the very core of the enemies
There’s dopamine in poetry
And now I see the light in ceiled rooms
Where once dark chocolate unfurled, I molded my home
For keeping grudges is no longer a luxury I can afford
Sillo Anderson May 2022
You want positivity
You want a happy ending
You want revolution without evolution
You want so many things
But what have you given
Have you given hope
Have you given trust
Have you given room for every lust
Maybe I have lost the touch
The rhythm that made you see my worth
Maybe I have placed too many pressure on my pen
And soil the paper I have for my own
I hope my emotions find every letter and place them within a perfect home
And I dream for the day that every pain, pay’s it’s due.
And if not for wealth, maybe comfort to want to stay
So no pity on your Cheques
Nor any guilt from your debts
Sillo Anderson Apr 2022
we’re close
we talk about *** every chance we get
she doesn’t know that we’re friends, but I do
I’ve told her my fear of ***
and she says you’re not weird
she tells me this is normal
but her definition of normal is as firm as wet paper
she is a funhouse
a haunted one too
I don’t know how to tell her that she can be just a house
one she isn’t afraid to live in
she writes poetry too
in them, I don’t see her, but the words belong to her
her poetry is confetti at a funeral, out of place
it is beautiful
I believe she is poetry
her mouth, a shotgun of emotions
sometimes too sad, too truthful
how can I tell her not to love the apathy?
we tell jokes too
laugh at our sadness
skydive in our happiness
all to make the lonely go away,
at least for me
I think she might love the lonely
she wears it like armor.
Sillo Anderson Feb 2022
For what I’ve done wrong, I apologize
For the disgrace I have brought, I apologize
For the mistakes I’ve repeated, I apologize
I have apologize my entire life
For upholding the wrong
For we both knew the right wasn’t an entity entitled to me
I have tried to be better than my past
But it only consisted of you
It has only consisted of the many fragments I’ve had to hide in order for you to appreciate me
I’ve tried to shed this love, and I know I can
But it makes me a monster I fear to become
The many demons I know can be unleashed
I fear they would hurt the innocent
I fear many changes, and many changes I welcome
If I do make it out before the clock strikes my deadline
I will be happy
But if I don’t
I hope for hope to be a little more considerate to my fragile heart
For my fragments will linger forever
And so will the impressions I have knitted
And whichever weighs heavier on my name
I’ll stand by it
Cause I have seen what denial does;
It made you
And I’m unable to move on with your existence as part of mine
So kudos to me trying anymore
I’m ready to see how things go
When I let loose the bolts upon my ego
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