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Tribulations reign over my faith
And what is right has no longer any wrongs
But awareness of an ending has left me stranded
Substituting happiness for a little love
And that’s how I know,
Life never really knows
A church’s cloth has woolen innocence
Leaving man to feel right
Adding happiness to its life
Only to make blind the reality of time.
Sillo Anderson Dec 2020
I hope one day you have the courage to run away from everything that makes you miserable
From everything that drains your soul
Eats at your peace, and darkens your world
I hope one day you stand in awe,
And pat yourself on the shoulder and say thank you for having patience.
I hope one day, you see that there's good from every bad.
And that every bad doesn't last long
I hope one day I'll see you
And know it was all worth it.
Sillo Anderson Dec 2020
I’m a poet
Despite the legacy made from the ones before me
Bold and energetic with words of untold secrets
Sillo Anderson Dec 2020
I felt clustered by the world
Overtook by its law
Overlooked by its god
Searching for purpose in its raw divine
Meddling amongst all that resides
And with secluded time
Life became smaller and out of sight
Leaving a hopeless romantic lost and behind
But I was hoping, like every human in searching
That better days were not just statements
And no matter the little time given
I’ll not be clustered but free to believe
In whatever I feel to be
Sillo Anderson Nov 2020
Faulty hope embarks on fools
Many wealthy individuals
Sourcing truth from below
Taming hate by repeated faith
And calling life a game to be denied
Waltzing behind red curtains
Even I have taken a bow
Sillo Anderson Nov 2020
Happiness knows itself
It knows of pleasures and possessions
Faulty revolutions and timid behaviors
Happiness knows
And I have met once that happiness in my life
Made new a friend and made aware a change
And through every corner of my life
Little wind of madness blew
And saved I from death
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