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When the seas, all seven, align and combine,
To form one tide, do you believe we have a selection, to
Reside, hide and remain alive?
Or is that our mind tryna confide,
In our own made lie, afraid to die?
If the angels rein down a path to heaven,
I wish to accept, find, listen and abide,
Until I arrive.
Once I’ve arrived at my final destination,
Only then will I quit the investigation,
Quit the pacing,
Where thoughts are constantly racing.
End of days where I communicate,
Debate and question every nation.
An owl of silent observation,
Mixed with a perfection I can imagination,
To relate,
To create,
And modulate,
An exhilarating answer to the allegation,
Fact or fiction,
Which is resurrection?
Such unbelievers, who claim afterlife is an illusion,
Unaware that they are too, just bait,
Heading straight,
Into the great,
Hands of fate.
The weight of the truth,
And proof,
In representation of resurrection,
Cannot be ignored, just like an antique china plate,
Or a mate,
Who’s at times, difficult to tolerate.
It’s inevitable,
So renumerate,
Your pure self, and reinstate,
To the Golden Slate Gate.
Enter your new estate,
Where you are enchanted with the power of illumination.
Before you can await,
The glorious one who turns death into rebirth,
Giving your soul a chance to resurrect,
Recreate, and once again illuminate.

Natasha .K. Bailey
"I believe that when death closes our eyes, we shall awaken to a light, of which our sunlight is but the shadow"       - Arthur Schopenhauer
I think about you
And most of the time all I can do is smile
Please stay right here
Even if it's just for a little while

Please don't let my exaggerations
Push you too far away
I'm trying to keep you right here
But I'm not yet brave enough to say

You're smile is contagious you know
And your arms now feel like home
Your lips feel like pillows so soft and warm
Your body is one I wish I'd always known

I'm not so sure what normal is
When it comes down to relationships and you
Please forgive me when I've gone too far
Someone whose healthy for me, I'm not quite use to

Bare with me as I navigate
This new adventure with my heart
Trust me when I say I want this to work
Take my hand, let's give this a fresh start
now you know
i am not what you thought i'd be
what more did you expect?
i can now be all the forbidden colors
but still a child, a wanderer
nothing else
once you find the tunnel
you will find the way out
and once you start down this path
you will not stop running
it's not easy, being you
sometimes you have to lie
to find the truth
in the bubble of life
you're too afraid to pop
will you grow so large
until it can no longer hold you?
or will you let it suffocate you?
will you go on and rot?
will you become bigger than what presently grasps you? or will you succumb?
I can't understand why
I cant let him in
Hes been nothing but kind
But I'm stuck in my own skin

How could he see me
As beautiful and brave?
I've lived in this body long enough
And believe me it always caves.

He can't look at me without smiling
And its contagious, I do the same
I want to know so much more about him
What he hides from the world, what makes him afraid.

I want to let my walls down for him
But I'm so afraid to let him in
I'm actually a lot to handle most days
When he sees the real me theres no way I'll win

I keep telling him I am messy
I'm not sure he understands what that really means
How can I explain how most days I hate myself
And there are days I feel like I'm torn apart inside of me.

How do I let someone new in
With all the baggage I come along with
I'm not sure where to even begin
I should probably just quit.

If theres one thing I'm good at
Its self destruction at best
I know hes gonna see that soon.
I guess for now I'll give it a rest.
kenzie May 26
i saw another sunrise because of you

we stayed up so late
or no
so early
i’m not sure the correct wording on that
but i know laying in your arms until 5am
was the most magical thing i’ve experienced
and i’ve had it 3 times in the last week

every time i don’t ever think it will be enough

i love examining every inch of your skin
finding the scratches that i have not caused
and try to heal them with the tips of my fingers
i wish my magic was that strong

staying up so late
or early
was never really my thing
i enjoy my sleep more than the company of most

but boy
you have changed my world

in just the simple week that we have been together
i see more clear
food tastes better
the air smells more crisp
the feelings i get are felt at a soul level

you have rocked my socks off
a caucasian phrase you would probably call it

laying in my bed
holding you and being held
listening to the birds as they rise
before we have even gone to bed
it’s something i used to dread
but not with you my love

the sunrise will forever be my favorite thing
they will forever remind me of you
of our love
so absolutely willing to be forced into extreme exhaustion the next day
just because i didn’t want to close my eyes and miss a moment with you
Jen Apr 22
Sun dried pages of a book
you've carried around
long before the first day
your father picked you up
and you felt what it meant to be free.

The cover scratched
from the cobblestone walkway
leading up to your front door,
the one where mom always greeted you
with a smile that defined the meaning of home.

Coffee stained corners
from the first all nighter you pulled,
the day you learned
to keep your thoughts tucked away inside your bag
instead of out in the open where drinks and feelings are easily spilled.

Two covers stuffed
with a life times worth of letters
arranged into stories
that haven't felt like your own in years.

Paper filled with unfamiliar feelings
flee your fingertips and you realize,
you haven't been concerned
with holding on for a while now anyway.

Sometimes the pages stop making sense,
and all that's left to do
is drop the book completely
and create a new one.

                And you use what you learned,
                                    but leave it behind
campbell Apr 22
I’m out I’m out
gone off and away
dreams of a new life
become real today
Let’s leave Let’s leave
away from this place
I’d give anything I have
to see a new face
It’s here It’s here
the moment has arrived
take every chance you get
that makes you feel alive
Big eyes, big dreams, a step into something new
are all things that will lead to a more you you
Don’t listen Don’t listen
to those voices in your head
you believing that you aren’t enough is the only way they are fed
Look around look around
there’s beauty at every glance
You can find love in the darkest place
you just have to give it a chance
Something I threw together about starting college and going through the wave of emotions that follow freshman year. From excited to hopeful to anxious to worried to sad to hopeful. It’s all about keeping hope
Sara Brummer Apr 9
Moving an enormous past,
so many years of things,
each once having had
it own significance,
now become a burden.

That lacquered box
of coasters, gift from
a dear friend,
that hand-crafted elephant
from a long-forgotten holiday.
Books are the worst, still speaking
in loud voices of hours of pleasure
spent together.

Life cut into small pieces,
boxed, stored, given away.
Heartbreak is what remains
in the tiny space allotted.

Abundance now resonates
with regret, yet it’s all about
letting go. Time transformed
to some wonderful winged creature,
recognizing no difference
between before and after.
blackbiird Mar 23

i didn't fall in love
with someone who wanted
to rewrite my story.
i fell in love with someone
who wanted to give me a new ending.

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