At the age of seven, I fell in love with a boy.
David made my heart race with anxiety.
I yearned for the simple touch of his hand holding mine,
to embrace him with my small, fragile arms,
and tell him how much I cared,
but I never got the chance.
I was just the girl in his first-grade class.

His brown hair flows down his neck,
then stops quietly before reaching his shoulders.
His eyes warm golden specks of light.
Your lips soft pink, waiting to be kissed passionately,
by someone, you'll someday love.  

The second has passed.
Time resumes it's place,
and I forget how to breathe.
You made me genuinely laugh and smile,
something I haven't done in months.
You haven't crossed my mind in ten years,
yet you still have this dangerous effect on me.

But it's not me who's in love.
It's that soft-spoken girl in elementary school.
The girl that laid in her twin size bunk bed,
looking at your yearbook picture fondly,
wishing you were hers,
remembering you will never be.
I love hearing you explode with joy
when you talk about your hopes and dreams.
I love seeing your endless compassion for others;
you have such a beautiful soul.
You would do anything and everything for me.
I love the touch of your body against mine after being apart.
I love the taste of your lips when you kiss me with such intensity and desperation;
makes me fall in love with you over again.

I think of what could be as I walk to my car,
carrying a paper bag filled with oranges and water.
I dedicate this poem to all of my childhood crushes. I hope you're doing well.
EJ Lee Jan 7
The last day
With my family
It’s sad
After tonight
We will go our separate ways
It will be days
Till I see then again
Once I go I will be on my own
But soon we will reunite
And be whole again
3:27 a.m

We've barely even touched this new year.

We certainly didn't touch it together.

You always knew I was the thunder and lightning,

Not the calming before the storm.

You knew this,

and you said you loved me anyways.

But tonight a new year began,

and I couldn't find you anywhere.

Because my storm came crashing down today,

at a time when your sun was rising.

And this was too much for you.

It poured rain all night, literally.

But the real storm hit when I got home.

Crawled into bed and for the first time in years

Your arms weren't around me.

And this

This is the LAST time you break me

The last year I spend praying you and I will be enough

The last time I run back to you thinking you're the only one who can love me the way I deserve.

I deserved you here, tonight.

You were gone.

They say with love comes compromise and understanding.

But to you I was the enemy.

Nothing to understand , its just who I am.

You knew me better than anyone.

The only person on this planet who can break me down in seconds.

You know all of my triggers and yet you use them against me

instead of trying to build me up.

I'm tired of being shamed for who I am

when you know every part of me and claim you still love me.

Then come back with, "but why do you do this.?"

As if you have no idea.

But this is the last time.

I'll love myself this year.

In all the ways you couldn't.

I'll love myself for me this time.

-i have you to thank for that
I woke up this morning and it wasn't a bad dream. He wasn't here.
Molly Dec 2018
Sunshine drips from my chin
Wipe the sunrise from the corners of my eyes
Dew rolls down my spine as I stand
Wave goodbye to the last slivers of dusk

How far I have travelled
To come home to myself.
pluto Dec 2018
Imagine giving life
to what consumes yours,
reviving the pain
that caused devastating wars.

Imagine fixing
what tears you to pieces,
remembering the broken
and lying kisses.

Imagine destroying
what completes youㅡ
what makes you whole
yet poisons you from the inside.

Imagine killing
what makes you alive.
burn old memories, tear old letters,
forget people and, maybe, survive.

Bury it all.
Erase it all.  
Leave what you treasure the most.
Destroy what holds your shattered soul together.

Can you break away
from what binds you to home?
Can you let go
of what you hold on to?

No, you can't.
Because it is in this pain
that you found home.
"Imagine" he began, "and do not forget that it is only a figment of your imagination"
Strawberry Oct 2018
With heavy eyes
And stiff bones
I say goodbye
To what was once
A home
I am afraid
I have to go
A brand new road
To be travelled alone
I won't forgot
All those good times
We had on late nights
And cheap moonshine
In my heart
I'll forever hold
As I say goodbye
To who was once a home
Your freckle placements are forever etched into my mind
Madeline Oct 2018
here today
i put to rest
the exposed
and unhealed
scattered and
shards of my
Dor Aug 2018
Who am I?
I think to myself all the time.

I want to be someone.
But how do I figure that out?

I have this dream.
But is that who I really am?

How do I know?
I feel lonely and

Life is a clock.
Keeps moving
Never stopping.

One day.
I will be left behind.

While the world moves on.
Slowly, but

But I am not ready
For the universe

To see me
For who I am.
Who I want to be.

I am frightented
To challenge myself.

Monotonic movements.
Day by day.

Feeling low.
Drunk on daydreams.

When will I feel whole?
When will I be...

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