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Ravanna Dee Jan 2017
You picked at her.
At first, you only did small pieces,
just took inconsequential pinches off here and there.
However, soon you became greedy.
Got comfortable stripping her of who she was.
Turning her inside out.
You ignored the empty gaps in her heart,
and tried to bandage the larger chunks
with who you wanted her to be.
But learned, like everyone eventually does,
that bandages don't always solve the problem.
Sometimes we bleed too much.
And sometime we keep bleeding until we can't.
That's what you did to her.
You picked at her
until there was nothing left to pick at.
Silverflame Aug 2016
When my finger met the paper, in a brief love affair, it took my blood as a trophy.
Then the red droplets created a beautiful mess as it sank into the dead white wood.
It stung badly, and it continued to hurt as I went on a mission to find a bandage that
could keep the crimson art inside of me, instead of spilling it everywhere.
When I wiped the excess blood away I saw nothing, yet I was still in pain.
But what hurts the most right now is my heart, because just like I couldn’t
see the papercut, you can’t see my broken heart either, and it is bleeding heavily.
Because of you.
And I can’t seem to find a bandage big enough to heal the
hole you left in my dying heart.
I am so happy that my poem was selected as a daily. That is so unbelievable on so many levels. Thank you so very much to all of your comments, likes and reposts. It means the world to me! :)
Ava Bean Nov 2015
I ripped you off like a band aid.
Out of my life
Gone for good
But not until I knew I wouldn't need you anymore.
You took parts of me with you
Like how a bandage takes off some skin
Maybe a little hair.
I have healed.
And now, you've pushed me
Knowing I'll trip
Cut and bleed
You pushed me knowing that you'd be able to patch me up with band aids.
And I know that I'll have to rip them off
One by one
All by myself.
Kerri Jul 2015
The bravest one of all
is the girl who ties on an invisible cape,
and dances around her troubles
as if she's blind to her struggles.

Climbing towards her dreams
on broken glass,
and digging out the ****** shards
one piece at a time.

Scars are the road maps on her skin
showing her how far she's come,
Never gliding on freshly paved roads,
always climbing up the rugged mountains.

But she tastes the rain,
and she feels the wind,
never numbing herself to
the disasters in her life.

When she reaches the top,
her strength will allow her to
fly with the most majestic of eagles
with a bandaged wing, so that she never forgets.
Sydney Ann Jan 2015
No matter how many drugstores I rob
I will never have enough Band-Aids
For what you've done to me
Brittle Bird Jan 2015
I need you to take
the fragments that broke
and stick them back
in swiftly stroke.

I kept trying, I did, but
couldn't do it myself you see;
oh please won't you rip off
this bandage for me?

I want to be able to feel
all that's past but isn't gone
but with my heart in pieces
I just can't know what's wrong.

There's no pressure really
just please make it clean
and don't puncture any of
my major arteries.

I'm strong enough?
No, you don't understand
I knew what I could take, but-
this isn't what I'd planned.

This broke me but it didn't hurt;
now I'm just practically dead.
I need someone else to fix me
so I can remember how I hit my head.
Breanna Stockham Oct 2014
Your path has been covered
With broken glass,
And they're wondering why
You've been running so fast.

You're calloused but strong,
You're tough but in pain,
You're unstoppable,
But your glass is blood stained.

Your whole life has been danger,
You can handle anything,
But even the strongest,
Need a safe place to stay.

So come walk with me,
And we'll find a new path,
I will bandage your wounds,
And lead you to soft grass.

Let me be your safety,
We can turn your shattered past,
Into a stained glass window,
Lighting up our new path.

— The End —