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Dayda Sep 23
I've been with you for more than 10 years
From day one I was just average
I didn't even want to grow
Living one day at a time

But life got really, really hard
I found myself being at a crossroad
To retract a step would mean I lost
But the front was dark and lightless

I decided to move forward still
Really because of my tiny one
And that just changed the course of my life
I was relentless and driven to soar

Years go by with many achievements
Some were so immensely proud I am forever grateful
But that path was filled with tears and breakdowns
Some were seen, most were hidden

I just moved forward without hesitation
But somehow I just can't, just can't anymore
I don't have that glow, not anymore
Really didn't enjoy it, just no more

Hence I decided to give a go
With all my might and prayers to God
May this new path be better
But really there's never a guarantee

I leave you with a very heavy heart
Day in and day out I just persevere
Hope it will go on, filled with success and more
Because really, that is my ultimate goal

It's never really a goodbye
More to see you soon
Never really apart
Just a tiny bit distanced

Thank you
For all and all and just all
For giving me the room to grow
Thank you
Why I left. Why I just can't anymore.
M Salinger Apr 27
Come forth
little one
and be guided
by the warmth
of your own
to my niece whose innocence knows no bounds.
Blackenedfigs Apr 27
A new beginning;
A do over.

                                    Time does not stand still
                                    But instead moves rather slowly
                                    and sneaks right up on you.

                                                                    I blink and everything is changing;
                                                                    In a hundred, wonderful different
                                                                    shades of blue.
Justin Apr 8
I'd take it all back
If I only could

I know I may not have
Everything you need
I'm only barely scraping by
My heart is hungry
I hope you hear me, what I'm saying
When I talk to you

I'd lose my life again
If it'd mean you stay

I know I'm falling short
But I wish that you'd try
Lending me hand
Giving me a break
So I might try to stand
My soul is laying on the ground
Don't let me fade away
Don't leave me dryin' out

I would give everything
If I had it all to give

I know it's time I left
People heading for the door
I've said what I did
There isn't anymore
My heart's walking off the stage
My love, there's not a single trace
The curtain's falling down

I really wish it hadn't
But it's come to this

Please leave nothing behind
kmr Mar 29
I’m standing here
Naked and bare
To you
And to the world.
I haven’t been ready.
I’ve been dancing in meadows
With my eyes shut tight
And covering myself
In hand-me-down clothes.
But I’m not dancing anymore.
I’ve shed the scraps
Of ripped up cloth
And my skin
Along with them.
My eyes are open.
I’m listening now.
I’m ready to see
What you have
To show me.
I’m ready to hear
What you have
To tell me.
M Salinger Feb 23
You are the grounding
to my mother earth,
full of fields
& wildflowers
running free,
that only know time
through the dusk
and dawn
that follow,
& the sweet suckle
of the bees.
Worlds apart, but when
we finally meet,
the heavens and the trees
for what is filled
used to be hallow
and what could be
is finally being.
to the man who reminded me that having faith in the good, is just as important as finding it
S4A Feb 13
all is well
only time will tell
is she well?
do you ask to define her
or to further understand
why she no longer can confide in others
attempting to define intimacy
placing love in several endeavors
she has lost the denotation
of a natural organic salvation.
who let you define her
without her did you know
they would be lined up.
you don't know her true value
and now she can no longer find it.
I now know none of us do
real love never fails
and not one of us prevailed.
dear future self
love has failed you
recollect because in the end
you were still you
without it.
Ketanya Rose Jan 29
Indigo Jan 21
The sound of something new echoes in the footfalls of your retreat.
It is loud at first.
I hold my ears.
the sound slowly becomes a song I will have on repeat for the rest of my days.
A song that will become an anthem for this chapter in my life.
A song I will show the children of my children and watch their mouths agape,
mystified by the wonders life can hold.
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