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FloydBrandon Dec 2019
At the summit of a new day rising is a binding light
dancer be moved by the sight of the tunnel
and groove through it blindly.
eleanora santino Aug 2019
now you know
i am not what you thought i'd be
what more did you expect?
i can now be all the forbidden colors
but still a child, a wanderer
nothing else
once you find the tunnel
you will find the way out
and once you start down this path
you will not stop running
it's not easy, being you
sometimes you have to lie
to find the truth
in the bubble of life
you're too afraid to pop
will you grow so large
until it can no longer hold you?
or will you let it suffocate you?
will you go on and rot?
will you become bigger than what presently grasps you? or will you succumb?
Wren Aug 2019
Look down.
There’s a whole world below,
dug out and timber-framed,
mapped and named.
Its tunnels stretch for miles
under the mountain.

Once it shook with blasting,
screech of train, and whistles.
The coal was iridescent blue.
Headlights on a curved track
burst like shooting stars
out of the deep.

That mirror world is dark now.
The men laid down their tools,
and took the mantrip
to the surface, home.
In the quiet,
hear the mountain sigh.
was in canmore, canada for vacation. saw these words engraved into the sidewalk... thought it was really poetic!

/taken from the canmore city website/
Canmore was named in 1884 by Donald A. Smith, an employee of the Canadian Pacific Railway. The name originates from a town on the northwest shores of Scotland named in honor of King Malcolm III of Canmore. The anglicized version of the Gaelic Ceann Mór , Canmore has been variously translated as "big head" or, more likely, "great head" or "chief".

In 1886 Queen Victoria granted a coal mining charter to the town and in 1887 the first mine was opened.

The North West Mounted Police built their first barracks in Canmore in 1890. It was vacated in 1929 and turned into a private residence. Later, in 1989 the barracks was purchased back by the town and restored.

Through the early 20th century many of the coal mines in the Bow Valley began to shut down. The nearby towns of Anthracite, Georgetown and Bankhead closed down and many of the buildings and residents were relocated to Banff and Canmore. In 1965, Canmore was incorporated as a town with 2,000 residents. I
Radhika Lusted Aug 2018
I cannot see what you feel
I cannot feel what you taste
These senses are plenty
But boy what a waste
In a world filled with wonder
It's a shame not to feel
Surrender our demons
in order to heal
My cries they are patient
to those who can hear
but the shadows that follow
are ever so near
So come light a candle
from the tunnels inside
And face back those mirrors
For these demons,
They hide.
A poem i wrote about the feelings we hide and the demons we all have inside that we constantly turn away from instead of facing, and that by giving them up, we are also giving up the pain we need to free ourselves.
Mary K Feb 2018
I don’t know why I keep coming down here
Into the dark abyss of these tunnels.
It’s like something’s calling out to me
Guiding my feet without my permission
Like I’m just along for the ride.

Water drips down from the lower level of the 82nd street station—
Downtown B and C train.
I’m in a cave with dripping stalactites
But instead of awe and wonder
All I’m bracing myself for
Is absolute collapse.

The train roars in
Ba Dum Ba Dum Ba Dum
Slowly making its way to a stop
With a whine of its wheels locking into place
And a screech of the doors opening, protesting all the way.

I know I shouldn’t get inside
Should walk the twenty blocks
In sub-zero temperatures
Where at least the light will shine—
But something beckons me from the darkness.

As the train slowly begins to move
I see the red and blue lights waiting, watching, outside the window
The apparent heterochromia of the monster that lives and breathes and is these tunnels.

I’m suddenly sure that I’ll never return.
The series continues!!!!
Morrison Leary Oct 2016
Time has come,
And it never feels like what you envisage.
Shades that were drawn, are now beginning to fade.
Tip your hat to the unknown, be the passenger.
Engage the reverie, evolve as you go.

Dine at the arrangement, the subtle choice.
Entertaining ideas cycling within, a soliloquy echoes through.
An eternity welcomes a chemical release.
Tunnels of hues, overwhelmed and confused.
Hiccup to existence, all are amused
Noor Apr 2016
I have fallen in love with tunnels
The way they seem to never end
The light that always comes eventually

My hand smells like you after I hold yours for long
I whisper "you smell like home" and a tear tries to escape my eyes
The light, is in your eyes

I have fallen in love with the way your shirts fit you
And how the wind always blows in the right direction when you look at me
The light, is in my eyes

I have fallen in love with books and characters
The way people fall in love slowly, or really fast
How their hearts feel
Light, or heavy.. Never in between

I have fallen in love with our love story
Our first "I love you", and never the last
I love you, I love you, I love you
Never put out the light in me

I have fallen in love with you. Slowly, and then fast.
Like a train wreck, happily falling to pieces
Because now my puzzle piece finally found the other part
Like ocean waves finally reaching the shore
The darkness in me is illuminated by your light
You are my light
You are my light.
Cathyy Jan 2015
If my dad was here
There would be no heartbreak, no hard ship
no heart ache, no 'I quits' no I can'ts' and no church candles to be lit
No fear of the dark or fear of the end
No tears to be shed on August 27th
If my dad was here
We'd build our own treehouse
I'd pass my exams cause there's no one else I'd want to help me out
He'd help me get on with my mother, and we'd always go out with my brother
We'd do family things together and not cry about past lovers
If my dad was here I'd be a princess no longer searching for a crown
I wouldn't need counselling for all the times a man's laid me down
If my dad was here maybe I wouldn't try to fill any voids
I'm not saying everything would've been perfect but, if I could go back that would be my choice
I'd make it me instead, seeing as the prophecy said one must die in 97,
So then I'd be my dad's own angel, writing poetry from Heaven
But I can't undo the past and I can't change a future that's unseen yet
All I have are these photographs of my mum and dad oh how my face should be between theirs
My dad wore a dark grey suit with a blue tie on his wedding day,
My mum still never told me the exact date but
If I were to ever find out that'd be my second birthday
If my dad was here,
I'd finally have a permanent reason to stay..
But seeing as he's no longer here
I'd best be on my way,
Travelling and writing,
Sharing these exact words..
Singing and smiling,
Celebrating my self worth
Dancing and rocking out,
I'm pretty sure he would've liked Elvis and also the Beatles
I'm pretty sure he would have liked anyone who touched the lives of ordinary people..

Oh how my dad was not an ordinary person.
Freestyle .. :(
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