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The Dybbuk Mar 2021
"If I held myself to my resolutions, I would be twice ahead of the pack. Yet I find myself, perhaps unsurprisingly, bending the rules."
and now I think to myself that I too am in the same predicament.
and so I say, "What lofty goals of this world or the next do you aspire to? Those we share, we can accomplish together." And in the spoken language of prophets you replied: "let the shepherds of goodness upon the earth guide the hand of the ignoble, so that, in their ignorance, they may be of service to the light." But I hesitated; there was the smell of money on his breath... "Why not share our light across the channel we hold now to all brothers and sisters in need of light to shine from their eyes?"
The most valuable resource in the world is illumination.
The Dybbuk Jan 2021
The bible in my hand feels far too heavy.
I open to a random page, and realize that,
although it would make grandma happy,
I will never read it.
Still, when I sit down at the piano here,
I hear divinity in the music.
When I smoke **** on the hill outside,
and look up at the stars,
I feel the excitement, the awe, of being a tiny part of something
So who is their God to disapprove?
I know the code to get into a church, and they have this beautiful piano so I play music in there a lot.
The Dybbuk Jan 2021
"I don't even feel the caffeine anymore,"
said Claudio, a cigarette hanging loosely from his mouth.
"Maybe you should take a break. Then, after the break, you'll feel the rush."
He took a long, slow drag.
"No point. I've felt it already."
Some substances are more addictive and less inspiring than others.
The Dybbuk Dec 2020
When God glows within,
there is no time to waste.
Run like the wind,
into your own embrace.
The energy of nature
directs into the soul.
Power unlike any other
plays its holy role.
Carry forth the mission,
Until the pain is fun,
and you will find
the stars align
to dance beneath the sun.
The Dybbuk Dec 2020
If you don't know how to punch,
or how to have a good time,
If you can't make a decision,
you should know to flip a dime.
Cover me in tattoos,
Piercings galore,
confidence is ****,
without it you're a bore.
The Dybbuk Dec 2020
Often I wonder,
if I am dreaming
and this life,
so thoughtlessly given,
will soon be rubbed
from my eyes
as they open
to let in the light.
The Dybbuk Dec 2020
"Aren't your feet cold?" you asked,
as another silent tear ran down my cheek.
And they were cold, but that was hardly the point.
I held your face in my hands,
and felt a warmth that tugged at my heartstrings,
and I realized in that moment you would one day
break my heart.
The fog was thick around us;
it had been almost raining all day,
but the rain waited in the clouds. I smiled and kissed you,
wiping droplets from my cheeks,
and you said "I love you."
"I love you too. No matter what."
You looked at me, and understanding passed between our eyes.
The rain never came down that day, and my feet felt just fine,
because they were numb.
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