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Keller Oct 31
With heavy eyes
And stiff bones
I say goodbye
To what was once
A home
I am afraid
I have to go
A brand new road
To be travelled alone
I won't forgot
All those good times
We had on late nights
And cheap moonshine
In my heart
I'll forever hold
As I say goodbye
To who was once a home
Your freckle placements are forever etched into my mind
Madeline Oct 18
here today
i put to rest
the exposed
and unhealed
scattered and
shards of my
Dor Aug 26
Who am I?
I think to myself all the time.

I want to be someone.
But how do I figure that out?

I have this dream.
But is that who I really am?

How do I know?
I feel lonely and

Life is a clock.
Keeps moving
Never stopping.

One day.
I will be left behind.

While the world moves on.
Slowly, but

But I am not ready
For the universe

To see me
For who I am.
Who I want to be.

I am frightented
To challenge myself.

Monotonic movements.
Day by day.

Feeling low.
Drunk on daydreams.

When will I feel whole?
When will I be...

Malak S Jul 1
I met a boy in a man’s body.
I saw sadness in his eyes and experiences wrapped around him.
He marked his skin as a reminder that no matter where he wanders, he is still in search of home
At times, when his eyes met mine, I felt like he could see right through me.
Maybe, no matter how many times his eyes met mine, he couldn’t tell what my mind wanted and what my heart needed.

I met a boy in a man’s body.
I felt like maybe, just maybe, he could save me.

I met a boy in a man’s body.
He wanted affection and love wrapped with a pretty bow, but I was nothing but disheveled gift paper.

I met a boy in a man’s body.
He captured women in timeless frames and their beauty transcended, translated into eternal flawlessness.

I met a boy in a man’s body,
But he didn’t let me in.
He opened the door just wide enough for me to look in.
I am not aware of the ghosts that haunt him in his sleep, nor the ones that keep him up at night.
I’m hoping he introduces us one day.

I met a boy in a man’s body.
He had a kind face & strong arms,
Capable of holding me together when I break, when I won’t seem to mend.

I met a boy in a man’s body.
He met me, a girl, in a hollow one.
We shared a few worries & sorrows that made us into who we are today.
They parted ways, unaware if they were to ever meet again.
Self explanatory really
b e mccomb Jun 22
i spent the winter thinking
it was all a lost battle to me
until the leaves came out
shrouding the world in green

they say every
rose has it's thorns
but i've got a gizmo
to ***** those off

one little ray of lost
sunlight found its way
through the ceiling ***** and
now there's something
blossoming inside
my shriveled heart

notes scribbled in
sharpie on paper cups
and a kiss on each of
my freckled cheeks

vague shapes in
milkfoam and learning
to accept love that i am
not used to holding onto

i don't feel like i could fly
don't feel like i could dance
but i could tuck a fern behind
my ear and grab your hand
and we could skip
up the sidewalk

and like i could plant kisses
on the faces of everyone
who i have ever cared about
push them into that beam
of sun and watch the good
feelings begin to sprout until
one day our faces all flourish
into something no longer
dry and hopeless but something
more like smiles and cheer

they say to bloom
where you're planted

i say just have the strength
to make it through the
dormant phase and when
life begins to slip back towards
warmth and light the blooms
will find their way to you

some way
keep the flower
inside you alive
copyright 6/21/18 by b. e. mccomb
seshi Jun 2
The room smells of coffee and cigarettes
That easily forgotten scent
(Call it 'the usual' at the midnight bar)
An insidious fantasy in the greasy eight foot by two kitchenette
A chair hardly holds its own weight
But every golden morning
On smoky speckled granite
There rests a newspaper and its partner
The ink gel pen
Buried beneath calloused palms
Ready to tackle the morning sudoku

My eyes don't quite greet yours
As I barely grasp the cereal cupboard
Hoping for the nine hundredth time
You won't notice
The failure in my short stature
Yet you rise
Like the plume of death
That snarky grin on stubbled skin
Imprinted by age and time
And with osseous fingers
Reach for that easy handle
To pour me
My early meal

I've considered waking up earlier
Avoid the apocalyptic ritual of mornings
Perhaps early enough to travel back
To the ****
Faultless and timeless
Before mother was 19 and you were 29
Learning to love
Just each other before adding
Would I find myself?
A parasite
One that should be deleted
Before gifted the brutality
Of that first
Fated breath

We moved into a different rhythm
I haven't said "I love you"
Since I was fourteen
Not sincerely at least
And my room is my sanctuary
Lest I need to speak
To a parent
Turned stranger
Envy encircles my heart
For friends who speak to their founders
Like I speak to dated sepia memories
I'm speechless at how
People know of their children's lives at all
So used to enduring in silence
I forgot
Others speak
Without the curtains of time
Mutilating love

Shatter the plastic bricks of this childhood
Lego house
And one might recognise
The imperfections of emotional abuse
Hallways thirty miles long
Between rooms
For it is normal to traverse oceans and cities and islands
For a simple conversation-
Is it not?
Two separate households
Under one precarious rooftop
Burned out galaxies
Trying nuclear fusion once more
To engender hydrogen from nothing
Like arguments
Spawned from
Thin air

This old family of mine
My mother
My father and
We live dangerously close to the edge
Like flying fish too close to the waterfall
Rose-tinted glasses disguise
The misery
For adolescent naivety
Smudged and raw eyes concealed
For the rest of the world
By jaded untruths

This fleeting family of mine:
Here is my soul
(My house key)
My salvation
(My bedroom)
And my sanctity
(The roommates agreement)
For the last time before

I say goodbye
Kathleen M Apr 17
they say
find somebody who inspires you
she was inspired by the lines on his face
each told a story of laughter
wisdom whispered between his teeth
full of dreams
she'd get lost of she weren't careful
poached by their potential
but she kept looking
hearts still beat without sobriety
hope harvested from the elephant in the room
like ivory
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