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Lone Luna Sep 2
Let me say goodbye
Let me start anew
To leave the past behind
Make room for me to grow
Explore the things I like
In a place I never knew
Chase a wider sky
Swim a bluer sea
Brave the toughest climb
Beat the beast within

Now remember these words

The heart of the heart
Must stay like a child's
For no matter how far
How high nor how long
Hold the hand
Wherever you're from
Shadows are just tricks
Played by the mind
So thread the path
Holding a candlelight
Now rise above the old thee
Lone Luna Sep 1
it's been a long time
but forgotten you, I have not
perhaps I never will
move pass this
the deep longing
for what we could be
yet I know there'll never be a we
Lone Luna Nov 2016
Maybe it's all in my head
The words you might have said were invented
Your messages unexistent
Lone Luna May 2016
It must have been quite a year now
Don't you think
More or less you might say
I guess it doesn't matter
For love knows no time
And you're always here anyway
Every light of the day and every fall of the night
Lone Luna Apr 2016
The edges of your face
Intricately highlighted by the shadow
Shadows of the past, the dim future
And the uncertainty of the present
Lone Luna Mar 2016
I really like staring at your name
Like it's a complete sentence with a complete thought
And it's the only thing that ever made sense
In a world of puzzles and conundrums
It defines the very curve of your lips
And every lashes on your eyes
Your name, want it next to mine,
I think my father wouldn't mind
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