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  Jul 2023 xvy
Alisha lia
A fleeting moment, a breath of air, A life so brief, a soul to trust.
A single heartbeat, a strand of hair, A universe vast, a speck of dust,

What is existence, but a passing dream? A fleeting shadow, a silent scream? A moment in time, a flicker of light, A journey of wonder, a starry night.

We live and breathe, we laugh and cry, We love and hate, we live and die, We search for meaning, we seek for truth, We find our purpose, we live our youth.

In the end, what do we find? A world so vast, a heart so kind, A love so pure, a soul so bright, A world so beautiful, a shining light.

Let us live, let us love, Let us cherish all that we're made of, For existence is a gift so rare, A moment in time, a soul to share.
xvy Jul 2023
May it not blind you

The spotlight let it show you

Whisper, we hear you
for ken
xvy Jul 2023
Silver, no silver

shall bring you any harm, fly

the night will run wild
for jc
xvy May 2022
The moon is not meek for it is a warrior
It is not cold when it is burning with rage
Between the jaws of Bakunawa, it will not yield
Within the shadows of the earth, it will not wane
A piece dedicated to Felip
  May 2022 xvy
Don't tell me I'm pretty
Tell me that I'm passionate
That I have drive
Tell me that I make you laugh
That I know how to make your day better
Don't tell me I seem nice
Tell me that I'm kind and compassionate
Tell me that I'm not afraid to dream and to dream big
Don't tell me I'm perfect
Tell me the you love me despite my flaws
That you want to spend the rest of your life with me
Don't tell me I'm beautiful
Tell me that you'll be faithful and forever true
xvy Dec 2021
i should have said yes
even when i was unsure
— or just cautious?

i should have jumped
where will I land
— am i a catch?

i should have ridden that wave
and let the sea decide my fate
— still learning how to swim

i was terrified
thought i have time
— it slipped by

i was careful
but too careful
–— it was too late

i should have said yes
yes, i should have
—  i should
xvy Oct 2020
Rain, oh, the rain
On a gloomy Thursday morning
It’s pouring rain

All is muted, all is grey
All your worries are at bay

See it flow on your window pane
Hear how it pelt down the drive way
Let it cradle you, keep you snug
Like that green tea in your mug

And if there's no rainbow after
Then that's okay
Maybe just kiss the rain today
Ever thought how the rain can soothe all your senses? I woke up today on a heavy downpour and I got a little bit inspired. Softly in the background, Yiruma's Kiss The Rain plays.

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